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Faculty Development Evaluations

Andrew J. Saltarelli

Quantitative Evaluations (average across many workshops/attendees):

Workshop Evaluations 1. This session stimulated me to think about new concepts of to see old concepts in a new way. 2. The quality of materials presented were informative and helpful. 3. I now know enough about this topic to engage colleagues in a conversation about it. 4. This session was present well. 5. I will be able to use what I have learned from this session in the future. Consultation Evaluations 1. The staff was TIMEL Y in responding to my request(s). 2. I was treated in a POLITE and courteous manner. 3. The staff offered suggestions and/or information of HIGH QUALITY . 4. The staff was able to make my project even BETTER THAN I had PROPOSED. 5. The VALUE of the service I received WAS GREATER than or equal to the price that I paid for that service. 1= strong disagree, 5 = strong agree 5.0 5.0 4.92 4.67 4.95 1= strong disagree, 5 = strong agree 4.80 4.62 4.43 4.60 4.61

Qualitative Evaluations (what was best about this workshop?):

Got us thinking about new options and ideas to work with and engage students presented innovative models for considering problems great model, well presented, glad to see an application piece The resources provided and critical thinking opportunity regarding technology use in the classroom. the group work was very helpful building from a problem to the best practice interactive component so we know what to do. it was great maybe one more session to develop courses even more! I liked that everything flowed logically from theory to practice new technology presented in a comfortable, friendly way very good introduction, good discussion of pedagogy.. presenters very good, competent, helpful