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The research study focuses on the proper usage and care of tropical forest or forest conservation of a certain barangay in boac,marinduque.It is the beauty and wonder of wilderness in small patches of tropical forest that caught the researchers interest,thus presenting the idea of conducting a research study for it. The study also sought to determine the level of peoples awareness on the rapid decline of the environment and how do people react toward the situation. Specifically,this study aimed to answer the following questions: 1)Would the environmental change lead to destruction? 2)Are the tropical forest on small far-off barangays being cared for properly? 3)How do people respond to the rapid disappearing of tropical forest? 4)Can we still do something to save our tropical forest? 5)What are the solutions to be made? The researcher present data gathered and evaluation to determine the exact answer to the above questions based on the research findings in the part of RESEARCH AND DISCUSSION.

This chapter discuss the methods of research that was employed in this studyas well as the sources of data that was used in presenting the gathered information about the conservation of small patches of tropical forest on Brgy.Santol. Descriptive method of research was employed in this study.This method is appropriate to present the results of this study in which the perceptions and opinions of the respondents are the one being solicited. The primary sources of data used in this study were questionnaires and unstructed interviews in order to get information related to the study.The researcher used fifty(50) respondents which composed of the barangay residents aging from 27yrs/o to 64yrs/o. This study also used secondary sources of data such as books,newspapers,journals and internet.