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Matthew Law Binder

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Matthew Bukart's letter to his state representatives and the head men’s soccer coaches at all of the major universities in Indiana. His letter outlined why he believes 12 and 13 year olds should be able to referee after the Department of Labor ruled allowing children under 14 year old to referee violated child labor laws.
Matthew Bukart's letter to his state representatives and the head men’s soccer coaches at all of the major universities in Indiana. His letter outlined why he believes 12 and 13 year olds should be able to referee after the Department of Labor ruled allowing children under 14 year old to referee violated child labor laws.

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Published by: Indiana Public Media News on Apr 02, 2012
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February 22, 2012 Senator Vaneta Becker Representative Suzanne Crouch 200 W. Washington St.

Indianapolis, IN 46204 Re: Bill Sponsorship

Dear Legislators Becker and Crouch: I am a twelve year old 6th grader who attends Holy Rosary Catholic School in Evansville. I want to have a job, so I applied to become a soccer referee this year with the Indiana Soccer Referee Committee. To become a soccer referee, you must take a 15 hour clinic and then pass a test. See Tab 1. This is a big commitment for anyone but I was willing to do this in order to become a referee. This was for my own good, and to teach me what a job is like so that I can be prepared for the challenges I will face in my life. I was really excited until I got a call from my dad saying I could not have a job because of my age. The referee director said they let 12 year old boys and girls referee in the past, but the Child Labor Laws require me to be 14 years old to referee. I feel discriminated against because I cannot referee due to my age. I know child labor can be a terrible thing, but this was my idea, not my dad's, my mom's or anyone in my family. I just want to make some money for myself and save it for college. Did you know Evansville is the most obese city in the entire country? See Tab 2. I am also a soccer player, and I feel that if I had a job as a referee, it would keep me in shape and I could enjoy the wonderful game, SOCCER. I am very disappointed because I was super excited about getting this job. I was so close. It was like shooting and hitting the crossbar at the last second; so close, yet so far. I think the law should be changed to allow kids under 14 to referee for soccer. While I have not talked to the Indiana soccer board members yet, I believe they will agree that the law should be changed so that 12 year old boys and girls can referee and gain experience for the future. The child labor law is at Indiana Code 20-33-3-31. See Tab 3. The law states that children under 14 cannot be employed except as a farm laborer, babysitter, a golf caddie, or a newspaper carrier. So that means I could be a golf caddie but not a soccer referee. A caddie has to carry a golf bag that can weigh between 20-30 pounds. See Tab 4. An average round of golf can take 4-5 hours or longer ifyou're caddying for a hacker. See Tab 5. The average temperature in Southern Indiana during the summer is 91°F. See Tab 6. So a caddie will carry 20-30 pounds up and down hills for 4-5 hours in 90 degree weather. As a soccer referee, I would not carry heavy objects, work long hours or walk up and down hills in extreme heat. As a 12 year old referee, I would be doing games with U9 and UI0 players (8 and 9 year old kids). U9 and UlO soccer games are two 25 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime break. See Tab 7. So a game lasts about one hour. During tile week in summer,

games are played in the evening when it is cooler. On weekends, games often start early in the morning when it is cooler. If you compare refereeing to caddying ... being a referee is easier and takes less time. I read how a bill becomes a law, and I respectfully ask one of you to sponsor a bill to amend the law so that kids under 14 can referee. I think it would benefit kids in the entire State because they could learn what ajob is like, gain confidence and develop responsibility. I hope that you take this into consideration. I am very disappointed, but I will always have hope, and I hope that you will do something about this. Other states have child labor laws which allow kids younger than 14 to be youth athletic program referees, umpires and officials. See Tab 8 for some of the state laws. If you sponsor the bill, you can help Indiana continue its commitment to kids and can provide us with additional opportunities to become young leaders in our communities. I will contact some Indiana soccer organizations to ask their support of this proposal. Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional information. Please let me know if you would like to sponsor this bill.


