Ph.Y~GiIIlCllltQre E);Jle~t'; lo(ltru~&Of U. S. AT-IlW MIIn~er ,od Tl'fIme.r of Bd ··S!1'an(l.ert' Lewis

It haa be(tD nt;!e~8~a.ry to revise my book ~I:n-fightir~g for' tbe U. S. Al"my~ wllie1t was pllblig1te~ _;I.e 8; i:e:z:t on the slI,1;lject at Oamp' D~~ N. J., in (J~d,Grto h<l've it eonf'crm to thE! D.~eda Q£<the d:villan ria a me~a 1)£ $elt-df:i:f?.n.fl.~ agAinst the thug..or t,hiU. That apraetical method of self·d.ei.enSfi :Eor c.iviIianB l!erva.~ a nfH~d IS ;t well·t"st:abhshlid f~. And,that the system best ada.pted tn one~a nf{ be otbel' thu,ll a Imowledge -of the 8O·eJ.l1~dma.nly art of shlf\defenaeJ or b'01iJl~ 1.::1 of tlH~lessons learned f:tmn thls (lJ;!{} gtell.t Wa.J'. T"h-e Stu.d'CDitl o,J. war eurly ijis~tiYeJ'~d th<+.t boxing B:~n'eLlf1:o other purpose th&n. the doable one of ~eaC! the lea.ds and pRuietii of t he baYtlllet R)H.1. Jll~ building up. t of 8. lighting &ftirit. It was the experience of 0111' A1Hes, a.wj ]atc;r of ina U. 8.~ thU there was Me.d fo:t 30me other m~t.h.Qd of hand-iio"ha.lld flgllting, The. InfJilltry &tioaJ (If Arros, Fort Qldahoma, mada a studj- of trench warfare, Eatly in linS it p:u:l:ilis.h:ed It confidontial booklet :entHled ~~Hand te,) Hand ltiWhti1\g,~!! under the authority of The r.rrruning Omnntittee, War CoI1~ge Di.Yii;lii1)u, (1 eneral Staff. It is hr(:"~. ing 11..0 oonftden~e to quote two pertien-t ptl.-ragl"aphcS from nUl iutroduetion. Thtly 1i1"1l as; fol1olV8l ,jExperienoo hai!l shown that u, disarmed man coming Nl blows in tile treuehes with a dis1!J':n1ed en~y i!lcrldier has almost alwaya lost his M4l.l.i ~tml cOlUi.1w\l hinl~t'H with J!.tl'l!,g·'



somerm,,€! (~,iI>me to t'he ~lid of QO:J.I lh;e Qthcl' of the a:avcrsNi.,s. "~eVc.r ·use Y@tiu fists, fist hr the least -eiF'tetive'of ;rr&tu-rsJs weapons; it :iis p:rMtiil-alJ,y im.possible to l~lil.tan elli!my 'hOIS de eembat wlt.h. the :fist, sini:€ the m:i.1itary el}uipurent ;profec~a th~ :8,00fa.r p~US~ifWl(l)_ tlL~ most viola1tt hl,1W on UIl;:',p.Qi.nt of t~e chin: llaa no otMl' e~CJt 'thalL Mua.toI tmtt::ialg nJ~aru~ Ute ild:n.;! Thws~ two 1~a,1'1f,gqtphl prC}ve eOllclu:;;;j"Vely that seJf·df¥f,~1JS!3 is not bomg~ that some ,Qithilrt fMm of wmbativa skill is necessany. As IlI'(I~f that wrestH.J1{t, has rOllg been eonside1'ertl a nliO'l'e esrtarn aDd pra"t,ti:eal form of !1Ielf-deiense let me q;ll9te: :r:rO;Ql an artil)lle by Hr. :B. }"11. n.ol1e·r:~ tlr.j3 llotefi he;"Welg" wre:sith.3;tf, whieh .app-eflIed fn tholil NJ}w York He'J;'Iili\) Q.cct. 10, 1915: ~~POI' S'Qmcti'rne t'h@ u.dhel'cllt.s or bo:,.ti'l1~ appn:lpY'iatf3dl thewerd {m.anll'J ~ rutd ealled 'bpxing l tll:.e manly. ad 'Q,f S€llf~ae,f~nBC.' 1\s a' ma;~tel' of tiet fighting ·is never jostified a't~Ft in se1"f:,d,de;n"Se.,"a.s s,ell-d:efens.e Mlythillg that i~ ll.~c:ess-a·r¥ i!Ln:d1}:re~etivll is m-anly. ~ my Qpi~lfur~'Ii.j ;how~~·t~ whe~ -$e];f-il.efe~~e is ne~~$by tti.{]:'e {(Fe ~fhel' metnolls iully ~ ll'ta;nly ~iIld mu~b mOJ;O E.:J.i1,cetivEl thIDl hoxing." ThiE same flQ~'1l16:r AmeTix:au ehampton wrreatle:r ·e-hsJ1e::nged J""j}ss Willara~ following his viej;.oT)' ever JOJJJlSQll~ to gQ to' the g;ymnasiuJ'fI: with. ~iltl, .and bMo:re a jury of ne.w$pa.~ m.en .anil dty (JJli~iah J:.'le:tt1.~ f()I; tlll tiru~ thE) qllE!-:'>tion (ff which i~ th~ btttter method of _ -sti:Jl-def()~ls.e--l}(l$ 01' WI'~l--$tJ1J[:.g. Wilhq::a ~lid not a ,e,¢pt the: eh<l.lle;.nge~ The authmr of thIs lli,@.o·k.'lld the ~eod fod:mls to ha'll"e h~:s .system ()t In-fighting h taught at Oa,n:tpDixi Gamp Ha.:nc(:J.:&F::, 8)1£1. at v:a.r-ious @ilier (la;mps and .(l!antonmeD.t$ in. the 1J. S. A. lIe W3t'l al$o privil~gttd t~:) stutLy th(~ various ~'yste,m~ :lonner\y used, In editing this book h1~ Qkj«et h!l~ b-een (0 puIrt:ish (Jll!.~V5ueb. lr(lld1;.land blO'W:s as o.n.Jl in eivil life woul(l. be oalled

