Commander Jeff Oakey Commanding Officer USS New Orleans (LPD 18) FPO, AP 96673-1701

Commander Oakey, My name is Angela Ehlers and I'm writing to inform you of a situation that Brigadier General Frederick Padilla, Commanding General Parris Island MCRD, and Colonel Frank Richie, Commanding Officer MCAS Miramarwere unable to act upon because RPI Paul Skovranko, who this complaint is in regards to, is now under your command. RPI Skovranko gave a false official statement to NCIS during an investigation, committed fraud against the United States and perjured himself numerous times during an official NCIS investigation and also at trial in August 2007. RPI Skovranko told NCIS investigators that he took his daughter Hto the Beaufort Naval Hospital the night of June 2, 2004 and was denied treatment by several staff members after informing the hospital staff that his daughter claimed to have been sexually assaulted. On June 3, 2004 RPI Paul Skovranko was being untruthful in his sworn statement to NCIS concerning the alleged visit to the Beaufort Naval Hospital I have included copies of all documentation referenced my letters including a letter sent to Brigadier General Frederick Padilla, which lists in detail all of the perjured statements and testimonies made by RPI Paul Skovranko. Also included is the response from Brigadier General Padilla stating that "the Marine Corps takes allegations of the nature very seriously". i hope you are of like minds and will investigate this further. I look forward to your response and please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Angela Ehlers CC: Michael Eisenberg, Esq.

CERTIFIED MAIL: 70082810000226966948