Matthew R. Burkart 4911 Bell Road Newburgh, IN 47630 (812) 490-4911 rburkart@zsws.com (my dad's email)

cc: Governor Mitch Daniels Murray Clark, Indiana Soccer Association, Board President Dave Guthrie, Indiana Soccer Association, Executive Director Bill Vieth, Indiana Soccer Association, Director Samir Yasa, Indiana State Referee Committee, State and State Youth Administrator Brian Dempsey, District 8 Referee Administrator Mike Jacobs, University of Evansville, Men's Soccer Coach Krista McKendree, University of Evansville, Women's Soccer Coach Todd Yeagley, Indiana University, Men's Soccer Coach Mick Lyon, Indiana University, Women's Soccer Coach Bobby Clark, University of Notre Dame, Men's Soccer Coach Randy Waldrum, University of Notre Dame, Women's Soccer Coach


Become a Referee I Soccer Indiana

http://w w w.soccerind j ana.org/referees/become

a referee.aspx

Indiana Soccer Foundation


Socce-r ls a member

or us







US Secee r.

Referee' Adm! nj strators

ho-me ). refs

Referee Ass:l!.nars


Referee elinl cs Laws, updates Assessments & Changes

How to Become
Becoming a referee do your First game.

a Referee
is fairly simple You first have to attend a clinic, take a test, buy a uniform and

How To Usc Got-s.occer Field t.ocattcns

&: Directions

USSF Referee Program

Becoming a United Sates Soccer Federation (USSF) referee grade 9 and 8 ., Please note, this is not a school grade, but a classification grade: A person must attend a 15 hour entry level referee clinic/course. At the end of the cllnlc, the' candidate must pass a written test by scaring a minimum of 75%. The candidate is then registered as a Grade 9 or 8 official and is given the USSF badge. The clinics are scheduled b lea ues local referee associations Or clubs. To find out when and where the next referee courses are review the list of Entry Leva'i clini-cs. Select the one that fits your schedule and is close to you, register, and you are on your way! If you have any questions, please contact Samir Vasa. Generally, Indiana. about 35·40 clinics are held between November and March throughout If you are interested in hosting a clinic, please contact Rick Balak the state of




L.iCCIlSC Plate: avanaute Z012


The Uniform and Equipment Now that you've passed the test and have registered with USSF it's time to go out and buy your first uniform. The basic uniform for referees is a yellow shirt, black referee shorts, black socks with three stripes and shoes. Though there are several places to buy uniforms, USSF is officially sponsored by Official Sports Inc .. (view , website". In addition to a uniform, you will need a watch with a timer. You'll need a whistle, a small book to keep score, a nipping coin, red and yellow cards and a set of fiags. Now you ask yourself where do I get all this stuff. During the clinic your instructor will tell you where you can buy all this equipment. Getting Games Now that you've passed the test, bought your uniform and all the equipment, you'll need to talk to a licensed USSF assignor who will schedu:e your games. Not sure who your local asslqnor is· not to worry. Your instructor w!l give you the name and te1ephDne number of the assignors in vour area. You can also ask current referees who they get their games from. Once you become a referee, you can always ask current licensed referees for help in contacting licensed referee assignors in your


Your Fitst Year Now that you have been On the field as a reFeree, gained valuable experience, learned how to blow the whistle properly, understand the importance of good positioning, communication, and applying the laws, now what. Every year you will be required to lake a re-certification test and attend five hours of training. The training part you can usually get in your local referee association. Want to Advance So you've been doing recreational games and are ready for more challenging games. How do you get these games' Again you'll have to work with your local ass.qnor who will get hold of your local "'SeSSOr. The assessor will come to the field and evaluate yaur game and give you pointers on how to improve your game. The assessor is there to help you and take their feedback as constructive criticism. View the assessment Information on this website for full details on what you need to do. That's what confidence game from few and. far It takes to be a referee in a nutshell. Of course, the more games you do the more your improves and games will seem easier. One thing to remember is that we all have a bad time to time so don't despair. With assessors and assignors helping you, these will be between.

Remember that if you have any questions, contact your rocatarea administrator and if he/she cannot answer your questions, talk to ather referees, they are a great help as they are sharing the

same experience as you are.

A lower grocery bill. Nice save!,


H_'DIn-~~ ••




High Performance Soccer's Indiana Soccer Web Store www.highperformancesoccer.com


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Tuesday, May 17,2011 2:59 PM EDT

What is the Fattest City in America?
By Mark Johanson

In a recently released World Health Organization survey on world obesity, the United States of America ranked third with an estimated 66.7% of the population overweight. The only nations to top the US - and they did so by large margins were the Pacific islands of Kiribati and America's own territory. American Samoa. So, what is the fattest city in the world's third fattest country? in the nation. Gallup surveyed over 180 areas last year and found 37.8% of the residents in Evansville obese. That is compared to a national average of 26.6% obese citizens (and 66.7% that are just overweight). Area locals are hoping that the survey results are a wake-up call as the number of clinically obese Evansville residents continues to rise. According to a recent

Gallup survey, the city of Evansville, Indiana has the most obese metropolitan area

I of I




Casemaker - Browse


getcode. asp?statecd= IN&codesec ...