gIJ.:qg useie;$~ly, beClaU$ft ]lec rli(ln<:rir ImQ"· uny b1:ows 61" h\l11l11;!w1ti(\h would kave Buffi:eed nntil

Jl:p.()n~o. mie when


the b:uJI;t.

Tn s1l01"t) tUe} :syai;..cffl, Gxpbl.Jlled


is a simplg aml practifftal way of l'~mcleI'ing h:elpl:ess an OPP.OUe.-Rt in the 1ea9t passUile timR .AJ;lf,~nt:1QTr c.allcd t@ the.. i(l!cilt that this SY8t{~m of seH-Jle£e.nS>8 is not I}. text book for is the ~l~uli. Bp.o;r$ Qf -wN:stling. H i13, <J. &hQrt tllJ;l tQ %Ui.1ett~f:ul 5~lf-a:Gfal"~.H.:o~ and his B'llP..erlen~ in Mae'hifig hi!;! nlQlie e.laborate s-ystem for us~ ill warfare ;pel"ttLiM him to state that the lesstll'rs ncmtained in nlis bO()iIonvay be l:e~n.ed in a. period or t.wo weeks :if nne :devotes an. ]HHV' a da;,V to it~ mQ,s$i@ry._ It ill!; the a.utJror~a hope tha.t thOSE} wlib {ltudy' tliis ~s:enl m!ly never ne,eH to use. it. The Mudent m.utt ever ':tementber that the knO'wledge.,; ga.illlhll\rol:J\ a. 'stwly of th!3f':!~ pages n'l1tst I1L}",--e'!:' :lp'piie'{f eO!CC.ept when he is ao:rnp-el1e,f[ u(} di?fend himself. b~ A iew -eiXt.:nlet~ f')'om Jf+;!;.-el·Sor 'Vuritms officars thG' U. S. Atmy a:t'8 priJl.\ed on antltl!i:e;l.' page. They cl~.rly show the;ry jllJIhric;m QE my ~y,.stem of In4ight;iBg u$ed in. fht\ :;:;!!::rvi1re. BILLY C. SANDOW.

in the fQJ:lowillg


Hints for Beginners
~hH1:y the kyenlge ~lRd -YQtl will ha~re ITO il.iffi.-eultj! in beating yORl' man. This Bll!!1ie ... is the most llaJural mct.ildi+. tl1 nlOst eft'eeti .. e under all eltellmsta:n.~es, !'equires no spll:e-ial ~epal'atio.n in t-M way of ~}othing. WtJen you ~El ill,s und:el lJ1a1L k~!lE on mOvl"ng 41oTIstantly, thus not onJy pr;!:venting you!' GlP1!olLent i'i"Q'm. ~eeudng a. hold,!, but lilsQ ~nabn~'g ypu in the eban~ nf ,'Po~ti611 ~ SeCUrE a gO-bd h{fJd on him. G.Q tlfl''Ougll the motions 'I.ipukkly .Ol;nd w,:itb 'Viml Ci)n the deftemdve or Be as s.g&,>1;essive as pO:!!lEUbJ..e,t1:mn your opportunities for Sl,le~.e~s, will be ine~ed. -, TMs sy.ste~:i3 .an. llt; :r.o."I3an~.of seil~-d;~Tens;e. ~ehin? }"our ~vPOllent as '1i1Il.l4kJ.y ES possl'bl,ft a,s d Ii!! t~H;l ~d€:at p~S'11n.:0n., In a'll wreathn.g a PO~ltlOn. bcl'll:D.d ill eessidered one of g1;"eat ad1VQu'b,a"g-e1 esp~cialJy a..mong :nigh tl.ass pt'o:fe'8gittna1s., There"Me maD.Y methuds of gettingbehi:n.d; tll{l best: one' is given h~re~ namely~ the go behind O1'~a




