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Matlab Assignment 2

Matlab Assignment 2

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MAE 453/553 Matlab Assignment 2 Due: April 4, 2012

In this assignment, you will create a Matlab Script file that will import the data from a .mat file. The data contained in the .mat file is as follows - Relevant aircraft geometric and mass properties data - Flight Condition: Altitude and Mach Number - Non-dimensional stability derivatives - Non-Dimensional control derivatives The Matlab script file should compute the dimensional stability and control derivatives. Use the equations provided in Table 3.5 on page 123 of the textbook. An example .mat file has been uploaded on Beachboard. However, you should be able to create such data files from the tables provided for several aircraft in Appendix B. The Matlab variable names used for each of the derivatives must be consistent. For example Xu must be denoted as X_u. Similarly Zα should be denoted as Z_alpha and

should be denoted as Z_alphadot. Please ask me if you are

unsure of the variable names.

Guidelines Please name your script file as follows lastname1_lastname_2_aerodynamic_derivatives.m The Matlab script file should be properly commented for easy reading. It should be uploaded using Beachboard Dropbox by 5:30pm, April 4

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