Chapter 3. LIMITATIONS ON THE EMPLOYMENT Current through PL. 2-2012

§ 20-33-3-31. Children less than 14 years of age and less than 18 years of age; employment limitations and prohibitions; exceptions (a) A child less than:
(1) fourteen (14) years of age may not be employed or allowed to work in any gainful occupation except as a farm laborer, domestic service worker, caddie for persons playing the game of golf, or newspaper carrier; and (2) twelve (12) years of age may not be permitted to work at farm labor except on a farm operated by the child's parent.

(b) Except as provided in section 32 of this chapter, a person, firm, limited liability company, or corporation may not employ or permit any child less than eighteen (18) years of age to work in any occupation after 7:30 a.m. and before 3:30 p.m. on a school day unless the child presents to the employer a written exception issued by the school that the child attends.
History. As added by P. L.1-2005, SEC.17.


I of I

2/20/20123:37 PM


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how much does the average golf'bag weigh with everything inside it?",

http:// gol f hogom. corn/how -much- does- the-a verage-gol f-bag-w eigh-w..

Chris an April

20, 2011 at 5:26 am
club and the heaviest bag we had was 8boul.53 lbs. (we


I used to won. in a bag room at a country actually between weighed it with

a scale one day) Bul i would have to say Iha! an average one is mare

15 and 25 or maybe a little bit more,


Hade on April 20, 2011 at 5:26 am
withoul weighing it on

a. scale.I'd


10 say mine weighs


5-10 pounds,

not quite sure,

but cant be more than Lh at. And that is with

a full sel of clubs (3 woods,

11 Irons, putter),



a couple dozen balls,


on April

20, 2011 at 5:26 am

The weight of the averaqe golfb8g

14 clubs, an umbrella,
be 25to 30 pounds,

ball retriever,


weather suil,

lees, a dozen balls and rule book would

The tendency is to make bigger


~~b~a~g~S_,_VV~e_o_l_d_rO_lk_s_h_a_v_e_e_n_o_u:gh __s_m_a_lle_r_o_n_e_s_, -------------------__tr_o_ub_l_e_w_it_h_t_he

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How Long Does it Take to Golf 18 Holes?
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The speed of a round of depends on th e s kill of the player, the traffic of the course, the size of the course, the size of the group and the mode of moving around the course. Golfing 18 hales averages around four hours for average players.


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Size of Group
If playing with a full foursome, expect the round to take near the maximum of four Or nve hours. If playing with only one or two golfers, there will be less waiting and the round can be finished in as fast as two hours.

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Driving vs. Walking
When playing in a foursome, balls can be found much more quickly and reached when riding rounds usually take 3 1/2 to four hours with normal traffic. When walking, a round can reach hours.

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to Play

Golf and most People who

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Skill Level
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par can expect

to finish

18 holes with

a foursome

in as fast as three

hours, even walktnq,

Popular wisdom says that golf is for the old and infirm. and tha ... How to Plav Halloween YOl,Jr Foursome Pranks

a game
on it can

Course Traffic
On a very busy course, players could wait as long Adding. this on top of the normal 10 to 15 minutes hours.

as nve minutes
of each

on each tee box before starting the hole. hole can make a round as long as five to 5 1/2

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I-;~ ",

fer EvansVIlle, IN ~7712




Monthly Averages for Evansville, IN (47712) [ English I ...., I

Ncnthlv Averaqes Temperature
(OF) _. R"cort! High

S"" how our
• Avq Pre-cip,




1\\1'1 "iQh

" Avq low

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Evansvllle:.Mom Makes , 8olox Doctors Furious
~!i'1ml-- "~nm ."~;~'I ]·It)li~tl P·''ll ..... II.


,:!~':r~t. h' .'

