INTRODUCTION Filipino parents value education as one of the most important legacies they can impart to their children

. They believe that having a better education opens opportunities that would ensure a good future and eventually lift them out of poverty. Thus, they are willing to make enormous sacrifices to send their children to school (Dolan 1991, De Dios 1995, LaRocque 2004). However, with a poor family’s severely limited resources, education tends to be less prioritized over more basic needs such as food and shelter. Hence, the chances of the family to move out of poverty are unlikely. It is therefore, important that the poor be given equitable access to education. (Education Outcomes in the Philippines Dalisay S. Maligalig, Rhona B. Caoli-Rodriguez, Arturo Martinez, Jr., and Sining Cuevas No. 199 | May 2010) There have been countless efforts to improve the quality of education in the Philippines. Most of these efforts were put into trash due to varying factors, one which is that the country cannot provide essential materials to support its moves towards attaining quality education. These materials would include textbooks, papers, pencils, pen, etc. In low-income districts, school supplies are a luxury that many classrooms go without. The children of today’s generation deserve to have access to the school supplies needed to learn. They should be surrounded by good books, convenient supplies, and the materials necessary to conduct projects and experiments. Students who aren't given the necessary school supplies (such as an up-to-date math book, a working calculator, and plenty of paper) can become frustrated and have a difficult time in class. Readily available school supplies let students and teachers focus on what's really important: learning. In the present, to provide accessible and affordable schools/office supplies, cooperatives in the country were activated to work on this cause. Primarily, cooperatives existed to extend help to the society where it belongs, and in respond to the increasing demand of school/office supplies, it provides great benefits to members regarding this basic need for learning. Cooperatives need to evaluate this offering to its members in order to achieve its goals and objectives. This feasibility study will provide detailed analysis of demand and supply of school/office supplies of a particular cooperative leading to the establishment of a school and office supplies store.

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