SBl's specialities (patent) in liquid and tablet form cover a wide range of remedies. These are prepared with the same degree of processing and testing sophistication as mother tinctures, dilutions etc. Before introducing them into the market, each product undergoes a clinical trial to verify its efficacy. Tablets: Liquids: Available in packs of 25gm & 450gm Available in bottle packs of 30ml, 60ml, 115ml, lS0ml, and 500ml.

Eye Drops and Ear Drops in 10ml packs
Detailed clinical trial report of product is available on request.


Acidity, Flatulence

Nixocid Syrup/Tablets

Cough (Dry &. Productive)

Stodal Cough Syrup

Dandruff, Hair-fall, Premature graying, Itching &. Dryness in scalp

Scalptone Tablets

Excessive hair-fall

Jaborandi Hair Oil(100% Pure Jaborandi)


Depression Tranquil Tablets www.P.200 Tablets/Ointmen Flu and Cold AF-200 Tablets Loss of appetite. Cough Stodal Cough Lozenges Stress. Vitality Alfalfa Tonic Lack of energy Alfalfa Malt (Energy Stimulant) Migraine.sblglobal. Recurrent headaches Relaxhed Drops/Tablets Pimples Pimplex Tablets Sore throat.html 2/6 . For faster recovery from sickness.com/details_homoeopathy.1/12/12 SBl Fissures and Piles F. Anxiety. Vigour.

Redness) Pelvorin Tablets Menorrhagia. Sprains. Neck pain) Homeocal Tablets Leucorrhoea and associated symptoms (Backache. Backache. Itching. Muscular & Joint pains AT-200 Tablets PROBLEMS RELATED TO FEMALES Dysmenorrhoea (Painful menstruation) Dysmin Tablets Iron deficiency anaemia Fe-min Tablets Osteoporosis and associated symptoms (Joint pain.html II 3/6 .1/12/12 SBl Trauma due to accidents. Metrorrhagia Utrofyne PROBLEMS RELATED TO MALES II www.sblglobal.com/details_homoeopathy.

Tachycardia (rapid heartbeat).sblglobal. Enlarged liver. Palpitation.1/12/12 SBl Erectile dysfunction (unsatisfactory sexual life) Damiagra Drops Enlarged Prostate Prostonum Drops OTHER AILMENTS Diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) Dibonil Drops Liver disorders (Jaundice. Fatigue.html 4/6 . Arteriosclerosis Tonicard Drops PAEDIATRIC PROBLEMS General tonic for children Alfalfa Tonic (Paediatric) www. Arrhythmia) Other indications: Breathlessness. Exhaustion Sativol (Nervine tonic) Heart problems (Angina. Loss of appetite) LIV-T (Liver Tonic) Stress.com/details_homoeopathy.

sblglobal. Irritation eyes in Cineraria Maritima Euphrasia Eye Drops Cataract Cineraria maritima 100/0 Eye Drops Day-to-day eye problems. Photophobia.1/12/12 SBl ~- Delayed and difficult dentition (teething problems) Denton Syrup/Tablets Lack of appetite in children LIV-T (Paediatric Liver Tonic) Tonsillitis. Conjunctivitis www.com/details_homoeopathy. Pharyngitis Tonsilat Tablets Height promoter Rite-Hite Tablets EYE I EAR CARE RANGE Cataract.html Euphrasia 100/0 Eye Drops 5/6 .

1/12/12 SBl Earache.sblglobal. Swimmer's ear Mullein Ear Drops Company Profile I Corporate Management I Chairman's Interview I Ouality Research & Development Herbal Products I Homoeopathic Products FAO I Homoeopathic Eye Drops Contact Us Products I Cosmoceutical I Euphrasia I Dealer's List Media News I Current Job Openings I Find Remedy For Common Ailments I New Drug Proving www.html 6/6 . Fungal infection.com/details_homoeopathy.

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