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Modified Regional Youth League Playing Rules Although all FIFA Laws of the games will be applied during the games, below are specific laws that have been modified for use in youth league games. To differentiate between the FIFA .Iaws of the games and the below modification, the changes will be referred to as "Rules". These Rules apply to ALL youth games played at US Youth Sanctioned games in Indiana. Rule 1 - The Field A. U9 and U10 - Minimum is 50 yards long by 40 yards wide. Maximum is 55 yards long by 45 yards wide. B. U11 and U12 - Minimum is 75 yards long by 55 yards wide. Maximum is 80 yards long by 60 yards wide. c. U13 through U1.9- Minimum is 110 yards long by 65 yards wide. Maximum is 12.0yards long by 80 yards wide.

>- The Center Circle D.. U9 and U10 - 5 Yard Radius E. U11 and U12 - 8 Yard Radius F. U13 through U19-10 Yard Radius >The Goal Area G. U9 through U12 - 4 Yards long and 14 Yards wide H. U13 through U19 - 6 Yards long and 20 Yards wide

>- The Goal I. U9 and U10 - 6 Feet by 12 feet and up to 6 feet by 18 feet J. U11 and U12 - 6 feet by 18 feet and up to 7 feet by 21 feet K. U13 through U19 - 8 feet by 24 feet
The Penalty Area U9 and U1a - 9 Yards long and 22 Yards wide J. U11 and U12 -14 Yards long and 32 Yards wide K. U13 through U19 -18 Yards long and 44 Yards wide I. The Penalty Spot/Mark L. U9 and U10 - 8 Yards from the goal line M. U11 and U12 -10 Yards from the goal line N. U13 through U19 -12 Yards from the goal line Rule 2 - The Ball A. U9 throug h U12 - Size 4 B. U13 through U19 - Size 5 Rule 3 - The Number of Players A. U9 and U10 - Maximum number of players one team may have is 6 (6 vs. 6). Minimum number of players one team may have to start the game is 4 B. U11 and U12 - Maximum number of players one team may have is 8 (8 vs. 8). Minimum number of players one team may have to start the game is 6 c. U13 through U19 - Maximum number of players one team may have is 11 (11 vs. 11). Minimum number of players one team may have to start the game is 7 D. One player form each team must be designated as a keeper.



Modified Regional League Playing Rules 3-23-11 Established 11130107

1 of 4

~ E. F. G. ~

Roster Size U9 and U10 - Maximum of 12 players and minimum of 7 U11 and U12 - Maximum of 14 players and minimum of 9 U13 through U19 - Maximum of 18 players and minimum of 12 Substitution U9 & U10


U13 & U15 Unlimited

U15 & U16

U17 and above

H. • • • • • •

Substitutions shall be with the consent of the referee at the fo lIowing tim es: Prior to a throw-in in your teams favor Prior to a goal kick by either team After any goal At half-time At half-time of any overtime period, if applicable If a team has a substitute player ready on their own possession as described above and the opponent also has a player ready for substitution, both teams may sub.

For the referee to consider a player(s) ready to substitution, the player(s) MUST be at the Half Way line ready to enter the field PRIOR to the ball leaving the field. Rule 4 - Player's Eguipments The Home team must wear a white/light color jersey and the visiting team must wear a dark color jersey. If the referee determines the uniforms are too similar and may cause confusion, the offending team must change their jersey to comply with the color requirements. Rule 5 - The Referee All referees participating in Indiana Youth Soccer league games must adhere to and accountable to the united State Soccer Federation Code of Ethics described below: CODE OF ETHICS FOR REFEREES 1. I shall always maintain the utmost respect for the game of soccer. 2. I will conduct myself honorably at all times and maintain the dignity of my position. 3. I shall always honor an assignment I accepted as an important obligation. 4. I will endeavor to attend local meetings and clinics so as best to know the Laws of the Game (league rules) and their proper interpretation. 5. I will always strive to achieve maximum team work with my fellow referees and Assistant Referees. 6. I shall be loyal to my fellow referees and Assistant Referees, and never knowingly promote criticism of them. 7. I shall be in good physical condition so as to be in the right place at the right time. 8. I will manage the players effectively by being courteous and considerate without sacrificing firmness. 9. I shall do my utmost to assist my fellow officials to better themselves and their work. 10. I shall not make statements about any game except to clarify an interpretation of the Laws of the Game (League Rules). 11. I consider it a privilege to be a part of the United States Soccer Federation and I will strive to make my actions reflect credit upon that organization and its affiliates. The "Ethics Check" Questions 1. Is it legal? Willi be violating civil law, league policy or Indiana Youth Soccer policy? 2. Is it balanced? Is it fair to all concerned in the short term as well as in the long term? Does it promote win-win relationships? 3. How will it make me feel about myself? Will it make me proud? Would I feel good if my decision was published in the newspaper? Would I feel good if my family knew about it? 4. Will it be contributing to a better environment?
Modified Regional League Playing Rules 3-23-11 Established 11/30/07 2of4

