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Garden Design - April 2012

Garden Design - April 2012

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Published by: Laura Mihaela on Apr 01, 2012
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wood and gas at temperatures from 2000 to 1. Michigan 800. and the advanced anatomy of a Kalamazoo makes it a grill unlike any other.868.1699 GRILLS I PIZZA OVENS I REFRIGERATION I CABINETRY I COOKTOPS I WARMING I VENTILATION . Hand-built in Kalamazoo. Or leave the drawer empty for gas-only cooking. Beast inside. Ultimate Versatility The deep firebox creates superior heat dynamics for the full range of cooking techniques.200°Fbut there's a lot more to it than that. Hybrid Fire Cooking Drawer™ Load the drawer with wood or charcoal and let the Dragon Burners™ below start the fire.000 BTUs. Hassle-Free Cleaning Ash and grease funnel down to an ample and convenient cleanout pan. you can cook with any combination of charcoal. Awesome Power Exclusive cast brass Dragon Burners each weigh 14 pounds and deliver 25. What's inside a grill matters most.Beauty outside. For starters.

By Caroline Donald LiquidAssets Water's countless roles in the garden. By Jeff Spurrier 4 • April2012 80 40 50 60 ~30 . our favorite indoor/outdoor fountains. solar-powered planters and side tables. By Paul O'Donnell Natural Phenomena The romantic tale of how a couple rose to the top of the British garden world. By Lindsey Taylor Notebook Sustainable flower buying. By Susan Heeger 10 Fresh Reviving Jens Jensen. By Bill Marken Style How a Hamptons terrace became a cozy retreat. Photography by Clive Nichols Element 26 Why so many 30 Features One 32 AfterLast Hurrah a devastating 68 fire. a sculptor's take on vintage garden tools. By Lise Funderburg Breaking the Rules A surprising and garden-friendly approach to home design.Departments View Celebrating the serendipity that enters into every gardening enterprise. from architectural extension to sublime soundtrack. Muse Sometimes the best way to capture the big picture is by narrowing one's lens. Grow Getting to the heart of our love affair with daffodils. pest control the natural way. our top picks for outdoor refrigerators. England. The homeowners decided to rebuild around it. By Norman Vanamee 8 going back to (flower) school. 22 people are crazy about Corten weathering steel. only the garden survived. GARDENDESIGN. whether large or small. Photograph by James Guilliam Cover: A limestone wellhead marks the intersection of four garden beds at the Wollerton Old Hall Garden in Shropshire.COM . and how to get the same look at home.


ON N6C6B2 This product is from sustainablymanaged Employment opportunities forests and controlled at bonniercorp.goto: GARDENDESIGN. Sheri Bass For editorial correspondence: EDTTOR@GARDENDESIGN.O. Jason Dewees. Emily Young GROUP PRODUCTION DIRECTOR Jeff Cassell PRODUCTION MANAGER Courtney Suzanne GRAPHIC Janka Oberholtzer DESIGNERS DESIGN SERVICES DIRECTOR Julia Arana. Sommer Willy Frei. Louisa Jones. Shannon Mendis HUMAN RESOURCES DIRECTOR Hatfield.COM Publication Agreement Number: 40612608 Canada return mail: Pitney Bowes. Davis Dalbok. Palm Coast.GARDEN DESIGN EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Norman Vanamee STYLE DI RECTOR Lindsey Taylor ASSISTANT EDITOR Katie Mendelson COpy EDITOR Rachel Swift RESEARCH Rebecca Geiger. Box420235. Tamasin Day-Lewis.COM .com/cs.com FORCUSTOMERSERVICEANDSUBSCRIPTION QUESTIONS.Billing. Dennis Schrader. Nick Drumb. Anna Watson Carl. Margie Ruddick. Debra Prinzing. You canalso ca1l386-44724910rwrite to GARDEN DESIGN. such as Renewa Is. P. P. FL 32142-0235. London.O. Judy Kameon. 6 . Susan Heeger. Katrine EDITOR EMERITUS Wilmot Bill Marken EDITOR-AT-LARGE Lise Funderburg CREATIVE DIRECTOR Dave Weaver ART DIRECTOR Eric Powell DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Larry Nighswander PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR Chelsea Lobser ASSISTANT PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR Mildred WEBSITE Mattos EDITOR Claire Lui CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Charles Birnbaum. Joanna Fortnam. Flora Grubb. April2012 • GARDENDESIGN. Damaris Colhoun. Box 25542. E-maiIPreferences. Tovah Martin.andAcCDuntStatus. Lauren Grymes. Add ress Cha nges.


the shrub that overgrows its spot but creates an intimate place for reflection. there exists a delicious tension between what we set out to do and what actually happens.COM most gardeners develop a healthy respect for unexpected outcomes: the volunteer seedlings that teach us new planting combinations. as I learned to literally go with the flow.OOO gallons per second. The stakes ranged from wet clothes to survival.VIEW Going with the Flow Forces of nature we tame but never temper WHEN I WORKED as a canoe guide in northeastern Maine back in the '80s and '90s. Perhaps no one knows better about the potential ofthe unexpected than the amateur daffodil breeders Susan Heeger discovered while writing "Gone Daffy. I developed a new relationship with water. a metal that's showing up everywhere these days. unique patina ("Steel Genius. Over time.Norman Vanamee. Weeks of relentless rainfall don't care that you live in a leaky tent. . In this issue. no matter how humble or grandiose.a gutknotting fear gave way to a deep respect for the powerful force that surged beneath me. in part because each piece takes on an unpredictable. where the homeowner split open a three-ton piece of volcanic schist to reveal a gorgeousvein ofyellow-white quartz.and that obsession will suddenly seem perfectly sane." page 26). But it took only a few minutes of navigating rapids for this Manhattan native to realize he wasn't in charge. In any garden or landscape plan.spill water at a rate of750. we celebrate serendipity in the landscape. April2012 • GARDENDESIGN. Editor-in-Chief ." page 60). The three falls that make up Niagara Falls American. from our portfolio of contemporary water features on page 50 ("Liquid Assets") to a garden in the Pacific Palisades section of Los Angeles ("Breaking the Rules. and whitewater doesn't subside for a novice paddler. Take a look at the beautiful hybrids photographed by devotee Howard Sooley."on page 22. I came to the job with a city kid's sense of it as a simple commodity designed to service my needs. 8 . something I could largely control by turning on a tap or driving through a tunnel. and Horseshoe . Bridal Veil. Wetake a close look at Corten.


gardeners again have the pleas UTeof readily available blooms begging to be brought indoors. looks at plants not as seasonal accessories but as decorative elements. Their shapes.Two new books tout plants as decoration WITH SPRlNG bringingrlowers aplenty. "I'm interested in bringing in nature in a modern way." Blomquist Bring It Inside 10· Apri12012' GARDENDESIGN. texture . Ryland Peters & Small) by Paris-based art director Hans Blomquist. wi th photographs-by Debi Treloar.and patinas. The Natural Home ($30. should be used to create a decor that is authentic and beautiful. Two books arrive with the season this year to remind us that living with nature in the house takes many forms.COM . Blomquist argues.

. :M.COM . ~ ENCOREAZALEA. View How To Plant Videos On Your Smartphone :M..oreOften.Blooming more than once a year.ore(Brooms. the 25 varieties of Encore'? Azaleas offer bloom colors and sizes for every landscape.

Anthropologie. each setting seems to capture a sense of ritual and memory." he says.by which he means not sleek. But the houses he showcases in the book. a new Terrain opens in Westport. Next month. Connecticut. The exterior walls of the 1947 building will be covered in vertical gardens filled with chartreuse. deep plum. Blomquist says plants need not dominate: He recommends geraniums and small lemon trees.Rizzoli) contains exquisite images of arrangements styled by ~ Nicolette Owen that distill the colors. Terrain's creative director.Paul O'Donnell Gardener's Paradise in a Car Lot When Urban Outfitters took over a suburban Philadelphia nursery a decade ago. who remembers the profusion of flowering quince at New Year's in her native Vietnam. . combining them with uninhibited plants "not the kind you cut but the kind you let grow. Photographer Ngoc Minh Ngo also wants her readers to see flowers as more than props. plants that grow to moderate size. Westport Terrain will § stock fewer plants but will work with local growers to provide hard. and space for weddings and other events." says Ngoc. "Flowers are used in different cultures to mark time in different ways. in a former car dealership. He clusters stilllifes of old things and new. Bringing Nature Home ($45. "The store acknowledges its industrial past while recognizing that nature takes over.COM . the Westport store will offer ~ classes. Inside are a greenhouse. walls. and fuchsia blooms. including a Paris apartment with a wall hung with unruly plants. "Let them gowild. belie his passion for letting nature take its course. monochrome interiors but natural environments that connectwith the personality oftheir occupants. by phone from a shoot in South Africa . At one-third the size of its parent store. but her method is calm focus. you got what you'd expect: Terrain. Apri/2012' GARDENDESIGN." says Greg Lehmkuhl."he says. In her book.~ o to-find treasures. ~ o o z 12 . and architectural elements salvaged from the Philadelphia Navy Yard. a cafe with a wall of orchids. and seasons. a store that combines the resources of a specialty nursery with the design-savvy furnishings and relaxed shopping experience of its sister store. and textures of the fabrics.havea casual beautythat issimpleto reproduce. likethis groupingofpieris. Sunday brunch.Fresh TimelessBeauty NgocMinhNgo'sarrangements in Bringing Nature Home. tones. Along with practical tips on arranging flowers. As in Pennsylvania.

