Lesson Plan Pro Forma

Name: Nathan Jenkins Subject: Science Topic: Plants Period begins: 1157 Syllabus outcomes addressed: Period ends: 1311 No. of Students: 30 Class: 7WAR Date: 29/03/2012 Period: 5&6

4.8.2a) classify living things according to structural features and identify that they have patterns of similarities and differences.
Lesson outcomes: Classify various plants and seeds according to physical characteristics Identify those plants and seeds as tracheophytes or Bryophytes. Equipment/resources required: Projector Prac worksheets Lesson Plan Stages of the lesson: Beginning: Recap (10 mins) Using roll, recap q’s on vertebrates and invertebrates, and plant knowledge. Middle: Theory write up (10 mins) Prac write-up (15 mins): See attached Prac (20 mins) Conclusion write-up (5 mins) End: Recap on plant features (10 mins) Assessment: Individual questioning as recap (use roll) Bench by bench questioning (fr. W’sheet)

Teacher activity: Features of them, similarities + differences Prac write-up attached Facilitate student-centred investigation. Cycle specimens every 5 minutes. 1 person each on drawing, features, name. Conclusion statement Reminder about homework

Student activity: Answer questions Write up prac Complete prac, observing lab etiquette and rules. Each person has a role, and should stick to it. Write up conclusion, participate in discussion

Complete table from this prac .Follow up activities/homework: Home set earlier in the week.

concise and logically sequenced Pupils were interested and self disciplined The resources used were appropriately graded Instructions were clear and easily understood by students I recognised and catered for individual differences I established and maintained an effective learning environment Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree                                         What were the most effective elements of the lesson? What were the least effective elements of the lesson? If I was to repeat the lesson what would I change? What could I improve? .Evaluation           Pre-planning proved effective T & L strategies were effectively implemented I was able to generate a sense of purpose A high level of student participation was achieved My questioning was clear.

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