Three (3) referees must officiate the game. One official must be the center referee and the other two are Assistant Referees. Referees acting on behalf of the league MUST be USSF Certified. If three (3) referees are not available, a USSF Certified referee MUST be in the center. The USSF certified referee MUST use Club Linespersons. No game shall be played without a USSF certified center referee. At no time will a "two man system" (two referees only) be permitted to referee a game. EXCEPTION - Although most leagues have elected to use three (3) referees on U9 and U10 games, one USSF certified referee may be used. Assistant Referees or Club Linesmen are not required. A. There may be up to three (3) IYS carded adults (Coaches, managers, trainers, etc.) on the bench. All adults MUST present their IYS card to the referee prior to the game. No adults; carded or not, will be permitted on the players' side ifthere are already three (3) IYS carded adults. If the game starts with only two (2) IYS carded adults on the players' side and a third IYS carded adult arrives later, the late arrival adult must show their IYS card to the Assistant Referee at the next stoppage. If there are nolYS carded adults at the players' side, the game will not start. The referee must allow for 15 minute delay before abandoning the game. If no IY S carded adults at the players' side due to a sent-off, the referee must terminate the game immediately. A roster must be provided to the referee 15 minutes prior to the start of the match. In addition to the normal information on the roster, the roster must include the players' full names; players' pass number and their jersey numbers. If the referee observed lightning during the game, the game must be suspended until the danger has passed. The referee must wait for 30 minutes after li.ghtning was last observed prior to recommencing with the game. Coaches must remain in their technical area. If a technical area is not lined, the coaches must stay two (2) yards away from the touch line, and one (1) yard extended at each side of the seating area. If there are no designated seating areas, the coaches must have the players' equipments, chairs, medical supplies, tent, etc., at lease two (2) yards away from the touch line, and ten (10) yards from the half way line. The referee will be the sole judge of the distance between listed above.






Coaches' ;w-eas;w-e10 yards away fromthe '/, way line &. 2 yards away behind tile touch line




coaetres Area


Coaches Arefl

:> Referee Pay - The fee structure below

MAY change year to year
U13/U14 U15/U16


All All All All All All


$100 $100

40/30/30 40/30/30 30/25/25

$120 $120 $110

50/35/35 50/35/35 40/35/35 fila 40/25/25 36/20/20

$140 $120 $110

60/40/40 50/35/35 40/35/35



$67 $70 $75 $40

27120/2.0 30/20/20 35/20/20 20/10/10


$30 $25 $25

$30 25 25

$90 $56

n/a 40/25/25 26/15/15

40/25/25 36/20/20

$90 $76

$90 $76


*$15 for 25 minute game and $30 for 50 minute game.
Modified Regional League Playing Rules 3-23-11 Established 11/30/07 3 of 4

G. Referees will only be paid for their position. If the Assistant Referees are not present and the Center Referee uses Club Linesperson, the referee will only be paid his/her fee. No additional fee will be paid to the Referee or the Assistant Referee just because a member of the referee team did not show up.

Game Report

H. The referee will log on to their GotSoccer Account to complete and submit the Referee Game Report. You MUST have/know the league and game number to complete the game report.

A USSF game report MUST be completed for any red card issued by the referee.

