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Actors and Actresses Success of 27 Dresses

Movie Summary
oKatherine Heigl- Jane oThis Film was
oJames Marsden- Kevin 27 Dresses is a movie about that old saying, released to theatres
“Always a bridesmaid never a bride”. Well in on January 18, 2008
oMalin Akerman- Tess
this movie Jane (played by Katherine Heigl)
oJudy Greer- Casey
works at a magazine but lives a very planned oThe Length of
oMelora Hardin- out life as she always is a bridesmaid for a
Maureen the film is one hour
friend. One night while at a wedding as a
oBrian Kerwin- Hal and forty – seven
bridesmaid as usual someone named Kevin
oJennifer Lim- minutes long
(played by James Marsden) notices that she
Salesperson # 1 franticly rushes to another wedding, when she
oBrigitte Bourdeau- oThe genre of this
is going back and forth she drops her journal
Saleperson- Olga film is a romantic
with her whole year planned in it without
oMaulik Pancholy- Trent comedy
noticing and Kevin picks it up. When she
oDavid Castro- Pedro notices it’s gone her life falls apart. Kevin uses
oDuring its time in
oKrysten Ritter- Gina this time to ask her out on a date by not giving
the journal back until she says “yes” to him, the theatre it
oDanielle Skraastad-
and meanwhile Jane’s sister is visiting and managed to come up
Bride Suzanne
falls in love with Jane’s boss. Jane doesn’t tell with
oJane Pfitsch- Cousin
her sister she has a crush on her boss and later 76, 624, 274 dollars
oPeyton List- Young Jane’s sister and boss plan to marry. Through
all this commotion Jane’s sister doesn’t marry oAnne Fletcher
Jane directed this movie,
oCharli Barcena- Young Jane’s boss and neither does Jane, in the end
Jane becomes a bride and marries Kevin, and and a good one at that!
all twenty-seven dresses she had to wear for
her friends became their bridesmaid dresses.

By: Kyla Graham

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