Click on the Schedule 1 tab.

Click on Cell C1 arrow and select the benzodiazepine that you will be tapering.

Click on Cell C3. Enter how much of your Benzo in milligrams you were taking at the start of your taper.

Click on Cell C4. Enter how much of your Benzo in milligrams you are currently taking as of today.

Click on Cell C5. Enter the date that you would like to start your taper.

Click on Cell C6. Enter the amount of your benzo in milligrams that you will be consuming in dry form.

Click on Cell C7. Enter how much of your Benzo in milligrams you will be titrating in water.

Click on Cell C8. This is the amount of water you will be using to titrate. Enter various values and watch the numbers on the spreadsheet change until your 2wk Valium mg drop is 1mg or less. *Watch that the 2 week % drop doesn’t go above 10%

*Watch that the % drop daily doesn’t go above 1%

*These are basic conservative guidelines. *You may use any or all of these indicators to determine your initial taper rate.

*Verify 2 week Valium mg drop is approximately 1mg or less.

Click on Cell C9. This is how many milliliters you will be removing each day. Change this number to either a value of 1 or 2.

Click on Cell C10. Enter yes to display dates and no to leave dates blank.

Note that the dry mg has been reduced from .5mg to 0mg. This is because each schedule titrates one dissolve dose.

Click on Schedule 2 tab.

Click on Cell C8 and modify the water value to match the value on schedule 1 or you can increase it to slow the taper down.

Click on Cell C9 and modify the milliliter increment to a value of 1 or 2.

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