K. In case of referee abuse or assault, the referee must report the incident within 48 hours. To complete an "Incident Report" the referee must log in to www.soccerindiana.orq , go to the referee section and complete the report. Or you may use the link below to quickly complete the report: http://ssl .. cis.neUhhformsllndianaRss/RefAbuseAssaultForm.html g Rule 6 - The Assistant Referee In U9 and U10 games, the assistant Referee will not call off-side. Rule 7 - The Duration of the Match U9 & U10 2 X 25 Minute Halves U11&U12 2 X 30 Minute Halves U13 & U14 2 X 35 Minute Halves U15 & 16 2 X 40 Minute Halves U17 & above 2 X 45 Minute Halves

5 Minute half time for all age groups Rule 11 - Off-Side No Off-Side in U9 and U10 games. Rule 12 - Fouls and Misconducts U9/10 Restricted Goalkeeper Distribution Rule - Punting is allowed, however the ball may not land past the halfway line (midfield) without touching the ground or another player first. In the case of an infraction, an indirect free kick (IFK) will be awarded to the opponent. The indirect free kick will be taken at the midfield line at the point of the infraction. There is no violation of the rules if the Goa Ikeeper Drop Kicks; Throws, or Rolls the ball and the ball lands past the halfway line (midfield). Rules 13 -17 No modifications are applicable.

Modified Regional League Playing Rules 3·23-11 Established 11130/07

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Archive Minnesota Statutes Labor, Industry Chapter 181A. Child Labor Current through 2008 Legislative Session § 181A.07. Exemptions Subdivision 1.Agricultural operations.

Minors employed in com detasseling operations and other agricultural operations, with the permission of their parents or guardian, shall be exempt from the provisions of section 181A.04, subdivision 4. Such minors 12 years of age or older are exempt from the age provision of section 181A.04, subdivision 1. Subd. 2.Entertainers and models.

Any minor employed as an actor, model, or performer shall be exempt from the minimum age provisions of section 181A.04, subdivision 1. Subd. 3.Newspaper carriers.

Newspaper carriers shall be exempt from the minimum age provision of section 181A.04, subdivisions 1 and 3. Such carriers shall be at least 11 years of age. Subd. 4.Home chores; babysitters. Any minor employed to do home chores, to babysit, or employed by a parent shall be exempt from all provisions of sections 181A.01 to 181A.12. Subd. 4a.Youth athletic program referees. A minor at least 11 years of age and less than 14 years of age shall be exempt from the minimum age provisions of section 181A.04, subdivision 1, if employed as a youth athletic program referee, umpire, or official for an age bracket younger than the minor's own age if an adult representing the state or local athletic program is on the premises at which the athletic program event is occurring and a person responsible for the state or local athletic program possesses a written acknowledgment signed by the minor's parent or guardian consenting to the minor's employment as a referee, umpire, or official. Subd. 5.Commissioner exemptions.

The commissioner may grant exemptions from any provisions of sections 181A.01 to 181A.12 for an individual minor if the commissioner finds that such an exemption would be in the best interest of the minor involved. Such exemptions shall be granted only in accordance with the established rules of the department. Subd. 6.Requests for commissioner exemption.

Any minor's parent or guardian, school official, or youth employment specialist may request an




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Archive Washington Statutes

Title 26. Domestic relations Chapter 26.28. Age of majority Current through Chapter 9, 2011 Second Special Session

§ 26.28.060. Child labor _ Penalty
(1) Every person who shall employ, and every parent, guardian or other person having the care, custody or control of such child, who shall permit to be employed, by another, any child under the age of fourteen years at any labor Whatever, in or in connection with any store, shop, factory, mine or any inside employment not connected with farm or house work, without the written permit thereto of a judge of a superior court of the county wherein such child may live, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. (2) Subsection (1) of this section does not apply to children employed as: (a) Actors or performers in film, video, audio, or theatrical productions; or (b) Youth soccer referees who have been certified by a national referee certification program. History. 2007 c 464 § 1; 1994 c 62 § 1; 1973 1st ex.s. c 154 § 39; 1909 c 249 § 195; RRS § 2447. Note:
Severability _-

1973 1st ex.s. c 154: See note following RCW 2.12.030. 49. 12 RCW

Child labor: Chapter

Employment perrnits: RCW 2BA. 225. OBO.





