Gar d e n

Praye r

Composed over a half an hour session with various plant life and herbage, 6/17/05 e.v., Dies &, ! in c, " in g, AN IVxiii æ.n. I. Beloved Matron of the Heavens, whom no man may Know, but all recognize, grant us the blessings of Thy nurturing Love. II. Let Thy starry milk stream forth from Thy heartening bosom and arouse the sleeping seed to action. III. With THERION thus aroused and BABALON thus guiding, let the seed take root. IV. With Beast awakened, may root overcome the dark firmness of the nurturing Earth (Thy Sister and Heart, O Nuit!) and seek towards the sustaining light of Thy milk. V. Thus urged and restrained by that divinely drunken Dyad, may the seed come finally to its purpose and clothe itself befitting its design. VI. Whether bejeweled in pulsating petals Or communicating an invisible yet powerful fragrance; Whether at arms with thorns and poisons Or fecund with voluptuous fruit; May each seed reach fruition to give rise to itself, Under Thy Auspices, My Lady.

VII.And once they have attained that summit and ache for Thy approval, O Starry Mother, let each flower, herb, shrub, or tree serve as the carpet for Thy dalliances, O Lady of Heaven! VIII.And as Thou admire the warp and woof of its urgent weavings, we ask Thee to abide with us, Thy other children, for as long as we are worthy of Thy company. IX. For we, too, also ache for the touch of Thy little feet upon us, for the taste of Thy Light, for the pleasures of Thy Love, and for the Liberty promised by Thy Prophet. X. Secure for us then, O Celestial Queen, the blessings of Thy Sister and Daughter, BABALON, the Great, and of her mounted mate, Thy Herald THERION, the Blessed, that Life's promise may be fulfilled. XI. And as always, Dear Mother, Blessings be to Thee and Your Prophet, O Lovely Star! AUMGN AUMGN AUMGN



Amor lex est, amor sub voluntate


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