Isaac Porter

Isaac Carthen Porter, better known as The Green Ghost on the football field, is a Running Back, Wide Receiver, Defensive Back, Forward safety and Return Specialist for the Reno Barons. Porter realized a passion for football the second he stepped onto the field as a young child. He looks up to God and his parents and is constantly inspired knowing that whatever he does on the football field inspires other kids to do the same and accomplish their goals. Isaac plans to remain a positive role model in his family’s life and attend school to be a sports therapist when his football career comes to an end. A family business is also in the mix. Porter is the recipient of several awards as a player for the Reno Barons in 2004 including League MVP, Best Running Back, Offensive Player of the Year, All-State Running Back, All-State Defensive Back and All-State Sprinter. In 2011 Porter was named Reno Barons MVP

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Year Year

2002 2002 2003 2003 2004 2004

Carries Yards Carries Yards
140 140 165 165 225 225

1000 1000 1203 1203 2500 2500


7.14 7.14 7.29 7.29 10.85 10.85

12 12 8 8 29 29

Reno Barrons Stats Reno Barrons Stats
13 Interceptions 4 Interceptions for Touch Down 5 Kick Returns for Touch Down 1 Receiving Touch Down 47 Tackles

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