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" A Danish immigrant who was captivated by Midwestern prairies.Pt). sen's is a great American story." he laughs.COM .S. Chicagoansmore aware of the This fall. the author of Central Park. a new documentary will appear on PBS stations. See "The Great Wall" at Montreal's Galerie d'Art d'Outremont on April 5 to 29. he also executed his vision." he says). "We're just beginning to scratch the surface of his legacy. "He was a philosopher-poet. "One day I had the stupid idea of putting abook into a sandblaster. but it took 10 years to complete his series based on an imagined Chinese-U. conflict that depicts actual sites inAsia." says Charles Birnbaum of the Cultural Landscape Foundation." says Carey Lundin. landscape architect Jens Jensen was a celebrity more visible in his adopted hometown of Chicago than Master Builder Jens Jensen's masterwork. Artist Guy Laramee went a step further. Frederick Law Olmsted." . Now. and an unsung hero. Jensen's most stunning feat was overcoming the cynicism of corrupt Chicago politicians. director of Jens Jensen: Harmonious World. He also advocated for the poor: His designs for public lawns and gardens intimately connected them to their neighborhoods. CarvedBooks We all have our favorite books about landscapes.Fresh REVIVINGJENS Chicago's park builder finds fresh fame IN HIS TIME. a champion of native species. carving elaborate landscapes into old books. "Jenlandscape architect's legacy. half a century after his death. Apri/2012· GARDENDESIGN. The momentwas a revelation ("I saw the whole project at once. in contrast to the grand lakeside parks Chicago master planner Daniel Burnham laid out. aboveleft. was in the GarfieldPark ConserNew York. but the disaster only served to make of ecology. Jensen is again vatory. 14 . suffered drawing attention as Americans catch up to him as a pioneer hail damage in June. "But he wasn't content to dream. Jensen is most famous for adopting indigenous plants in the landmark parks that reshaped Chicago's West Side.

the first authentic commercial refrigeration line refined for the home. True can adapt to any epicurean environment. From the James Beard Home in New York to outdoor kitchens in Palm Desert.For over 65 years. Building on this success.com Proudly Manufactured in the USA Since 1945 . True Refrigeration® has remained committed to preserving culinary excellence by being a leader in commercial refrigeration. homeowners can now experience True Professional Series . Discover the entire line of high performance outdoor refrigeration at true-residential.

high.us For more information 212-744-0242 call 16 • Apri/2012 • GARDENDESIGN.and One of Holland's most proNewYorkhow to employ norhow this concept translates gressive floral designers.organic designs created on by flowers. They can also be used singly directly on the ground in a rustic setting. Manhattan.gardentraditions. "You must be aware of the gestalt of the flower. he did his master's thesis on "strewing" orative plants. 't 4~ J~ GARDEN TRADITIONS BARBARA ~. "Understand the way it wants to be seen. stems. IN A SUNNY. Dutch master florist Rob he doesn't do weddings. lion 24 ins.~ ISRAEL Rob Plattel wants to put some bark in your bouquet studio in East an anomaly. A graduate (cum laude) from the intensive master florist program at bear grass. method of floral design to a handful of stuInstead. I use all parts of the Twigging to It plant: bark.' ~.Fresh ~ . 45.5 ins. these gentle Lions of Hadrian. wired together to resemble whips. "I like using a Tuinbouwvakschool in Vught in the southmixture ofvegetative and decern Netherlands. branches. long. he takes his inspiration directly from nature. and elegant French tulips.5 ins. making largedents. and miniature Plattel is trained in taking cues from anthurium. and he doesn't Plattel demonstrates his unconventional like to design his work in advance. He doesn't own a flower shop. www. vegetables.COM . 53-year-old Plattel is a bit of into floral design. Don't be limited ." Rob Plattel shows seminar the ground when leaves or students at Flower School petals fall from a tree . hydrangeas. 17. red Aranda orchids into a bouquet of pink and even driftwood." he adds as he weaves in long strands of nature's serendipity. with their Molded Pedestals are a stately addition to a formal garden. seeds. gently coaxing a stem of fiery scale installations from foraged blossoms." he says. seeded eucalyptus. FLOWER-STREWN Dutch Master CLASSICS FOR TODAY Lion of Hadrian Impressive and captivating. leaves. deep. the mally unused parts ofpIants to support an arrangement.

created with callalily. f- BARTLETT. he will create a large-scale installation for Floriade. our arborists bring a rare mix of groundbreaking research. French tulips and kiwivine lattice. Plattel encouraged the students to pay attention to the structure and natural growing patterns of the amaryllis. from Iceland to Israel. a horticultural festival held in a different Dutch city every lOyears." he says. "I'm thinking dahlias and berries.purple anemone. No matter the size or scope of your needs. seeded eucalyptus." Starting with a base of sand and moss. The trees and shrubs tbat grow along with YOLl and your family are valuable assets that deserve care and protection. "I think we in modern life are looking for contact with nature. During a recent five-hour session titled "The Synthesis of Natural Art and Design" at Flower School New York. FantasyGarden Astudent's indoor garden at Plattel's seminar in NewYork. l' ''''' For the life of your PRUNING FERTILIZATION REMOVAL PEST & DISEASE MANAGEMENT CALL 877 BARTLETT 877. paperwhites. and kiwi vine lattice on the tables in front of them. Plattel will escort Flower School New York students on a behindthe-scenes tour of the Netherlands' famed Aalsmeer Flower Auction and teach a special "Natural Rhythms" workshop. Bartlett Tree Expert has led both the science and services that make your landscape thrive. sweet peas." Plattel gives seminars around the world. Plattel guided students in creating their own "indoor fantasy gardens.8538 OR VISIT BARTLETT. and Dutch tulips. In late April. more than ever. he already has a rough idea. For over 100 years. global resources and a local service approach to every task at hand. he advised them not to be afraid to add a personal touch. BECAUSE EVERY TREE IS A FAMILY TREE.227. . paperwhite. red miniature anthurium." reflects PlatteL "Flowers are such a fun way to do that. Today. At the same time. calla lilies. Trees add so much value to our lives.Anna Watson Carl BARTLETT TREE EXPERTS trees. property value is a much about your landscape as it is your home. but the best place to catch him is in his native land. sweet peas.COM • Aprii2012' 17 . In early September in Venlo.Color Palette Platters brilliantly colored bouquet includesAranda orchids. the prestigious floral design center. And Bartlett adds even more value to your trees.COM GARDENDESIGN. Though not one to plan his work in advance.

"I was a woman who wanted adventure." she explains. rust.com 18 . Housed in private collections around the world.A. oil cans. her shovels and wheelbarrows have been shown widely. impulses that induced her to go to trade school to become a welder. "I like how an old object comes with its own story and place in the culture.WC.COM . raises the question: Which side is the artist on? Hint: Lane makes her pieces using an industrial blowtorch. to get dirty and have a foul mouth. . on display April 28 through June 16at the Art Mur gallery in Montreal. After several years working in factories. plaster. A group of her pieces will be on display this summer at Nottingham Castle in England. ~ OR IMPLEMENT? THE DISCONNECT BETWEEN pretty and powerful in Cal Lane's "Wheelbarrows and Shovels" series. steel beams." she says. in which she etches designs into ordinary garden tools.Fresh Digthelrony Twodaintilyfeminine but otherwisefamiliarobjects fromCalLane's"WheelbarrowsandShovels" series. even toilet paper and toast. Growing up in a small town in British Columbia. where she worked in a broad range of materials: rubber. Lane felt out of place in the feminine atmosphere of her mother's hair salon. most recently in December at the 20n Pulse Miami Contemporary Art Fair.into fanciful objets d'art shot through with delicate lace patterns and religious imagery. and over ART Artist Cal Lane's garden tools confuse the issue the past decade she's made her name recreating utilitarian found objects . But she kept coming back to steel. www.gardening tools.flowercarpet. Lane attended Nova Scotia College of Art & Design. "I didn't want to focus so much on one material that it limited my ideas." Lane's latest work. car parts . The contradictions in her pieces are precisely the point. applies her lace patterns to dissected ammunition boxes. Apri/2012 • GARDENDESIGN." says Lane. "I use contrasting imagery to show a contrary side.


$1. Besides being less expensive than a powered fridge. you can place these units anywhere since theydon't need to be within reach of an electrical outlet. rotoluxe. shown here.COM .andcontainersinthecollectionoffer theperfectamountofillumination. Whatmakes them remarkable is thattheyproduce thismoonglowby harnessingthe sun.Fifthroom. The pieces. there's no need to defrost. The beauty of Souluxe. and a rapidcool feature that chills drinks almost instantly. boast a special insulating system and magneticseal that retains the cold and keeps your food and drinks cool throughout the party . anew line of stands and planters from Rotoluxe.COm'" indoor. $2. though they absorb sunlight all day. lay-down wine racks. The company's stainless-steel drawers. emit a soft glow for about five hours without wires or outlets. the exposure won't fade their colors..just enough to set off silver-leafed plants or to let you see the person you're chatting with.com Sun Glow Our top picks for outdoor refrigerators All-Star Viking's 24-inch under-counter outdoor refrigerator is an all-around player with plenty of shelf space and custom temperature settings that adapt to chilling beverages or storing food.without electricity.999 ~ WirelessEntertaining l' www. outdoor. and. Made from recycled bottles.929 Cold Cases f- Way Cool The True Professional Series Outdoor Beverage Center is for serious amateur bartenders. Fresh A night garden doesn'tneedmuchin theway of light .035 20 . Souluxe's dense plastic is practically indestructible. $2. Better yet. April2012 • GARDENDESIGN.cylinders. no matter the size of the party. isthatthecubes. rOOm.com/gd 1-888-293-2339 Ronda's sleek outdoor kitchens highlight its commitment to both good design and the environment.fromknee -high tables to pots large enoughfortrees.FiOfth·· . with a glass front.


COM . Apri/2012· GARDENDESIGN.22 .

