CDC Grantees Securing Legislative



Executive Office of the Governor of Delaware o " sponsorship of bill... ,Ji

$ 1 million CDC Grant


Iowa Department of Public Health - $600 thousand CDC Grant


"...Two legislative representatives session ... ,,/I

agreed to sponsor bill in upcoming


Hawaii Department of Health - $430 thousand CDC Grant


"...obtained support from three (3) lawmakers to introduce future legislation ... "iii


County of St. Louis - $7.5 million CDC Grant


"...Identified a County Council member willing to introduce amendments strengthen the County's smokefree ordinance ... JJiv
of Public Health - $794 thousand CDCGrant



Colorado Department o
11 ...

secured bill sponsors for legislation ... J,v

CDCGrantees Lobby to Introduce Legislation
• Executive Office of the Governor of Delaware - $1 million CDC Grant


"...Community stakeholders developed and introduced a bill.: "vi

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services - $891 thousand CDC Grant o "...FTIbill introduced January 2011 & passed in the house & senate ...bill introduced & had committee hearing in House ... "vII

Nevada Department of Health and Human Services - $560 thousand CDC Grant o "...Iegis/atlon is being introduced ...Legis/ation is being proposed to codify the

WeI/ness School Policy ... "vlll
• New York Health Research, Inc, - $3 million CDC Grant o "...Iegislation for calories posting in chain restaurants and banning trans fat in all restaurants was introduced in both houses, 2) the soda tax was included in the governor's budget, but has not yet been adopted by the legislature ... /lix

New York Fund for Public Health - $15.5 million CDC Grant o " ...Council Member Gail Brewer introduced legislation ... "x

Philadelphia Department of Public Health - $10.4 million CDCGrant o "...Drafted 2 pieces of legislation ... To be introduced to City Council in Fall

2010 ... lJxl

Through City Council, we have introduced an ordinance ..." xII

CDCGrantees lobby for Tax Increases
• Philadelphia Department of Public Health - $10.4 million CDCGrant


"campaign for a 2 cent per ounce tax on sugar sweetened beverages (levied on retailers) ...came up one vote short in the City Council" xIII "Seek to implement a two-cent per ounce excise tax on sugar-sweetened beverages in Philadelphia ... "xlv


Cook County Department of Public Health - $15.9 million CDCGrant o "...Hearing held on Sugar Sweetened Beverages Excise Tax. Educated policy makers on fink between SSBs and obesity, economic impact of an SSB tax, and importance of investing revenue into prevention ... "xv

King County, Washington - $15.5 million CDCGrant o "...Nutrition standards in government activities and in govt. funded community settings (especially childcare) ...Economic policies to change price of unhealthy food relative to healthy food (especially soda tax) ... "xvi' "...Changing relative prices of healthy vs. unhealthy items by exploring the


feasibility of enacting city privilege tax or fee on sugar sweetened beverages ... "xvII
• Jefferson County Department of Health - $7 million CDCGrant o

"promote the passage of a tobacco excise tax by the Alabama state legislature. "xviii

Executive Office of the Governor of Delaware - $1 million CDC Grant o

"seek sponsorship of bill that increases excise tax on other tobacco products ... meetings with policy makers ...Stakeholders developed and introduced a bill for Tax equity on OTP products. This bill was tabled."


Nevada Department of Health and Human Services - $560 thousand CDCGrant


"Legislation is proposed to increase the tax on all tobacco products ...working with the Nevada State Legislature on the proposed legislation ... "xx

New York Health Research, Inc. - $3 million CDC Grant o

"educate leaders and decision-makers about, and promote the effective implementation of 1) a statewide calories posting requirement for chain restaurants, 2) a ban on the sale of items containing trans fat, and 3) a tax to substantially increase the price of beverages containing caloric sweetener ... I/xxl

City of Chicago - $11.5 million CDCGrant o

"urging the General Assembly to adopt legislation that would increase the cigarette tax by $1 per pack ... "xxii

CDCGrantees Lobbying for Local, State, and Federal Laws and Policies
• Los Angeles Department of Health - $16 million CDCGrant


"...Enacted moratorium on new drive-throughs In City of Baldwin Park ... JJXxlil The Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved a proposal that would prohibit new fast-food restaurants in Council Districts 8 and 9 in South L.A. for at least 1 year. This work complements the leadership team from Los Angeles ... "xxiv
II ...

Maine Department of Health and Human Services - $430 thousand CDC Grant o

"conduct[] media work on menu labeling project with various partners to pave the way for federallegislation.IIK/iV

Denver Health and Hospital Authority - $610 thousand CDCGrant o

"To decrease tobacco use and exposure, we will work with multi-unit housing complexes to reduce secondhand smoke exposure, improve enforcement taxllK/ivl of tobacco retailing laws, work to increase the tobacco sales

Colorado Department of Public Health - $794 thousand CDC Grant o

"The Board adopted a resolution asking that these products not be test marketed or advertised in Colorado; urging FDA to take action on dissolvables; and urging the state legIslature to tax dissolvables like other tobacco products ... Finally, Steamboat Springs became the first municipality in Colorado to pass a retail license ordinance ... JJxxvll

Michigan Department of Community Health - $1.3 million CDCGrant o

"utilize state-wide legislative policy and environmental implement the Michigan Nutrition Standards ... f/xxvlll

change to

Washington State Department of Health - $3.3 million 2011 CTG grant o

"Increased local control (preemption) of tobacco marketing and taxation ...Support legislation that repeals preemption of tobacco marketing" and "Local coalitions seek sponsors for local marketing ordinances in 10 cities/ counties.

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2010 3rd Quarter Report - $15.5 million grant BOH mtg Attachment A Update Communities Putting Prevention


Work 09.pdf xii!pages/ReclpientProjectSummaryS08.aspx?Awar dl DSUR=94241&qtr=2010Q3 XlJl Work 09.pdf xlv BOH mtg Attachment CPPW PPT.pdf A Update Communities Putting p'revention

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dldSur=99079&AwardType=Grants xxll http://www .Iungch icago .org/site/fi les/4B 7/94205/333 783/S2900S/Sm xxIII 010 2nd Quarter Report - L.A. $16 million CPPW grant 2 Fhsc%2Fhdspinstitute%2F2010%2Fsessionsummaries%2Fpresentations%2FWI<4 BAyN4EGpAI8hPu9ng XXVhttp://www .recovery .gov!Tra nspa rency!Reci pientReported rdIDSUR",91756&qtr;:2010Q3

ke Free Law Pop u!a rity, pdf '

xXIVhttp://www,!url?sa=t&source,,,web&cd=l&ved=OCBcQFjAA&url; Payne ac.pptx&ei",pqqQTezyDIPpOgHKhLWcCw&usg=AFQjCNFD2PMcfpAnt Data/pages/Red pient ProjectS u m ma ry50B.aspx7 Awa

xXVihttp://denverhea ad.pdf

Ith .org/Porta

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