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Archive [ M;Chigan Statutes

STANDARDS ACT of minor; prohibited occupations; minimum age; exceptions and


Current through PA. 323 of 2011 Legis/ative Session

§ 409.103. Employment

(1) A minor shall not be employed in, about, or in connection with an occupation that is hazardous or injurious to the minor's health or personal well-being or that is contrary to standards established under this act, unless a deviation is granted under section 20. (2) The minimum age for employment of minors is 14 years, subject to the following exceptions and limitations: (a) A minor at least 11 years of age and less than 14 years of age may be employed as a youth athletic program referee or umpire for an age bracket younger than his or her own age if an adult representing the athletic program is on the premises at which the athletic program event is occurring and a person responsible for the athletic program possesses a written acknowledgment of the minor's parent or guardian consenting to the minor's employment as a referee or umpire. (b) A minor 11 years of age or older may be employed as a golf caddy. (c) A minor 13 years of age or older may be employed in farming operations as described in section 4(3). (d) A minor 11 years of age or older may be employed as a bridge caddy at any event sanctioned by the American contract bridge league or other national bridge league association. (e) A minor 13 years of age or older may be employed to perform services which entail setting traps for formal or informal trap, skeet, and sporting clays shooting events.
History. 1978, Act 90, Eff. June 1,1978 ;--Am. 1987, Act 71, Imd. Eff. June 29, 1987 ;--Am. 1997, Act 132, Imd. Eff. Nov. 14, 1997 .


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Virginia Statutes

Chapter 5. Child Labor
Current through 2011 Legis/ative Session

§ 40.1·79.01. Exemptions from chapter generally
A. Nothing in this chapter, except the provisions of §§ 40.1·100 A, 40.1·100.1, 40.1·100.2, and 40.1·103, shall apply to: 1. A child engaged in domestic work when such work is performed in connection with the child's own home and directly for his parent or a person standing in place of his parent; 2. A child employed in occasional work performed outside school hours where such work is in connection with the employer's home but not in connection with the employer's business, trade, or professio n; 3. A child 12 or 13 years of age employed outside school hours on farms, in orchards or in gardens with the consent of his parent or a person standing in place of his parent; 4. A child between the ages of 12 and 18 employed as a page or clerk for either the House of Delegates or the Senate of Virginia; 5. A child participating in the activities of a volunteer rescue squad; 6. A child under 16 years of age employed by his parent in an occupation other than manufacturing; or 7. A child 12 years of age or older employed by an eleemosynary organization or unit of state or local government asa referee for sports programs sponsored by that eleemosynary, state, or local organization or by an organization of referees sponsored by an organization recognized by the United States Olympic Committee under 36 U.S.C. § 220522. B. Nothing in thIS chapter, except §§ 40.1-100.1, 40.1-100.2, and 40.1-103, shall be construed to apply to a child employed by his parent or a person standing in place of his parent on farms, in orchards or in gardens owned or operated by such parent or person.
History. 1991, c. 511; 1998, c. 30; 2003, c. 380.





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hUp:/ Iwww.Jawriter.netINLLXMUgetcode.asp?statecd=OR&codese







Chapter 653. Minimum Wages; Employment EMPLOYMENT

Current through 2009 Legislative Session

§ 653.362. Exemption of minors serving as soccer referees
The provisions of DRS 653.305 to 653.370 do not apply to a person under 18 years of age serving as a referee or assistant referee in a youth or adult recreational soccer match. History. 2001 c.765 §2 Archive




How to become a soccer referee - NCSL



How to become a soccer referee
HOW TO BECOMEA SOCCERREFEREE Many people wish to become referees but do not know where to begin. All referee classes are posted on the respective state referee web page: For Virginia, go to www.vadcsoccerref.com. When you enter this page you are going to click on "clinic search". The Maryland web Site is self-explanatory.

For Maryland, it's www.marylandsoccer.com/reFerees/.

New referee classes are posted that begin in July and August. These classes will allow participants to begin refereeing in the FALL season. All referees have a "Grade". This grade refers to the level of the referee, not school. This, at times, leads to confusion. Here is a brief description of referee grades: GRADE 12.Referee is an AR (assistant referee) for all levels of soccer, which NCSL is USing for its STARs program. Minimum age is 18.

GRADE 9 ReFeree is a Recreational Referee, usually between the age of 12 & 14 years old wishing to start out at the recreational level. A Grade 9 referee can do centers up to U14 in "recreational" soccer and can be an AR for Up to U14 in travel games, but cannot do centers at the travel level. Same adults start here because they want to learn at a slower pace and work as a team with one of their chlldren. After a year of refereeing a Grade 9 referee can take an up-grade 8 class to advance to the next level. GRADE 8 Referee is also a beginner but with a little more soccer experience and a little more maturity. recreational, travel or adult, depending on their ability and desire. A Grade 8 referee can do most any type of game,

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