Main and Auxiliary Machinery Workshop Task 1

1. MV Sarawak Academy is at wet dock with shore power supply on. Change over the power supply using ship’s emergency generator.

2. From conditions set in step 1, run up Diesel Generator 1 to supply the main switchboard. Put the other two main diesel generator in “AUTO” under PMS and the emergency diesel in “AUTO” ready to provide power in case of black out.

3. Set up the ship’s cooling water system putting one pump running and the rest of the pumps in standby. Use the high sea chest suction and cooler no.2. Top up all the expansion tanks.

4. Top up all GO tanks to 90%.

5. Flash up the boiler.

For each of the sequence, write up the correct procedure.

Answer the following questions: 1. Sketch the power distribution diagram for the MV Sarawak Academy showing the shore connection, EDG and main diesel generators. 2. List out the Diesel Generator protection. 3. Draw the line diagram of a Central Cooling System. 4. Explain water hammer in steam line and the precautions required to avoid it.

5. Complete the attached checklist .

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