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Preah Vihear Conflict Assignment

Preah Vihear Conflict Assignment

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This my assignment's draft.
This my assignment's draft.

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Published by: Samedylinda on Dec 10, 2008
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Arm Conflict between Cambodia-Thai’s troop at Eagle Field

Student: MEY SAMEDY Instructor: IN Sophal

The More Research, The More

Arm Conflict between Cambodia-Thai’s troop at Eagle Field

Statement of the problems in the general way

 

Everything always changes and We do not know what will happen in the futures even though the next one second. After World Heritage Inscription; Cambodia live up with this success. While the happiness appears among khmer people, the double-sadness of Thai people: Political crisis and the success of Preah Vihear temple ‘s World Heritage Inscription. Thai has invaded on eagle field areaCambodia territory since 15 July 2008 without reason.

The Main Points in Text Body.
This topic focus on Three main points such as: 1. the origin causes of this conflict 2. the effect of this conflict to Cambodia 3. the reason why UN and other states not involving in this conflict in the international scene


Main question: In international law, is it right for the Arm Conflict between CambodiaThai’s troop at Eagle Field

Supported Questions
 

What are origin causes of this conflict? What this conflict effect to Cambodia? Why UN, ICJ and other states do not formally appear to solve this conflict in the international scene?


   

UN and ICJ and other states do not involve in this conflict. The effects exist from this conflict. Solution Bilateral relation Why it happens

Goals of Research
   

Where the conflict took place Origin causes of this conflict Conflict’s effects to Cambodia No action from UN, ICJ and other states in this conflict

Objectives of Research

Being a khmer youth helping the country is the obligation kept in mind. To inform other khmer people to know this conflicts and solution. To analyze the characteristic of ThaiCambodia counterpart and International law’s application in this conflict. To inspire and motivate khmer people to contribute their obligation

Methodology of Research

Primary data Researches
Interview: Venerable PhD. Hok Sovann PhD. Diep Sophal PhD candidate. In Sophal Secondary data Researches  Books  Newspapers  TV, Radio, Internet

 

Scope & Coverage Study only why UN, ICJ, and other states do not solve the Thai-Cambodia’s troop confrontation?

Historical Background
 

Cambodia‘s Preah Vihear Temple have been claimed by ICJ in 1962. Cambodia government has a little budget to conserve this temple from erosion, damage, and Thailand’s invading on the area around this temple. One of the ways to solve these problem is to request World Heritage Committee to inscribe this temple as World Heritage in late January 2008. Preah Vihear Temple has been listed as The UNESCO World Heritage on July 07 2008 before Cambodia’s general election.

Historical Background

All Cambodian people are happy and excited. To response to this succession, They run a colorful concert with fire work in front of Wat Phnom Resort. On the other hand, Thai people get angry with their government lost in demanding Cambodia’s Preah Vihear Temple not to inscribe as a World Heritage

Text Body:
Arm Conflict between Cambodia-Thai’s troop at Eagle Field

I- Origin causes
   

I.1. World heritage inscription I.2.Thailand’s Political crisis I.3.Khmer Army’s Carelessness I.4. Cambodia-Thai Map agreement

II- Effects to Cambodia
 

  

II.1. RCAF’s Budget constraint II.2. Cambodian’s solidarity spirit II.2.1. In Cambodia II.2.2. Abroad II.4.Cambodia economy II.5. Thai economy II.6. Cambodian people’s situation in Thailand


III- No UN, ICJ’s reaction
   

III.1. International Law’s application III.2. Cambodia’s decision making III.3.Bilateral relation III.3.1.
III.3.2.  III.3.3.

IV- Conclusions
 Summary

the important points from all sections.  Outlook.  Vision.

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