Shetland life

Der mair as troots i da burn da nicht No 378 April 2012 £2.30

Special spring issue with grub, grandparents and greylag geese
Founding editor passes away
James R Nicolson, founding editor of Shetland Life, died last month. He made an enormous contribution to Shetland culture through his many books and his wide-ranging journalism, which included his He’s getting married editorship of The Shetland Fishing this month. A somewhat News. See tributes inside. more substantial Dave Clark than the one pictured tells a Inside CLAN: One patient’s story moving and intimate story Marsali Taylor’s very personal story of her battle against of his one true love, lost in cancer - with the help of CLAN. the family’s move south, The isles’ greatest fraudster: and found again when Thomas Peterson Goudie: the saga of his astounding he became council chief fraud continues, as the net closes in. executive. Also Inside: The U-boat that tied up in Lerwick Rosa Steppanova Amphibian antics in Tresta Anita Melkevik My grandparents and the Shetland Bus Jordan Ogg Zombie invasion!
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Voar roar: I wanna be elected! (I’m not listening)

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