England • Established Over 70 Years..da.000 To enjoy our Book of Greenhouses call or click 781 933 1993 www. HARTLEY..hartleybotanic.comgdus@hartleybotanic. WITH PRIDE MONEY BOTANIC SINCE 1938 CAN BUY • Handmade in Greenfield.com ... Victorian Range from $25.THE FINEST GLASSHOUSES .

and hosta in smaller garden beds and those plants will grow up to cover fading daffodil leaves. The Roman poet Virgil sang their praises. is on robust garden plants that grow and multiply well. early. hyacinths. N. Slip bulbs amid daylilies.and multistemmed. strictly speaking. but he's also struck by breeders' novelties.S. many of these bulbs don't shine in cultivation. the botanical name for the genus that encompasses all species and cultivars. they've been steadily improved for American gardens by commercial hybridizers like Virginia-based Brent Heath of Brent and Becky's Bulbs.COM . In England. but the American market offers ample alternatives." Bred for competition. In open areas. hybrids of one species. G 24 . when he stood before poet William Wordsworth's "host of golden daffodils" along Cumbria's Ullswater Lake. though.even today. including whites with fleshpink cups he calls "a Frankenstein triumph of father nature. many Southerners know them asjonquils .which are. the fattened bulbs will fuel next season's show. aficionados. streams of daffodils mark spots where pioneer farmhouses once stood." In the ground. heuchera. early spice traders snapped them up. and Heath recommends layering bulbs among tulips. and for other u. While British breeders focus on showstoppers and cut flowers. April 2012 • GARDENDESIGN. Daffodils thrive in pots too. if you let foliage die back after bloom.and lateblooming. spreading their cheerful white and gold swaths for a host of springs to come. costly and common. says Heath. Formally known as narcissus. and muscari to create "living flower arrangements. and American pioneers carried them west . let daffodils naturalize along meadows and fences. Useful for their deer-resistance. single. the emphasis in this country.Sooley's preoccupation dates back to boyhood. "daffodil" covers the gamut of flowers large and small. jonquilla. He is still fascinated with the flower's simplest forms. And why not? The same qualities that lure British enthusiasts have seduced the rest of us.

cyclamineus.Grow 1.com. The similar 'Spellbinder' and 'Galactic Star' are available from john scheepers. 'Camisole' is a midto late-season double that grows 16 inches tall and has petticoatlike white petals with red-orange centers. The slightly taller (18 to 20 inches) but very similar peonylike.com 2.com.COM • Apri12012· 25 . 4. It grows 16 inches high and is long-blooming. 'Young American' is a midseason. john scheepers. midseason selection of Narcissus jonquilla that grows 14to 16 inches high. 18to 20-inch-high reverse-bicolor yellow trumpet that opens yellow and matures to white. with a lemon-yellow trumpet. GARDENDESIGN. each flower stem produces ivory blooms with pink cups. 'Ara' is another similarly colored selection of N. 'Creed'isamidseason dwarf (less than 13 inches tall) that's white with a ribbed yellow cup.com 3. 'Bell Song' isafragrant. johnscheepers. fragrant 'Acropolis' is available from john scheepers.

coming up in conversations all around the world. land. a low BARNS. midcentury industrial flavor. has been Southwestern-style food franchises." In Walnut ity combined with minimal thickness (typically 3/16 or 1/4 of an inch) allows it to serve in situations where a concrete wall. especially a type called Corten. "The purples of sal. its strength and durabillove steel's agrarian aesthetic. and picked lip its red tones with Astrantia 'Claret.but rusty steel.witness the facades of so many The metal. "It has a superb dynamic as enlisted almost 3 tons of Cart en Hocker says. S. The insulating patina resists corrosion.local observers approvingly compared EW DESIGNERS speak rhapsodically about concrete its earthy color to newly plowed soil.COM . solid quality of Corten steel walls. Show practically drooled over the 2010 The Daily Corten fits most easily into contemporary garden SO REMINISCENT Telegraph garden installation designed by Andy plans. via and aquilegia are the perfect sultry complement Sturgeon dominated the Chelsea Flower Show by conown Hertfordshire.it was used primarily in railroad coalwagons. Steel Genius 26 • Apri/2012 . relied on weathered steel OF STEEL FENCSturgeon. was completed in 1964. "I Generally available in sheet and plate form.is typically used of colorful Mediterranean plants. Corten became a go-to material for modernistic architecture and outdoor art in the 1950s and 1960s. Corten isjust as popular today . for instance. LandWest Design Group slim profile without the bulkiness of a concrete wall. Britain. Landscape designers appreciate Corten for more than its warm hue. edgings. well. judges of the renowned RHS Chelsea Flower AGRARIAN AESTHETIC. climesquite tree like a living sculpture. person-high fences of to the [steel's] coppers and bronzes. "And in this project. British plantswoman Lucy Redmanfabricated a industrial past. IT'S Given its no-frills." wrote garden Smith erected a Corten wall Corten steel that subdivided and framed a collection columnist Stephen Lacey.under her apple tree. For this Austin. and arbors. its versatility seems to "I LOVE STEEL'S be limited only by the designer's imagination. Creek. Texas. It is made with alloys that cause its surface to develop a self-protecting rust when exposed to weather. Dallas landscape architect David Hocker says. was edging of plate steel creates a slightly raised buffalosaid to call it a clear favorite among the contendDAVID HOCKER. Joe Huettl raves about a mesmerizingjuxtaposition in one of his projects that uses "swaying 'Karl would not fit or would visually overwhelm its surroundings. that's another matter. it recalls the site's you walk around it and different views are revealed. 2." Guardian at the time. grass-covered plinth that sets off an adjacent single ers.or weathering steel . garden. After the Eero by BILL MARKEN Saarinen-designed John Deere World Headquarters in Moline. requires no painting or weatherproofing. Steel developed the product in the 1930s and trademarked itas Cor-Ten. Corten has been used for walls. and doesn't compromise structural strength.' Corten . It's no wonder designers are so crazy about it." The Daily Telegraph itself gushed over the use of basket weave seating area Corten as a foil for the plantings. it's so reminiscent of miles of steel fencing and pole barns." steel. In one section.ELEMENT for landscaping and outdoor construction. "There are some that grab you a bit more 1. INGANDPOLE pound into a private city garden. Michael Balston. GARDENDESIGN. don. "Steel has a nice." Balston told The ent. indeed. In his Where Hocker's approach is one of restraint." And in Longate trims. Hocker. see-through. Corten is a versatile metal.flexible and sturdy and virtually maintenance-free. which won Best in Show and prominently extensively when he turned an old power station comfeatured sculptural Corten screens. designer Tom Stuartstructing playful. U. dividers." SAYS The chairman of judges. Foerster' feather reed grass to backdrop the steady.high praise from the heartor gravel. California. planters. Illinois. it can be seen in such projects as the exoskeletal Ford Foundation Building in New York City and the 160-ton Picasso sculpture on Chicago's Daley Plaza. and Andy's did for most of us. for example. 3.

com . Miso Firebowl in Charcoal Discover our collection of hand cast concrete outdoor fire pits.8883 paloform. fireplaces and tiles at: PALOFORM2J 888.Clockwise from top: Bento Firebox in Charcoal. Soba Firebowl in Dove.com I info@paloform.823.

Huettl says. spaced a foot apart. California.by 8-foot Corten into Serra. weight-bearing. to form a weathered steel into landscapes. he intended nicely offset the gray-green of the see-through Corten liant applications will show up screens to steer pedestrians in the future. Subtle shadings give it a depth and a sense of vitaltops. Oxford. and keep in mind that runoff from the metal can stain adjacent surfaces. but we can't wait to sed.resistance is not as great in salt air or when placed in constant contact with water. dis tin vines of the wine country. Using Corten on a larger scale is best turned over to professional designers and contractors. ity . Tobring more modest Corten accents into your garden. CT 06478 203-264-2831 • Fax: 203-264-2833 Catalog Requests: info@klyncbandsons. gargarden that required earthquakeproof staden.com www. GARDENDESIGN. that it is a dynamic Lord says the homeowners especially appreciate how the boxes' bold shapes and strong and not static material. Be prepared to provide special drainage for walls grounded in heavy soil.klynchandsons. 3. Just as it's impossible to When British garden identify the genius who first To create a lowwall at the edge designer Andy Sturgeon of the lawn. traditional garden elements your garden design. 2. steeply graded San Francisco are made in the United States Choose from our to accent to your specifications. landscape designers used steel plates for his gate.4FTSMEN OF LYNCH FINF. 114 Willen brock Road. garden. Just like the earth. retaining walls. Larger installations are typically manufactured off-site.COM .com ers' fire pits. landscape architect Jack Chandler bility and a zigzagged stairway to ease the homeowner's descent. It used three Corten panels. The resulting look is functional and architectural. and raised-bed boxes widely available online and at retailers. backdrop and privacy screen fronted by two floating L-shape ipe benches. no one ten panels alternated with low for the 2010 RHS Chelsea can say how many of its brilstucco walls . benches. Huettl's colors reference the sculptures of Richard firm carved sheets of 4. consider the wide range of pre made plant- PracticalMatters .NT FlORENTINlE CRAFTSMEN" Your premier source for ornamental and cast stone statuary and fountains. View our website for an overview of our products or call today for our full catalog. James A. To see more examples ofhow the designers mentioned in this story incorporated walls. GARnEN & SONS ORNAMF. but its earthy Design devised a series of trapezoidal steel tonality also links it to the grasses and grapeboxes that edged the flights of stairs. For a through the space and show them what was yet to come. California. dividers.Element KENNETH CH. perhaps. particularly when drainage. meant to be viewed from the house above. Lord and Roderick Wyllie of Surface and staircase risers. the stucco. 28 • Apri/2012 1. and seating. such as concrete. and had triangular planters set into their Corten is not at all monochromatic. Kenneth Lynch & Sons. and soil-retention issues are involved. Keep in mind the material's vulnerabilities when choosing where and how to use it: The metal's corrosion. guished play areas from entertaining areas. go to their websites (listed in Sourcebook on page 73).the rusty tones Flower Show. In a Moraga. 2-foot-high Corenlisted this railcar material created this installation in service to the garden.a reminder. We don't know. Inc. products lead All For his own Napa Valley.

Durable.Beaiuiful. Back to Earth. • •• .

