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03-30-11 Liquidation v Etienne

03-30-11 Liquidation v Etienne

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Published by: Mario Kenny on Apr 02, 2012
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Properties in regards to this case, e-mail, voice mail?

A An actual employee?
Q Yes, sir.
A No.

Q I'm looking at Defendant's 1, paragraph two.
In this second paragraph, they're referring to all the
books and records kept by the servicing agent, correct?
Do you see that in the second sentence?

A Yes.

Q What all books and records are we talking
about that were reviewed?

A The documents, the loan documents and the
loan -- I mean the loan history, records of
disbursements. And there would be contacts with -- in
this case there's not been contact with the borrower,
but there would be contacts with the attorney in this

Q Do you know if Etienne ever had an opportunity
to speak to somebody at CitiMortgage, the prior

A I mean I don't know personally, no.

Q I'm trying to figure out how, if all the
records came from CitiMortgage, the prior servicer, in
2009 and there were no documents -- or no payments made
after default in 2008, that you have all the books and

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