May 7, 2010

Commander Kathleen Kerrigan Commanding Officer NRSW Transient Personnel Unit 2475 McKean St San Diego, CA 92136-5308

Commander Kerrigan, Thank you for the letter dated April 19,2010, where you stated that the United States Navy takes allegations of this nature very seriously (i.e. fraud, false official statement, perjury). Obvtoushrthat statement is incorrect; otherwise you would have sent the proof of fraud, perjury and false official statement to NCIS as REQUIRED per USN/USMC Commander's Quick Legal Reference Handbook for Legal Issues before conducting a "command review". I personally do not care what you or your SJA's opinions are as to whether the evidence I submitted warrants further investigation by your command. Simply put, by not referring this to NCIS, you are allowing RP1 Paul Skovranko to commit these acts, and you, yourself are in violation of SECNAVINST 5430.107(6)(1)(a), UCMJ Art. 78, Art. 81, and Art. 92. Tell me, are you relying on advice from your SJA LCDR Mary Pohnaka perhaps? Or did you refuse to forward the information to NCIS on your own? If you are relying on her "expertise" as a SJA, I would have her training updated as to the mandatory reporting requirements to NCIS for all "major" crimes coming to the commands attention. I am going to give you 14 days from the receipt of this letter to forward this to NCIS's attention. I have included again, for your convenience, all the documented evidence supporting my claims against RP1 Paul Skovranko and letters sent to the other commands, white I have tracked RP1 Paul Skovranko from Parris Island to your command in San Diego. I would advise you to comply with the above mentioned procedure so as to avoid my having to report you and your SJA's misconduct regarding this matter to your superiors (and believe me I will have no issue with forwarding your letter either). Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly. I would be happy to explain matters further.



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