"Don't think about the outdoors as a place for temporary living. this piece is a comfortable footrest. calypsostbarth.westeim.STYLE How a Hamptons terrace became a cozy retreat by LINDSEY TAYLOR Turn Indoors Out at the beach with guests or running after their three children. 2 5 Get This Look With these retail approximations ofJarlath Mellett's selections. ianeventure.com) 3. 1. April2012 • GARDENDESIGN. as does the sofa. ($235.com) 4. com) 5. and a table lamp add to the sense of place. West Elm Glass Terrarium: Asimple glass shape in a metalframe makes a perfect centerpiece for an outdoor room with an indoorvibe. ethnic look. ($3.com) 2. custommade by Mellett's own shop. Calypso Leather Pouf: With a glint of silverthat provides a further shot of sophistication. Interior designer Jarlath Mellett helped them reimagine an unused terrace off their second-floor bedroom as a haven . ornamental grass was planted to screen out neighbors. the owners of this home in East Hampton. To create aroomlike enclosure. Lane Venture Matthew Sofa:The cushion backgivesthis sofaaplush comfort despite its fashionably modern structure. Details like the terrariums.youcan decorate the outdoors as ifit isyour chicest indoor room. A striped awning provides a ceiling as well as shelter from midday sun and rain. wanted a place to relax in private.599. A French antique chair painted with shellac (its upholstery is AFTER LONG DAYS water.one that ceded nothing to the practicalities of furnishing for the outdoors. Mellett refurbished indoor furniture so it could withstand the elements. Taybol Ceramic Egg Side Table: Faux wood ceramic stands up year-round outdoors but lends any space a collected. extending the time the owners can use the terrace. New York. wood bowls." says Mellett. What could have been a run-of-the-mill patio furnished with plastic chairs is now a spot where the owners spend most of their evenings. ($295.authenteak. ($869.com) 30 .and sun-resistant fabric) looks and feels more formal. ($59.calypsostbarth.COM . The upholstery is made for outdoors and comes in a variety ofjacquards and bold stripes. Rather than fill the space with traditional outdoor loungers or wrought iron." says Mellett. "They wanted privacy and comfort. or it can serve as an additional seat. Calypso Sheesha Pillow: Tiny mirrors on this pillow scatter light across the deck.

t o . .. o o 0 .COM • April 2012 • 31 .l b o- o '~ c o 0 e ~ GARDENDESIGN._ '.~ '. ." H \.. _ .~ .~ .. . ~ ~ Il y \ ~ I . .

Aprii2012' GARDENDESIGN.32 .COM .

GARDENDESIGN.COM • April2012' 33 .

a fire destroyed Hoover Hall. In doing so. A former director of the Whitney Museum of American Art and a past president of the Garden Conservancy who died in June at the age of78. and a vacuum-emblazoned T-shirt for on-island events. Designed by landscape architect Morgan Wheelock in 1989 and constantly improved by Armstrong. Armstrong's career as a museum director echoed his taste in driveways. their first move was to replace the colonial revival$ circular driveway with a straiqht shot to thefront door. The drive Armstrong reconfigured decades before now led to an empty rectangle of lawn and a bosque of apple trees surrounded by a three-acre garden.COM . In December 2003." As spring came and the garden bloomed unobstructed by Hoover Hall. and often madcap . he could balance the relationship between structure and garden and protect the ample panoramas the fire 34 . he was charming. In person." TomArmstrong later told The New York Times. April 2012 • GARDENDESIGN.was not a matter oftemperament but a design principle. tights. Armstrong was known for public clashes with curators who worked for him and with museum boards he worked for. If you go by his press. impeccably mannered.his Fishers Island house was named Hoover Hall after the superhero persona Armstrong adopted. friends say. he often donned a cape. a Harvardtrained landscape architect. Confrontation. "The garden was premised on the axes of the old house. however." says Armstrong's son Whitney. "It took Dad a few months to figure out what to do. the garden had come through unscathed but orphaned. "I wanted a confrontation with the house immediately.TVlzenTom andBunty Armsuongboughtaramshackle summer home on Fishers Island off the Connecticut coast 27years aqo. Armstrong realized he had a rare opportunity to reverse the typical order of garden construction: He could design a house to complement an existing garden.

like trimming the apple trees to the exact height of the new roof. He incorporated both styles of abstraction. Tom Phifer.COM • Apri12012' 35 . Phifer's design appears to float in place. and water providea view of ever-changing colors. the rest of the garden adapted easily to the modernist style of the new house. On the inland side of the house. He would do it. Looking north through the kitchen. the home feels securely embedded. shining and slightly elevated. his book about the house that was published posthumously in December. Small adjustments. "That's where the transparency comes from. a paddle tennis court felt out of place. he instructed Wheelock to carve out lyrically curving paths and organically shaped "rooms." At first sight. drawing on his long association with contemporary art. Atransparent glass box now stands on the spot once occupied by the old colonial. A conventional swimming pool was reshaped into the water feature that flows into the house. A monolithic black cube . trimming the linden allee and the boxwood and hornbeam hedges into straight lines that precisely paralleled the shore and horizon." leaving plenty of space for him to do Clockwisefrom top left: Creepingjuniper borders the staircase to the picnic area along the shoreline. where tightly pruned linden trees. Lush rows of Japanese iris bloom each June. but from every vantage in the garden. so it was replaced with new plantings. based the garden on the principles of midcentury abstract painting.produced.punctuates contorted white pines and curving beds of Japanese iris. "We didn't want the house to be the prominent feature. The moss garden occupies an atriumlike space outside the library. Fishers Island Sound is visible from either side. lawn. in effect. Next to Phifer's ethereal building. This is partly because Armstrong. and the house's steel frame melds into its silvery maritime blues and grays.which in context looks like modern sculpture but in fact is a metal storage shed . creating a sightline from the road to the Sound. "There are basically two different styles of abstraction in 20th century art .geometric abstraction and biomorphic abstraction. Though designed for the original commodious 1926 colonial." Armstrong wrote in A Singular Vision." says its architect. pull the house and garden together. GARDENDESIGN. by preserving the absence of the old house.




" says Whitney. Whitney recently found a testament to his father's scrupulous attention to detail while sorting through the latter's effects: luncheon seating arrangements Armstrong filed away years before. They left untouched the boulders that erupted from the turf and reminded Armstrong of the smooth. Outside. "It's his last museum.an abstract map of red smudged with blue and yellow . in conjunction with the scalloped ceiling." says Whitney. serve an overweening idea of high culture. A friend who often visited both Hoover Hall and Armstrong's new house says simply.is meant to be taken in with the scarlet blooms of Coleus 'Big Red Judy' and Persicaria amplexicaulis 'Fire tail' in the background. "We discovered that the skylights. "This extremely rectilinear box makes the light curvilinear.his own planting. chiefly his beloved daffodils. NowWhitney and his siblings struggle with the demands of maintaining the property . Edward Dugmore's untitled 1954 canvas . . The standout antique Japanese screen is a foil for the American artwork in the house but also brings landscape into the interior. and the swags of pruned hydrangea rolling over theperimeter wall. Armstrong was pleased to find that its interaction with the elements also complemented the two abstract styles.to the unruly beach roses. The meticulousness that makes this second house a masterwork also made Armstrong who he was. "Dad wanted them carefully pruned level to emphasize the slope of the ground to the horizon. the snaking trunks of honey locust trees. project different shapes on the walls. landscape and sea. Very little was left to chance. They are preserving a place where art and architecture. a flaggedpath bends in imitation of the bridge depicted on the screen. rocklike forms that showup in artist Ellsworth Kelly'spaintings. When the house was complete. But they can take comfort in knowing their efforts are more curatorial than janitorial." <D Awayfrom the rigorous modern linesof the house. from the color of the rock retaining wall. the garden's curves assert themselves in gently winding beds and paths.both when dry and when wetted by rain .from ordering hundreds of annuals each year to keeping algae off the retaining wall." The symbiosis of house and garden extends to the furniture and particularly to the art on the walls.

COM . Aprii2012 • GARDENDESIGN.40 .

Isabel and Julian Bannerman rose to the top of Britain's garden world by recreating the romance of the classic English garden.COM • April 2012 • 41 . by CAROLINE DONALD photography by MICKHALES • plantportraits by ISABEL BANNERMAN GARDENDESIGN. Now they are poised for a second act.

include a low-key cottage garden in their clientele among England's social elites. "That's what was called for December. which she often covers tival. and a thriving cultural center. Charles' home in 19th-century country house. is 10years older. asking them coction in which gnarled tree trunks to design a water garden and grotto are arranged in a picturesque tabat Waddesdon Manor. personally andprofessionally. On the Duke ofN orfolk's estate in West Sussex.COM . Isabel's piercing he was working in contemporary art. blue eyes are framed by a tangle of The home of an international arts fespale blond hair. a new private club in London's Mayfair. Neither Banarchitecture or theatrical design. In den features a low. The young couple could have put their energy into comfortably rumpled. Their signature act is to create dreamy English country gardens filled with historical allusions: a world of roses and ruins. Europa Nostra awards and vaulted The Bannermans have begun to They have been together. once were on hand when Queen Elizabeth a showplace for the Rothschild cattle dedicated their memorial garden collection. they moved to west website the motto "Ich Dien. stretch their usual idiom of the large look belies their passionfor the well-manicured They have designed gardens for Engcountry garden. the BannerIsabel and Julian met in Edinburgh mans possess a peculiarly British mix of grandeur. formal allees and follies. and a courtyard for Success has not quieted the couple's restlessness.Natural Phenomena don't do things halfway. They Gloucestershire. They aren't daunted by unpromising sites. 60. the Park Walk Gallerypresented the first London show BRITISH GARDEN DESIGNERS Isabel and Julian Bannerman 42 . Nurse Jackie. his family's leau) at Highgrove. in a former parking lot. for the 67 British victims of 9/11 in Julian and Isabel Bannerman met in their 20s Hanover Square in lower Manhattan. they have an 5 Hertford Street. More recently. and slightly dishevin the early 1980s." markEngland and began designing gardens ing that they are by Appointment to the Prince of Wales. they built gateways and greenoak pavilions based on the drawings of Inigo Jones. wit. a golden crown rises on the waters of a fountain and dances in midair. since. into a conference center.from entertainers to the Prince of Wales." says Isabel. says nerman prepares you to find on their Isabel. Their work won Civic Trust and in the rollicking art scene of Edinburgh. for whom they and garden buildings. Julian. Like their gardens. April 2012 • GARDENDESIGN. from Andrew Lloyd Webber to the Wiltshire for Caryn Mandabach. they ended up converting the dairy. Their unreconstructed Bohemian them to their country's highest spheres. In the middle of a shell-lined grotto. Scotland. the Bannermans can't help piling it on. Charles Fs favorite designer. Instead. When it comes to theatricality. Recent projects gardens of England's historic estates and land's great and good of every stripe. the American producer of Showtime's Marquess of Cholmondeley to John Paul Getty II. In 1990. where she was studying history at the university and eled Bohemianism. more opinionated. Scotland's capital has long been with a man's wool fedora.the current Lord Rothschild gave them their created a stumpery (a Victorian confirst major commission.The 9/11garappetite for exploration in and outside of landscape design. in the context.snaking wall that roughly marks the shape ofBritain and is uncharacteristically contemporary.

