Betty Hageman Graphic Design -- ONE YEAR VISION

Accomplishments 1. I will have completed my list of Ideal Potential Clients 2. I will have entered all Potential Clients into a data base with searchable contact info, business sectors, manner of original connection, follow-up steps, etc. 3. I will have completed my survey appointments (20-30 past, current and potential clients from various representative sectors) and analyzed what I have learned from them 4. I will have surveyed my Dream Competition websites and analyzed what I can learn from them 5. I will have revised or redesigned my websites, both graphic design and fine art, based on what I’ve learned from the surveys 6. I will have revised my brochure and other print materials for mailing and appointments 7. I will have devised the best way to follow up past contacts on a regular, and personal, basis, whether e-newsletters, phone calls, appointments or mailings 8. I will have a plan in place to contact and follow up new contacts, whether cold calls, mailings, e-mails, appointments or all three 9. I will continue to attend events where it is cost-effective to meet new contacts 10. I will have begun contacting vendors and suppliers and building referral partnerships 11. I will be asking current clients for referrals 12. I will join and volunteer for a committee with one additional organization other than AWC 13. I will have a plan in place for researching new and helpful ideas to pass on to client contacts 14. I will have begun preparing and implementing presentations to warm contacts for closing sales Rewards 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. I will have at least one regular, bread and butter client with weekly assignments I will have at least one new regular client in the environmental consulting for-profit business I will have at least one new regular client in the nonprofit environmental sector I will have at least one new regular client in the natural resources management public sector I will be working, on average, 20 billable hours per week, for a projected annual salary of $72,000 I will have a reliable, skilled graphic artist on call for regular backup I will be carving out one week per month to focus on fine art exploration and exhibition I will check out downtown office/studio space for rent I will take a two-week tropical vacation, winter 2012-2013

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