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Published by: Vikas D Unpredictible on Apr 01, 2012
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Lovely Professional University, Phagwara Six Weeks Summer Training Guidelines/Instructions for Students Nature of Summer Training

: Compulsory for the students who have passed their 3rd year of degree. Duration of Training: At least Six Weeks. Credits for Summer Training: 3 Period of Training: (After ETEs to mid-July, 2012) Students may start their training immediately after the completion of ETEs in May, 2012 or start of June 2012 as per their convenience. Students must ensure that by all means they have to complete their six weeks training before 20th July 2012. OBJECTIVE: The primary objective of Six Weeks Summer Training is to learn new/core technologies and gain
practical experience, sound appreciation and understanding of these technologies.

The type of companies/Institutions where student can do Summer Training (not limited to) :  IT Companies.  Manufacturing organization (In EDP or IT section).  Service Provider having proper IT setup.  University Campus Centre (Research and Development Department)  Reputed Computer Centre.

The training can be in the form of a certification or may be a small project in any of the following technologies /domains:   Database (ORACLE / SQL SERVER /DBA/MySQL or the like) Network: o Infrastructure (Certification in A+, MCSA, MCSE, MCSP, RHCP, RHCE or the like). o Security (Certification in Ethical Hacking and Network Security or the like). o Routing (Certification in CCNA, CCNP, CCIE or the like). Web technologies (ASP.NET with C#, PHP, JSP, Joomla, Python, Ruby on Rails or the like). Mobile Applications (Android based applications; IOS based applications, Windows mobile applications and the like). Cloud Technologies (Windows Azure, SQL Azure, Cloud based applications and the like). Embedded technologies (Matlab Programming, AI based Programming, Fuzzy Logic and the like). Multimedia Designing and Development (Web designing, Flash, 3DMax, Maya, Dream Weaver and the like). Any other field/technology of your choice related to CSE/IT.

    

EVALUATION: There would be an evaluation after the training. The criteria of the evaluation will be discussed later on. For any further queries, you can contact: a) Mr. Tejinder Thind (34-205) K2 b) Mr. Nitin kumar (34-205) K1 c) Ms. Navjyot Kaur (34-205) K3

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