COM • Aprii2012 • 43 .GARDENDESIGN.

44 . April 2012 • GARDENDESIGN.COM .

Natural Phenomena

Plants on Film
Photography and plant life have a bit of common history simply because some of the camera's earliest adopters had gardens of their own. The inventor of the modern photographic process, Henry Fox Talbot, was an English botanist whose first "photogenic drawings" in the 1830s included images of spindly wrack and other specimens from around his Wiltshire home, Lacock Abbey. (The estate figured in another photographic highlight when it stood in for Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movies.) As photography matured into an art form, it retained its fascination with plants. In the 1920s, Edward Weston's encounter with the maguey cactus on a trip to Mexico led to his portraits of peppers, eggplants, and cabbage leaves draped like ball gowns, all on black backgrounds and as voluptuous as his famous nudes. Weston's friend Imogen Cunningham shot blooms so closely they appear as alien life-forms. In Urformen der Kunst (archetypes of art), a book of plant photographs published in 1928, German sculptor Karl Blossfeldt put nature at the root of all aesthetics. Isabel Bannerman acknowledges her debt to these trailblazers and to Robert Mapplethorpe, whose controversial work in the 1980s pushed the visual analogy between human and plant reproductive systems as far as it could go. But plants are Bannerman's primary artistic medium, and her images document them in their own right. "I've become interested in their structural properties," says Bannerman, not to mention their dynamics, "There are moments when they are changing rapidly - you can catch a fern when it is unfurling." Characteristically, Bannerman also wrests inspiration from an England deep in photography's prehistory. Mary Delaney, known as Mrs. Delaney, was an 18th-century English artist who pasted drawings of plants on black backgrounds to create mosaics of exquisite beauty that capture a pure love of flowers. Clockwisefrom top left: Angelica Archangelica; Cruel Vine Smoking (Araujia sericifera); Quince Three; Papaver Raspberry Queen. - Paul O'Donnell



Top left: A stone staircase atAsthall Manor, in the Cotswolds, England, with yew topiary cut into waves on either side. The childhood home ofwriter Nancy Milford, Astlzall draws thousands of visitors ayearwho come to see the sculptures that dot the landscape but also to take in the Bannermans' generously planted gardens. Top right: Isabel Bannerman's pigment print on bonded aluminum, Peonie Pistil, exhibits the sense of humor that infects many of her plant photographs. Bottom: The golden gate at Hanham Court.flanked by Paeonia rockii, divides theformalgarden from the openfields. In early spring, a sea of'snowdrops.fritillaria, and narcissus erupts into view on thejar side of the gate.
46 . April 2012 • GARDENDESIGN.COM

Top: The periwinkle bench in a walled garden at Hanham Court Gardens is surrounded by shocking chartreuse blooms of Euphorbia characias 'Wulfenii.' This use of esoteric euphorbia is an example of how the Bannermans play strong colors against each other and let whimsy have its day. Bottom left: Bannerman's portrait, Tree Peonie Seed Crown, evokes a crown with a cloak blowing in the wind and represents how Bannerman, in tune with many of he I'fellow plant photographers, uses black backgrounds and extreme close-ups to explore the alternative personalities of 'plants. Bottom right: Aprofusion of climbing roses atAsthall Manor, a Bannerman-designed garden in the Cotswolds, is under planted with iris.



Natural Phenomena

of Isabel's photographs. The large-scale pictures - most are 3 by 5 feet - of individual plants taken at close range include a crumpled silky flower of a poppy as big as a human head and a peony pistil the size of a squirrel. With some of the flowers dissected or petals removed, the results are eerily erotic, almost anatomical in their detail. They straddle a line between Victorian botanical specimens and contemporary abstraction. Her move into photography "was accidental, really," says Isabel. "I had always taken pictures of the garden at Hanham Court [the seven-bedroom gabled house in southwest England where the Bannermans raised their sons, Ismay, Rex, and Bertie], but they were unsatisfactory. I couldn't quite capture its spirit." She began experimenting with close-ups, shooting plants in a box lined with black velvet to provide the perfect neutral background. The photographs represent a deep bowto Karl Blossfeldt,the early 20th-century photographer whose graphic, almost architectural pictures of plants they recall (see "Plants on Film" on page 45). But unlike Blossfeldt's monochromatic palette, rich colors playa vital role in Isabel's work. "These pictures get right in there to the plant world," says Isabel. "They are more like it is, the texture and the color that you experience in the garden." "THE BUILDINGS Now Isabel and Julian are movGIVE YOU SOMEing into new projects. Four months THING TO ANCHOR ago the Bannermans sold Hanham THE PLANT TO," Court and the beautiful garden SAYS ISABEL, "AND they made there to take a 20-year THE PLANTS SOFTEN lease on Trematon, a Georgian-era THE BUILDINGS. house farther to the south and west THEY REALLY HELP in Cornwall. Owned by the Prince EACH OTHER." of Wales (he is also Duke of Cornwall), it comes complete with its own 12th-century castle in the nine-acre grounds. "The gardens are crying out to be done," says Isabel. They are already planning to have them ready for private garden tours in 2013, but what they will do with their new canvas is anyone's guess. Though they continue to refer in their gardens to Renaissance Britain and Italy, "we don't do it for nostalgic reasons," says Isabel. "It's all about good design, which our culture has provided over hundreds of years." The rich history of British gardens and country homes, in other words, is no limitation but a license to invent. At the Duke of Norfolk's estate, the seaside location and the inspiration of its earlier master, Thomas Howard (known as "the Collector"), allowed them to plant palms, bamboos, and tropical species "to make it strange and otherworldly," says Isabel, befitting the memory of an earl interested in collecting oddities. The ancient architecture guides the plantings but doesn't determine their choices. "The buildings give you something to anchor the plants to, and the plants soften the buildings," she says. "They really help each other." This sounds much like the couple's relationship when it comes to planning a garden. Having worked together for nearly 30 years, theirs is a symbiotic partnership. "It doesn't really divide up," says Isabel. "We both think in the same way."<&

is an editor at The Sunday Times of London.
48 . April 2012 • GARDENDESIGN.COM

The door is madefromgreen oak.The enclosed terrace garden outside the sitting room at Wychwood Manor is surrounded by ayew hedge with a doorway the Bannermans designed. a wood that can be carved and treated to resemble more costly stone.COM • April2012 • 49 . GARDENDESIGN.

vitality.To bring water into a living space is to invite tranquility. In this portfolio of contemporary water features. and a sublime soundtrack for contemplations large and small. Lise Funderburg basks in their reflection. wildlije. - .


a cleverly positioned underground basin collects it so it can be recirculated. where they can relax under a curving.3. Owners of this Napa Valley. 52 .: OJ :5 i:l ~ .Be III aLosA tos Hills. Thefamily-runKiftsgate Court Gardens in the English Cotswolds took a derelict tennis court surrounded by ayew hedge dating back to the 1930s and repurposed it into this contemplative water garden. home enjoy the master bedroom's terrace. By punctuating this space with a still. what is down . a 20-year-old carved limestone wellhead (still made by a Cotswolds company called Architectural Heritage) marks the center of a cruciform made of yew spires. Though the bowl's spillover appears to percolate back into the water table.a 'Sea W:hi~Pd' whilte water and zzes. Bernard Trainor + Associates echoed the curve of a concrete water bowl with a serpentine seating wall. filling the pool with Iris louisial. the water gives the cloistered room afocus and is a visual invitation to enjoy a rare moment of private contemplation. 4..and where wejind our place in it. California. England. At thejar end of the reflecting pool a sculpture made of stainless-steel rods and gilded bronze leaves sways in the breeze.COM ~ C ~ ~ ~ ~ 0 ~ i:l ~ gj is § g o . vine-covered pergola by the side of the narrow reflecting pool. home. 1. California. At the Wollerton Old Hall Garden in north Shropshire.CALMING THE WATERS The reflective surface of water asks us to reconsider the world around us . reflective surface. Lutsko Associates designed the peaceful spot. April2012 • GARDENDESIGN.: ~ ~ ~ ~ 0 ~ ~ t ~ r:: ~ :. 2.what is up.nl.

COM • Aprii2012' 53 .GARDENDESIGN.


The water extends to the edge of the patios outside each of the casita's bedrooms. all parties agreed to celebrate water as a precious commodity in the hot desert climate. When the owners of this Palm Springs. granting both guest bedrooms a sense of privacy while connecting them visually. . The reflecting pool is open and inviting while acting as a barrier that separates the main house and its lawnfrom the two-room guest casita at the corner of the property. restricting access to a narrow footpath. In a streamlined environment water can act as an extension of architecturalfeatures or a sculptural counterpoint to biomorphicforms. California.OBJECT OF DESIGN In the hands ofa talented desiqner. water accentuates the lands rhythms and topographicalpatterns. As the pool was being installed. Martino's design explores water's various forms and purposes as itfiows throughout the grounds in a large swimming pool andfive separate scupper fountains (including the one pictured at left). Martino modified the layout. adding planter islands at each end with bases made of the same limestone used in the decking. home hired Phoenix-based landscape architect Steve Martino.

