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Hipsta Pitch

Hipsta Pitch

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Published by Andy Boss

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Published by: Andy Boss on Apr 01, 2012
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To begin: My name is D. Andrew Boss. I'm a 43 year old husband and father of three.

I live in this city called Minneapolis. You may have heard of it. Some people call this part of the country the Midwest -- I prefer Midcoast. This is an arts town. Everyone here plays in a band, writes, paints, or dances. Its what we do. Probably because we are holed up inside for half the year. I am no exception. I've studied literature and creative writing at the University of Minnesota. Played punk rock banjo for a hardcore folk band. Created instrumental musicscapes from samples and found sound. And most recently I've turned my attention to photographic circuit bending. I'm equal parts cart tipper, bare knuckle brawler, and all-around good guy. I have an opinion about most things. And, I might be the only guy you meet who's played a set in the upstairs bar of First Avenue (yes, that First Avenue) standing in a pile of hay. This is the mobile lab. Most people recognize it as the 14 line. It runs North/South down Bloomington Avenue to . I'm the guy sitting a few seats back lost looking out the window, or the last seat in back tuned out in a headphone world. I ride it to and from work. You may catch me tweaking saturation or contrast, layering, blending, building. This is my art. I don't mean to sound melodramatic, but I found Hipstamatic at a time in my life when I needed a little saving. I cannot tell my story without telling my daughter's story. A little over a half year ago she was diagnosed with a very rare form of childhood cancer. She wasn't even two yet. Our life was literally turned upside down, and photography became a brief escape from the world of hospitals and worry. But, what started as documenting reality, has turned to creating my own reality. Starting with a landscape we recognize, I make abstract, slightly surreal world to disappear into. Roads often end in dead ends, or branch off into alternate routes. Trees reflect architecture. The sky blends and bleeds. Reality transformed is oddly comforting and a place to lose oneself. Let's face it, the iPhone touched off a revolution. We carry handheld computers in our pockets filled without applications that allow us to take a fantastic picture, deconstruct and rebuild it anyway we see fit, and post it to the outside world all while we ride the bus. We know we are brushing up against the previoius generation of technology when Annie Liebowitz praises a phone for its camera, and award-winning photographer Benjamin Lowy defends the use of an app (Hipstamatic) in his telling of the Afghan War. Apple my have started the revolution but it is populist in nature. Almost anyone can own

but Hipstamatic is the artists preferred shooter. They are as common place as cars and televisions. Instagram may have a larger social network.a smartphone. I see Hipstamatic as an agent in this new frontier. . The lens/film combinations feel like a real camera.

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