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Original Message From: gloria Johnson To: - ' * ' n Sent: &un, 11 Jan 2009 9:20 pm Subject: Re: Fwd: Info for Gloria tell her i need what eddie said that way i can figure ouy facts and where the truth is and ain't if she can't send me that i can't help i've worried about this alot and i can't keep on i just wont to do what i can and be throw with it ok and i didn't know that i was accused of witnessing anything it was never brought up to me and anything else have her email me and i will tell her what ever she wonts to no ok Gloria J. Ehiers — On Sat, 1/10/09,

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Original Message From: Angela Ehiers To:i Sent: Sat, 10 Jan 2009 4:40 pm Subject: Info for Gloria Anne, Here is the information that Gloria said she wanted. I have included only the testimony given by Gloria, Samuel, H, , Paul, Stacey and NCIS. I would like to know a few things from her if that is possible. 1. Why, if Paul and Stacey were lying, did she testify at all? And what are they lying about? 2. Why didn't Randi testify-? She was flown out to California to testify against Edwin. 3. In 2004 when Hi accused Gloria of witnessing this alleged sexual assault, (and it is on video) did no one tell her about it until the trial 3 years later? 4. Who told Gloria that Hi had accused her of being a witness? And after finding out that she was accused, again, why did she testify? 5. How did Gloria feel knowing that she was also accused by "her best friend's" daughter

If she really wants to help, as she has stated in her letter to Edwin and e-mails to you, have her and Randi write a statement (and have it notarized) then send it to Mike. Michael Eisenberg 70012th STNW Suite 700 Washington, DC 20005 Angela

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A Good Credit Score is 700 or Above.