April2012 • GARDENDESIGN.56 .COM .

homeowner Ann Nichols says she was on the huntfor this Doric column-shapefountain a decade before shefound it. a gentle stream runs down the center of a wide staircase that's bordered by lush swaths of lavender.COM • April 2012 ·57 . Northern California's innovative Late Show Gardens event merges design with awareness of climate change and drought. the fountain allows the afternoon sun to illuminate every drop thatfallsfrom the column'sfour edges. British interior designer Terrie Wixon Gibbs used a clipped hedge of Lonicera nitida 'Baggesen's Gold' to border her stepped rill. For aprivate residence in Somerset. Oakland. California.COOL RUNNINGS Moving water doesn'tjust add drama to outdoor settinqs. 3. At the entryway to the boutique hotel Domaine des Andeols in the south of France. California. GARDENDESIGN. Afriend told her about Little and Lewis. creating delicate sheets of light. ever-changing nature. England. garden. Designed to drip water gently rather than sending it up ingeyserlike surges. a pair of artists based on an island in Puget Sound knownfor their classically inspired concrete sculptures andfountains. 2. designer Susan Biaggi ran a stream across a dining table planted with herbs and lettuces. Gary Ratway of Integrated Designs brought a modern silhouette to a classicfountain style. For a Napa Valley. itis an affirming reminder of life's ever-evolvinq. 4. 5. using the water to irrigate the plantings before it spilled over into apebble-filled collection basin. 1. In 2009.


animated light source that reconfigures the landscape into a dramatic. elegant swimming pool. The undertaking is ambitious. the courtyard of simple concrete pads and crushed aggregate allowsfor an uncontrived connection between inside and out. . high-intensity environment. the pool is a glowing. The interior living space now extends into the refurbished landscape by means of an outdoor room anchored by a simple. which is shelteredft·om the summer's temperature extremes. In the Oak Cliff area of Dallas .HOMEWARD BOUND An increasingly popular trend is to use water as a link between a house's interior and exterior. At night. since thefeature needs to complement and enhance both environments. By day. The pool serves as thefocal pointfrom inside the house too and creates a backdrop for the courtyard. Hocker Design Groupfounder David Hocker was called on to blur the line between outside and inside living spaces.

A Los Angeles couple takes a surprising .

I '" r I I ~ " J . ~. .approach to designing their new home I .

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especially coming from a homeowner who works in real estate. A lawn wraps around one side of the house. theformal dining area." the ragged-edgedvolcaA second axis crosses in the house from the east side lawn to a semi-enclosed jewel nic schist. The building itself is full of familiar California touches: crisp lines. a Japanese maple. Outside the entryway." he says. It's intended for heavy use . familiarity with the market is precisely what made him want to focus on landscape. and is almost parklike in feel. creating a seamless transition from outdoor to indoor spaces. [At the pool] there is real water as opposed anese maple contrasts the sleek bluestone walls. a giant Burmese honeysuckle vine climbs into the eaves with abandon. but any sense of the expected disappears at the garden. A Southeast Asian lanai stands adjacent to the pool. GARDENDESIGN. a jewel box garden offers there is a clear connection between the two landscapes. waterfall. walnut floors. "There is an axis going a study in textures. this small treasure is a study in spare composition. The new house. For Kaplan. and a temporary floor is often laid over the grass for parties. hiding the street beyond. meant to evoke the five Confucian virtues. against another. framed in bamboo and ficus. and mahogany trim. who specializes in commercial and multifamily properties.COM Aprii2012 • 63 . dotted with paradise palms and bluestone benches. The through the front door and the gardens out back that ties it together."he said. To the east." When he bought the parcel in the hills above Sunset Boulevard a decade ago. Layers of big-leaf tropical plants and gingers blur this living boundary line. JEFF SPURRIER wrote "From the Roots"forGarden • Design's Jan/Feb. "I didn't want one of those properties where the house is giant and the yard is little." he says. Below the five granite boulders are meant to evoke thefive Confucian virtues. Beyond the lawn. and the base of box garden to the west of the formal dining area. a two-story modernist structure. The burble of the koi pond waterfall is a stark contrast to the Ryoan-ji-style Zen Left: Just to the west of rock garden at the entry that has a symbolic seascape drawn in gravel. At one end of the lanai.there's a trampoline for Kaplan's and his wife's three children. Kaplan decided to start from scratch by tearing down the ranch. and koi pond are bookended by twin stands of papyrus.Breaking the Rules HEN JORDAN KAPLAN sat down for his first meeting with Grant Kirkpatrick and Damon Hein of the architecture and landscape design firm KAA Design. a curving driveway cut through a lawn to reach a California ranch house set into the rear of the property. The surprises begin outside the entryway. "Elelacy silhouette of the Japments repeat at either end of the axis. 2012 issue. Where the lawn is both expanwater-tumbled Mexican riverpebbles. "I want the landscape to have as much importance and value as the house. "To give you an idea where my focus is. But for Hein. on a direct line from the front entry. the wet garden begins: a pool. Against one wall it has a soft waterfall. "I wanted them to be in proportion to each other. sits close to the street and has lines that draw the eye to a central atrium and then outto a series of distinct outdoor spaces beyond. where a bridge spans a rock garden comprised of pebbles and five granite boulders. he gave them one mandate for the gardens he wanted to build around his new home in Los Angeles' Pacific Palisades. the ficus continues around the perimeter of the curved yard. hinting at jungle. Top right: sive and wild. to the idea of water found in front of the house." It was an unusual statement in this age of house-centric design.



shell ginger (Alpinia spring. GARDENDESIGN. affection for tropical environments Asian design stems from visits to the Far East when he was a graduate shuttled between student and in years since when he in Los Angeles and Asia for business." smoothed Kirkpatrick. UCLA philosophy David Kaplan. and sometimes for the mineral tract housing as a child's play area." says Kaplan. where a large planter is home to a blue hesper palm and trailing sedum.in curving benches. KAA's former landscape "We minimized Kaplan's any distinction his own firm. the perfect topography world is a passion Kaplan developed as a child growing up in nicely of the Valley. "It's not a building and a garden." and the house as limeelse close bluest one almost everywhere walls. and craned in to carefully the rocks was as important show up throughout interior and exterior and founder at KAA. tagged. and fireplaces. took him outto the Big Tujunga Wash in the foothills For this landscape. giant birds of paradise. KAA paid homage ing in Plumeria 'Candy palms. "maybe more.' sensibilities terrestrial jasmine." he says. Kaplan says he's delighted. cleaned up. the jacaranda (Tabebuia of a mature impetiginosa) peppermint holds onto its flowers. were outside in.the heady perfume gardnerianum). His father." says Kirkpatrick. they dislodged huge stones to bring home to the family garden. corner of the lot. frequently on the Big Island's North Kona coast. At the eastern tree (Agonis fiexuosa) lobster claw (Helieonia (mimosifolia) der. of the design team made several trips to the Mojave 395. the He often combined work trips with familyvacations Hawaii. "But we are in Caliselected spots. managed to escape its cement enclosures. director between who now runs the two." he recalls. challenges. among others. the gnarled trunk as an art piece. a green entryway.Breaking the Rules tree lies a three-ton piece of volcanic schist. slightly. as choosing the plants. looking for just the right rocks to truck in. Using pry bars in the San Fernando Valley. especially to such a large lawn. roaming Kaplan and members quarries made of scavenged truck axles. while even late in August the pink trumpet offers a kid-friendly climbing perch. "Choosing materials stone in patios and stairs and Pennsylvania . went along on one of the dawn patrol trips to the the garden desert. "So often wants to run to CD and then the homeowner Home Depot for plants." 66 . Kaplan was one of those rare clients whose priorities is left until afterward. Desert. Even with maintenance the landscape Out front the bamboo yet in the process has For KAA. split in half quartz. doing well Top left: A low wall separates the lanaifrom the outdoor kitchen.sometimes jewel box garden. "Jordan gets landscape architecture." and with a sense of flow. sehiedeana). Plantings of tall papyrus and clumped mondo grass soften the precision of the hardscaping's geometric lines and perpendicular angles. Some of the tropicals in the shade but the water has to be carefully monitored. as in the for Tonka toys. An professor The garden's appreciation landscaped most distinctive theme is the use of rock . by bringorchids. dron. Mineral a principal to apply to the garden. has grown almost into a living genkan. were pulled out. Maintaining a tropical garden in Los Angeles can be tricky. are understory material. Right: Pennsylvania bluestone walls edge the seating cluster adjacent to the dining area. lawn is dotted ger (Hedyehium multicolor throughout and philoden- The evergreen wall around the year with color when of kahili gindelicate pink buds of along with the meaty. In late tree explodes in laven- the gingers bloom . sometimes remote off Highway The selections "The Pacific island theme was supposed fornia' and I liked the boulders. April 2012 . at the Four Seasons Hualalai resort to those Stripe. says to expose a vein of yellow-white The house was designed Hein.COM . zerutnbet).

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How can consumers make better decisions when purchasing flowers? Ask where the flowers were grown. too. the resulting designs are highly seasonal and incredibly beautiful.COM . In the offseason. Most eco-designers refuse to work with floral foam since it's not biodegradable. outdoor living expert Debra Prinzing. Local and Sustainable Flowers (St. 2012 . What is the slow flower movement? While the culinary world is exploding with farm-to-table chefs. When florists make the important connection with a flower farmer. not just a way to shop for groceries. April tips for the ForThe 50 Mile Bouquet. GARDENDESIGN. with photographer David Perry. Recycled vases are popular. sustainable. We asked Prinzing to preview some of the book's big ideas. The 50 Mile Bouquet: Seasonal. these designers stabilize flower stems with greener methods. there is an exciting revolution among floral designers who care about the field-to-vase journey. Are you seeing a rise in green techniques among florists? Yes. documents farmers and "ceo-designers" around the United States who work with local. like intricate twig armatures or bunched-up chicken wire. similarly. In her book.and.NOTEBOOK Local Colors Flower-buying footprint-conscious has become an overarching mind-set. Lynn's Press). learn to identify floral ingredients in your own backyard! . Debra Prinzing and David Perry spent three years touring the country documenting the true allies of green floral design: small flower farmers. sustainable flowers. of course.Anna Watson Carl BUYING LOCAL 68 . Seek out growers at farmers' markets. Instead.

