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Doom Builder Guide

Doom Builder Guide

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Published by Philippe Tromeur

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Published by: Philippe Tromeur on Apr 01, 2012
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Section 2.0 will guide you step-by-step through the process of building a DOOM level. Doom
Builder's interface is thoroughly explained in Section 1.0, but there are plenty of editing
functions yet to be discovered in this section. You'll also get a healthy dose of DDT: DOOM
Design Theory. To get started, we need to create a new map from scratch.

Click the NEW MAP button

in the toolbar. The MAP OPTIONS dialog box comes up (see Figure
2.1). Click on the drop-down arrow in the GAME area and choose Doom 2 from the drop-down
list. In the NAME area, type MAP01 in the text box. This determines the lumpname (level
number) of your map, not the filename (DEMO.WAD) of your map. Click OK.

Figure 2.1.

The MAP OPTIONS dialog box
determines the game type and
lumpname of your new map.

DB goes through an initialization process and then displays your map grid. Your grid size
should be set at 32. Check the fifth window of the DETAILS BAR at the bottom of DB to see your
current grid settings. You'll want to Zoom Out a bit to around 40% Zoom scale. Use the mouse
wheel to scroll in and out (or the NUM +/- keys if you've been using DB before version 1.53) a
couple of times and keep your eye on the last window in the DETAILS BAR where your Zoom
setting is displayed. We need room to draw a large Sector, and you'll now be in the same scale
as the diagrams that follow. Also, if you didn't do so as advised in Section 1.0, make sure for
purposes of following this manual that you select the SHOW VERTICES IN SECTORS MODE check
box in the INTERFACE tab of the CONFIGURATION dialog box (F5).

We're ready to make our first Sector in Doom Builder!

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