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A turbocharger or turbo compressors is a centrifugal compressor powered by a high speed turbine that is driven by an engine's exhaust gases. Its benefit lies with the compressor increasing the mass of air entering the engine (forced induction), thereby resulting in greater performance (for either, or both, power and efficiency). The main unit of a gas-turbine jet engine, consisting of a compressor and an aircraft gas turbine that are mechanically coupled. Turbo compressors are sometimes used for the supercharging of piston engines; in this case the engine exhaust gases expand in the turbine, and the turbine rotates the compressor, which increases the pressure of the air supplied to the cylinders. Turbo compressors and blowers in the industry require drives rated up to 40 MW. Drives of large rating are also required in steel industry, blast furnace blowers, in natural gas pipelines and liquefaction process, in wind tunnels, chemical process industry. The application fields of synchronous motors as variable speed drives are increasing due to variable frequency converters. Turbo compressor have also its application in aircraft engines, motorsport and marine and land based engines.