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Most pumps require electricity.Notebook It's surprisinglyeasyto rigup a fountain in your garden or on a deck. this 700-pound Rough Millstone fountain comes predrilled for water lines. ~ stoneforest. . The Wet Set qarden-jountains. ($1. ($950. and pebbles are sold separately.Lise Funderburg GreatPlanes With its clean lines and generous 36-inch width. and it ships for free to anywhere in the continental US. Just fill the basin once. so be sure extension cords are rated for outdoors. and if winter temperatures in your area dip below freezing. You can order the Americanmade X3 in one ofl2 finishes. Better still. thanks to the widely available array of recirculating pumps that eliminate the need for underground pipes. then top it off every now and again. that's not a bad deal.comi .comi Weighty Wonder Hand-carved from beige granite in New Mexico. The installation kit. With the X3 weighing in at 500-plus pounds. you'll probably want to drain and cover the fountain. the cast concrete X3 Fountain makes a bold statement in any landscape. submersible pump. set it up inside your home and enjoy it year-round.150.

Elegant shade systems for outdoor living spaces fOntheBall The cast limestone Eclipse fountain weighs only 57 pounds and is less than 12 inches tall. LLC 6317 Busch Blvd· Dept. odd-shaped.800.2523 Columbus. ($4.CharlestonGardens. which is on the grounds of the 66-acre Hampton Court Palace garden in England. ShadeIree" Canopies cover small. or LARGE areas .extends over 23'! (no pitch required). • Canopies adapt to your structure. allisonarmour. it works alone or in a grouping.us) Charleston Gardens® HOME AND GARDEN COLLECTION Free Catalog 800-469-0118 www.120. FREE "Shade Ideas" Catalog 888-317-4233 www. com) Turn your hot deck or patio into a cool "outdoor room"! • Unlike traditional awnings. or use our aluminum or vinyl supports and pergolas. ($244. haddonstone. ($7.COM • Aprii2012' 71 . • Over 40 fashionable outdoor fabrics guaranteed not to fade. which then pools in a5-footwide steel dish.shadetreecanopies. OH 43229 fGlobal Charming A hidden pump sends gentle streams of water down the sides of the 2-foot-tall Aqualens acrylic sphere. The sphere can also be illuminated.com GARDENDESIGN. so you can move it easily from a patio to a tabletop. authenticprovence.net Featuring aluminum & vinyl pergolas ShadeTree'Cool Living. Available in five colors.com) NobleLineage -7 The cast -lead Wakefield wall fountain features a garlanded ram's head and is an exact copy of the original.

As an added bonus. tansy." he says. "they foster a perfect environment for beneficial insects. nasturtium.friendly solutions. or beetles . director of horticulture at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.we. recommends oil-based sprays. April2012 • GARDENDESIGN. The added color and fragrance aren't bad either." says JackAlgiere of Stone Barns Center in Pocantico Hills. But what if pesky insects -like aphids. or an organic soap mixed with water. CompanionP1Wlts-7 "Flowering plants like marigold. Algiere suggests spraying plants with brewed teas made from such herbs as chamomile or chrysanthemum root. All-NaturalSprays -7 Mark Fisher." -A." says Algiere. Also. eco. and praying mantises. be on the lookout for pests "before you see damage to your plants. "They do the work for you. mites. such as Sunspray. California. New York.Notebook PestsAway Prevention is key to organic pest controL Start by "creating a healthy growing environment. ladybugs." advises Peter Jacobsen of Jacobsen Orchards in Yountville. and many species of wildflowers help to deter insects from [vegetable] crops. Benejiciallnsects -7 Fisher keeps pests under control by introducing natural predators such as tiny parasitoid wasps.or powdery mildew won't go away? Try these expert-recommended.COM ." he says of the miniature SWAT team. 72 . "These guys get in and seek out the insects you want to control.

www.com BOTANIC GREENHOUSE Innovative solutions for pergolas.com 251 WALPOLE 131 HARTlEY English manufacturers of bespoke horticultural glasshouses for over 70 years.00 per year. Fla. September/October. Jack Chandler (chandler2. Buy Rob Platte!'s book.uk).encoreazalea. contact Circulation Department. Walpole has brought style to outdoor areas with handcrafted arbors.COM • Aprii2012' 73 . specialty and commercial shade umbrellas.com). architectural cast stone.co. metal. Muse. $39. little andlewis. rondaoutdoors . founded on the principle of truly classic design.treasuregarden.corn).com) and John Scheepers (860/5670838. www. www. www. brentandbeckysbulbs .com). GROW Purchase daffodil bulbs from Brent and Becky's Bulbs (877/661-2852. cast from antique originals.com WOODWORKERS Since 1933. If you do not want to receive these offers. hotels.com).carrruthstudio. New York. Made of the finest quality western red cedar Custom pergolas also available.com) store at 561 Post Road E. 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Natural Kh. joh nscheepers. please enclose your current subscription label.com).com 171 SHADETREE An attractive and flexible way to cover your deck or patio with large retractable shade.. 2 Park Avenue. Purchase Isabel's photographs through Park Walk Gallery (jonathan cooper . we make portions of our subscriber list available to carefully screened companies that offer products and services we think might be of interest to you. www.stonemanorlighting.500 for $15) from Orcan (323/937-7444. Box 8500. and more.tuscanimports. please advise us at 386-447-2491. © Copyright 2012. trueresidential. stevemartino. sbiaggi . Kew. NOTEBOOK Order a copy of The 50 Mile Bouquet ($18. columns. www.ythms ($85. For organic pest control.95 for one year.com. pizza ovens.com.com POSTAL INFORMATION GARDEN DESIGN. Buy a copy of Karl Blossfeldt's Urformen der Kunst ($35. and Tom Stuart-Smith (www . FL 32789.fifthroom. 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EDITORIAL: Send correspondence to Editorial Department.com). door surrounds.com 51 CARRUTH STUDIO American Made Artwork from the studio of George Carruth cast in stone from original sculptures. Purchase Rotoluxe's glowing planters at rotoluxe .com. steps.com). Style.klynchandsons. Shop for outdoor refrigerators at Ronda Outdoors (855/7663287. Palm Coast. Stocked items and custom design solutions. May. We welcome all editorial submissions but assume no responsibility for the loss or damage of unsolicited material. Tim Clarke. Number 179 (ISSN 0733-4923). www. cabinets. furniture. Surface Design Inc. with the product range endorsed by the Royal Botanic Garden. Ryland. sundials.: $23. Winter Park. Box 420235.com. LIQUIDASSETS To see more from the designers featured.co. Winter Park.O. Order The Natural Home by Hans Blomquist ($30.00 per year. NY 10016.com 31 161 KENNETH 41 Decorative fiberglass planters for homes.000 options for all your outdoor needs. Libri) from Powell's Books. 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Lucy Redman (Iucyredman . 111 HADDONSTONE 231 TUSCAN 241 VINTAGE 121 HANOVER DOORS Handcrafted solid wood doors that will make your home stand out from all the restl www.haddonstone.com. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to GARDEN DESIGN. July/August.co. Andy Sturgeon (andysturgeon . The contents of this publication may not be reproduced in whole or in part without consent of the copyright owner. at timclarkeinc. Suite 200.com.com. www.com CAPITAL GARDEN PRODUCTS SERVICE 141 JOHN SCHEEPERS Bring the special beauty of bulbs to your gardens with the best Dutch flower bulbs at the best prices.bambooandrattan.com is an online 20 I SUMMER 81 CLASSICS A manufacturer of fine garden furnishings. refrigeration.barlowtyrie. summer. Phone: 407-571-4798.gloster. e-mail: gardendesign@ bonniercorp.corn). your garden and your family.com ARCHITECTURAL Products Hanover" Architectural Products has been producing the highest quality concrete pavers. Connecticut. fence. 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adjustable to any speed or ability. Grandmother's favorite double pinks to the most recent introductions of huge. Request a Free Idea Kit to discover our full line of pools and swim spas for virtually any budget or location. each carefully chosen for its reliability.endlesspools. water aerobics. and yellow peonies from Peony Paradise. unique. inspirational ONLY $S. Among the 1. At Claytonhill Greenhouse we're building growing environments are for people too. delicious peony blooms to delight you in late Spring. Please call or visit our website for more information.com timhill@claytonhill.com designs. This year. Choose from a broad collection of plaques. and ability to bring designs to life. Our and these beautiful get the attention they deserve with designs based on individual growing needs. an Endless Pool is simple to maintain.carruthstudio.peonyparadise. Known for his originality.600+ gardening-related hard-to-find backed by our well-known 800-683-8170 www.9S for the first item and $l/additional 800-225-1178 www. ideal for exercise. 817-516-0045 www. quality.leevalley.com info@peonyparadise.com products. Shipping design to same address. Free full color print catalog. and no-nonsense guarantee. Endless Pools® . salmon. pet designs. and family fun. items. economical to run. we've assembled our finest collection ever.SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION Adelman Peony Gardens Rare coral. 6777 www. Just 8'x1S'. statuary. Easy care plants that love cold climates. recreation.com/6777 CARRUTH 'STUDIO _l CALL 407-571-4772 ENDLESS SWIMMING POOLS" MACHINES TO ADVERTISE. Each piece is cast in stone from an original sculpture offering years of pleasure outdoors or in. you'll find a bumper crop of new.Swim at Home™ Swim at home against a smooth current. and Claytonhill greenhouses customers structures Greenhouse Building the finest quality custom since 19B5. .com Lee Valley Garden Tools Catalog We search the globe to find the best products for our annual Lee Valley Garden Tools catalog. and easy to install inside or out. 503-393-6185 www. personalized designs. George Carruth.claytonhill.com for plants that From the Studio of George Carruth American-made gifts from the collection of nationally renowned sculptor. detail. 800-233-0741 ext. and more. and value.

us allison@allisonarmour. and Prices starting from $7. and gates in the highest grade of western red cedar are available on our website and in our catalog. 800-649-6920. design for unique and traditional styles of Custom solutions through thoughtful pergolas to suit your individual needs. trellises. Each piece is We ship our living designed as it is ordered and no two pieces will be identical. www.com MD 21710 Botanic Gifts Botanic Gifts unites nature with the art of design for modern living showpieces.com LILYPONS WATER GARDENS. contemporary corporate and fountains designed by award-winning designer Allison Armour.us We ship nationwide. 800-999-5459 www. . garden sculptures.lilypons.trellisstructures. Trellis Structures Setting the standards for excellence. Allison's fountains hotels. Our blooming terrariums masterpieces are exclusive designs of Botanic Gifts. for catalog www. 805-450-6422 www.000. or request our free catalog! Lilypons Water Gardens 6800 Lily Pons Road Adamstown.SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION Allison Armour Water features. All pieces are individually made to order using materials such as stainless steel and acrylic. ~ boto CALL 407-571-4772 TO ADVERTISE. visit our gardens.com trellis s . Also. We are here to help you create the water garden of your dreams. Getting started is easysimply visit us on the web.com sales@trellisstructures. • u c . nationwide with safe delivery guaranteed.allisonarmour. call us on the phone. U • l" Serenity for Sale Imagine coming home to your own tranquil oasis! You deserve it. headquarters. have been installed around the world in private homes. Call us at 888-285-4624 to discuss your ideas for your outdoor living space. a full range of arbors.botanicgifts. restaurants.com Sales@botanicgifts.

