When you are not practicing, remember, someone somewhere is practicing, and when you meet him he will win. --- Ed Macauley

1. 2. i] Spectacles ii] Binoculars iii] Goggles iv]Telescope .Find the Odd Man out. i] Teacher ii] Faculty iii] Instructor iv] Preacher 4. i] Eyes ii] Eyes i] Grill ii] Fry iii] Hands iii] Toast iv] Fingers iv] Boil 3.

Cultivate : Crop :: ?? i] Nature : Child ii] Secure : Possession iii] Babble : Talk iv] Sing :Song 7. Dictionary : Words :: Encyclopedia : ?? i]Animals ii]Men iii]Thesis iv] Facts . 5.Select one of the related pair of words is followed by pair of words. Clove : Spices :: ?? i] Honey : Sweet ii] Red : Color iii] Water : Rain iv] Clouds : Sky 6.

You have to ____the mistakes of the past three years.Fill in the blanks with appropriate phrases. 8. i] account from ii] account for iii] account by iv] account on . i] abide on ii] abide in iii] abide upon iv]abide by 9. One must ____ the rules of Grammar.

Choose the correct spelling.i] Athletecs ii] Atheletics iii] Athlitics iv] Athletics 11. i] Perseverance ii] Perseverence iii] Persevarance iv] Persevarence 13. 10. i] Catastrophes ii] Catestrophes iii] Cetastrophes iv]Cetestrophes . i] Abzurd ii] Abcurd iii] Abszurd iv] Absurd 12.

Trusted 16 . A man feels _______ when he is ______. 14.Fill in the blanks with correct options. i] empowered …. i] dishonesty : trust ii] honesty : trust iii] loyalty… trust iv]craving…desire . doubted iii] proud … ignored iv] empowered…. ______ things make a _______ difference. mistrusted ii] triumphant …. ______ weakens ______ in a relationship. i] small…big ii] big … big iii] minor … whole iv] funny…funny 15.

17. Pace i] Walk ii] Length iii] Rate iv] Tread 18. Dejected i]Anxious ii] Accepted iii] Elated iv] Enlightened 20. Innovating i] Researching ii] Improvising iii] Selling iv]Measuring Choose the word most OPPOSITE in meaning to the given word.Choose the word which is most SIMILAR in meaning to the given word. Momentary i] Sporadic ii] Futuristic iii] Brief iv] Perpetual . 19.

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