August 6.

Dear Mrs, EMers, This ts a response to your tetter of July 31, 2009, I am struck with admiration and appreciation for the loyalty you have shown to your husband, and for the extensive amount of work you have done collecting evidence in support of his appeal, You need to understand thai I cannot give this case the "second look" you have requested, as the case is no longer under my control. Once the case has been forwarded to the Judge Advocate Genera! for review by the appellate courts, J no longer have the authority to modify the convening authority action in the case, I recommend that you provide the information you have collected to your husband's appellate defense counsel, who will be in the best position to make use of it d«nng the appellate process, I know this is not the response you would have liked, but nevertheless, you have my best wishes.


RICHARD P MILLS Major General, U.S. Marine Corps Commanding General Mrs, Angela M. EhJers