Be Cool. garden gates. and wood. louver. space into a sun and rain protected comfort at the touch of a button. porch panels. or contractor . folding like a roman shade. creeping oregano.shadefx. and Make your home stand out from the rest with handcrafted. Transform your outdoor living outdoor living area with three-season from factory direct pricing and uncompromising Only ShadeFX'" covers areas up to 40' long and 20' wide with one retractable canopy that mounts below or above the rafters. CALL 407-571-4772 . to asphalt and Tuscan Garden Works Benches Arches Gazebos Swings Window boxes Patio furniture Trellises Bridges Arches with gates Pergolas Hanging Swings Shutters Bar stools Custorn iron work and durability.tuscangardenworks. and plantable. pet doors. shape. with Drivable Grass" flexible. 800-787-2001 www.soilretention. parking areas. French.com TO ADVERTISE. designer. Dutch.IU ishadeFK CAHO'IU Drivable Grass® Make your neighbors green with envy! Easy to install and aesthetically Drivable Grass" provides an environmentally friendly alternative poured concrete while offering the same strength pleasing. Drivable Grass? is the solution for driveways.VintageDoors. Specify ShadeFX'" to your architect.com IfTlACJ. quality that's sure to last a and much more.com in any size. Free Catalog. doors only from Vintage Doors' From entry to interior. pathways. Make your outdoor living lifestyle a reality. Made-to-order lifetime.. screen/storm doors. it's your choice 800-346-7995 www. and be cool.com I using scented thyme. or colored crushed stone as an infill. Permeable.com cs@vintagedoors.SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION Vintage Doors solid wood Get ShadeFX. and patios. Benefit designed to attach to new and existing pergolas.com 800-698-0535 www.tuscangardenworks. 905-528-4448 www. See our online catalogue on www. three-season That's because Shadef X'" is retractable. Explore your opportunities With Drivable Crass". design.

com John Scheepers Beauty from Bulbs Bring the special beauty of bulbs to your family's garden from our vast collection of the best Dutch flower bulbs and herbaceous peonies at the best prices. a world-famous grower of garden-tested USA grown bulbs since 1978. its blossoms begin creamy white but turn pink.com or call 1-800-5039624 and request item 563149 in a 1-gallon pot for $29.com suzbamboo@verizon.s. 800-334-4115 www. Includes an intuitive wine glass holder. Oregon.com customerservice@johnscheepers. contact www. Voted top plant for 2010.kitchengardenseeds. Bamboo & Rattan Works has been family-owned -operated for five generations. with features and equipment to meet your unique gardening needs and can be shipped all over the U. custom. 800-503-9624 www.B&D Lilies B&D Lilies. Perfectly reclined and substantially oversized for optimal comfort. 800-4-BAMBOO www. free catalogue or visit us on the web.BambooAndRattan.com. greenhouse photos. fencing. takes the guesswork out of choosing the best performing full-color lily bulbs for your personal location with their Spring 2012 Catalog & Reference Guide.com lilygarden@bdlilies.com Bamboo Fencing & More Established in 1880.vanengelen.johnscheepers.com or call for a catalogue. TO ADVERTISE. and then strawberry red or even burgundy. what would Spring be without the Kitchen Garden Seeds at 860-567-6086 or www.95. or oriental and much more. After all. Van Engelen at 860-567-8734 or Offer For gourmet vegetable. Visit our website for a color catalogue. as well as bamboo poles. The simple act of planting plump bulbs on a sunny fall afternoon easy magic of flower bulbs? For our wholesale price list. To order. Call us for a Sturdi-built Greenhouse Manufacturing We've been making beautiful and glass greenhouse Each is customized redwood kits in Portland. code: GD30.com sturdi@sturdi-built. roof thatching.net and We offer stock. CALL 407-571-4772 .whiteflowerfarm. request a catalog today! 360-765-4341 www. herb. tropical.bdlilies. for more than 50 years. plus shipping. visit whiteflowerfarm. Cheers! 877-740-3387 lolldesigns.sturdi-built. contact will bring your family years of gorgeous flowers.com John Scheepers White Flower Farm Light up your landscape with the colorful flowers of Hydrangea Vanilla Strawberry".com. 860-567-0838 www.SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION Free Catalog . and flower seeds.com Loll Designs The new Loll Lago. For glorious blooms this summer in your garden. Serving America's finest gardens since 1908. and information.

2012.jerith. CALL 407-571-4772 . 781-489-5878 www. Experience for yourself why we are different.com Garden Design School Exceptional World-Class Teaching. filling ponds. graduates May 1. lightweight. Interconnecting 75-gallon tanks sunlight-stable made of super-thick. visit Crescent are durable. its products and easy to install.com Meet the principal tutors and by reserving your place at our Open House on March 21 or landscape design program led and instructed British designers. as steel but will never rust.crescentgarden.com are available. Rainwater Harvesting Weatherproof Planters Crescent Garden offers the widest variety of design and color in rotationalmolded weatherproof Garden online. Free full-color catalogues 800-532-9545 www. and sizes.S.rainwatertechnology. easy-togrow hybrid daylilies in a rainbow of colors. Every Day.com info@gardendesignschool. A unique and inspirational internationally Massachusetts. To view catalogue.SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION "Everything But The Water" Pond biz. is committed to providing the very prices.oakesdaylilies. 877-766-3249 www.com Oakes Daylilies Your trusted source for America's perfect perennial! Choose from more than 400 varieties of hardy. Made in the U. Our RainBox system filters and stores rainwater for irrigating gardens. These beautiful fences are available in a variety of colors and styles that add prestige to any property. with a Lifetime Warrantyl 800-344-2242 www. Most items ship within 24 hours.com sales@conservationtechnology. best service and competitive Check out our huge selection of pond supplies and aquatic plants on our web site or at our Southern California retail store.gardendesignschool.com planters. 800-477-7724 www. 877-477-0027 www. plastic offer high-volume storage.com/ED GAROEN DESIGN SCHOOL sales@jerith.com sales@pondbiz.com TO ADVERTISE. We send huge. freshly dug plants that are big enough to bloom the first year. Backed by a 10-year warranty. We also offer surface and underground systems capable of recycling all of the rainwater from a home or commercial building.pondbiz. of wrought iron without the They are as strong Commencing August 2012 at Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston. by recognized professional Maintenance-Free Fencing Jerith Aluminum Fences offer the elegance and protection traditional maintenance. a family operated business.com customerservice@crescentgarden. and washing automobiles. shapes.

these planters are built to endure the elements.com info@floriangreenhouse.com info@oxfordgarden. Sign up now for the Cobre monthly enewsletter and receive a 2S%-off coupon toward your first purchase. grass lawns and conventional moss has never been easier! 866-GET-MOSS www.com Your Love of Gardening is No Longer Seasonal.com/gd Plug. and have been fairly traded since 1994. and bowls are perfect for flower arrangements and as gifts for special occasions. Copper handcrafted copper vases. low-maintenance alternative live moss.com The only thing better than cooking old world pizzas at home is not having to wait to do it. a great guarantee. living space without professional You can even add it to your outdoor Start a pizza night tradition Call or visit our website with installation. Our hassle-free. your family or entertain guests as they explore their own pizza creations. with no transplant shock. to shade Moss has fast become a desirable. Featuring slatted bottoms to allow for water to drain. Play.oxfordgarden. Bluestone Perennials Specialists in growing and shipping fine perennials for over 40 yearsl Bluestone now offers over 1. With Moss Acres.com Moss Acres The tranquil beauty of moss is now a reality for your garden. and the best customer service in the business. Cobre products are made from reclaimed copper. With a standard or custom greenhouse from Florian. Request your free color catalog today! 800-852-5243 www.bluestoneperennials. Call1-BOO-FLORIAN today and receive your free quotation 800-356-7426 www. cachepots. creating a distinct presence and lasting beauty for your garden. for more information. online quoting system will allow you to design and budget your greenhouse in just minutes. 877-866-3331 www. Modern design allows the Artisan Fire Pizza Oven to quickly reach the optimal BOO'F cooking temperature.com TO ADVERTISE.ecobre.SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION Oxford Garden Planter Collection Oxford Garden planters embody the extraordinary craftsmanship and graceful design of the flowers you put in them. 503-248-1111 www. gardening. CALL 407-571-4772 .com bluestone@bluestoneperennials. Perfect pizza. growing Handcrafted Vessels These beautifully vessels. Don't wait to experience instant pizza gratification.mossacres.000 varieties grown in 100% biodegradable coconut fiber pots ready to plant.KalamazooGourmet. your love for gardening is no longer seasonal. We ship four varieties of ready-to-plant.floriangreenhouse. Great plants. are earth-friendly. 800-868-1699 www.com and color brochure. Visit our website today and create a greenhouse that fits your personal gardening needs.

MUSE " CROCUS CHRYSANTHUS 'GYPSY GIRL' This photo was taken at my home in Northern England.COM . They caught my eye as the morning sun glanced across my garden and lit up their delicately patterned outer petals. while droplets of moisture could still be seen clinging to the flowers and the breeze had not yet disturbed the tranquility of this little group. Often we view flowers from a standing position. early in the morning. but by getting low down. a totally different view greets us. April2012 • GARDENDESIGN." Photograph by James Guilliam 80 .

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