Guspath Cat

11. This is the paper with all the prefolding done.

I filled in the folds to make them easier to see.

12. The model after this stage.

15. The model after this stage.

17. This step might be a little bit problematic. Note that the orange fold will be flattened and the fold marked in blue in picture 2 will be mountain folded. Ignore the other colored lines.

19. This is a hard step. I have colored the lines as in the diagram.

Keep the red-colored faces in the diagram together during this entire step. This is how I did it. Fold these three folds. On the top one the bottom layer will follow, but it should be separate on the two lower ones.

The result. Do the same thing on the other side.

This is all fine except that some folds in the middle area are in the wrong direction. Push the marked point away from the camera, after that is done all folds should be in the correct direction.

Notice how all the folds are correct now. All you need to do now is make the valley fold in the middle properly and make sure all the folds on the sides are correct.


Finished back.

Step 21 finished.

Step 23 in progress.

Step 25 in progress. I painted the folds to make it more clear. Once all the folds are in the correct direction you can flatten the tail.

Step 27 in progress.

28. Reverse fold the tail towards the body, making a new fold. When you reverse fold it one side will have more flaps, this is normal. Image is in progress.

29. Create folds to direct the head. Also, curl the tail if you wish. Both these things are artistic, feel free to experiment!

30. Finished cat!

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