~~t"]; certain eOH{litions you. Ca).k @ll"Vcitt aU I;dvemuil'Y's Te$i;sta.n:ee to: ~OW' .()wu go.od ends. Fo'!" iTk5tanc;e~ m:1(ltl(:H~e f(Hl wished to turn .him to the tight, f,oree 1rlm to the left 'and he, thinking that yo-u are in earnest, wi11 resist, by exerting his strength tQwsl'd lti;w

th~ author.

right s1d~. N~w yom moment for d~wrmin:e:dj ae:fln:lt~ action h:a~ eome, Your" foe is- mm:a iug in the V'\:!'l.'y dire'tl.ti1:I1.1 yog d:ef!i1'e him to' g'Oj 50", $wut as :\ :Haliln Q! light y6U eha.nm your tlll;lties and force him tv thE! right. ;Yoill' "p_ff'Wel' will tJtu~ be s'Qpple:tn~nted: by hia own~ if you. aTe ql1i~l~,fln he wUl not ]'I,::tV'e had time to ccn:l1eet his errer, Onee a :small malL ma.s:t~r~ thi$' syst~m .he is no longer dt!;ff:Pis6d~ he .force and phY:!li~al strCiingth.


::NO.1-THE GO BEHIND ORIGINATED BY ··RILLY" ~NDQW It is 'po~sib~~ to ln1Dl>J!t lin ~p..W)~mt.·~ l~g; Ity 11:~J;Jkk g:rtnl<fLd til'l,:pw_ '111il5. i-5 .ii. ~r~U ' \';ljjJ~(lD, <:If a ~taek Irmn !i oit~ 00 in g: :p (lsiti on, a n a is t:h,~ b:~sl [le:re,Il~'Q i!Cll' Uill :t'l'itUlt :tH,acl~~, TbE! ~gl,l!M(lr tl'i~(tw!'! Mm:;;elf f9l"WUTd,. f~t ffI'".s:~.andpl~'Ot,s hi~ right or ldt 1J~~1, a'£, th-e \!:~ ~~ ,may be, koon flitB' ~h.<tlding pqljlti·on. 1lS'l;td, in the u:pptlr!enC.~ !I;-:Q.),tl'e, :kt~kiilg h,-tl; l?~8~ h-om \tnaM hitn aDd k;nClcki~ I;!<l.~ d?Wll wi'th yonl: k~~ til' l'igluL 1eg, !IS lb e.. Clue ~~/ be j. fClU ~aI'~v i ne t'h ~ ""Vi ~t~m 's 199~ l;m\peVlnmg. IS mean! JQ !O~k .))!il!'t,]1 Ieg:So M(ltU:l~ 9JlPO:ri.~T\t'g tH'IlIj., 1~$l;\1.g Y01'l"l' ()w·n {~""'t \'It t,ha 3likJe. 'J,:nE'!n ~i'MfJ Ule teres and IIn:Me and "lmIZi" tib.~ trw~st fJ1I sh1J(I"i) £Ql'\vll't'cl 1ind 'aJlp.]y 'the '3h~llgr·ehiQ!ld,~




lilc, ~TlIE GO BEHIND t:h'l Itgrgnsllt)r iN in p(ll;iti~irI " he is, nut [,f J~~l.lh 01 1111IUfrm II.nn i~ !)Id~ly bll;V~lml llill stolar otMl' hQftU fiJi it u ~ fJit! samu Urn ~ hi jl lltl Ifl tion ~o ~~I' ure IUry tlue ~~, tilt' .1Iiuny d iIre rent hlOkot;:




No_ Z7. P.,ge FA;llll"


.]l'l)j!itiim <shows

~!m n()w


move forward

e111mj"!l.~lcOll Df bhe go bo'l<hind.
I<.nrl secure


Il(j~d bult

tbm:Jwin;.,-oul' qoPIlfJ<Ulmtto tJh!l. !J:&ll the rOOt', ~ P~te


I])ngtl".lllfs CQrldct positJQn of gn hehind. When tJie ·lIggteJj!llDr ~~~ik;ell the 0l?PQllefil'i!" the o,pd<liilht's .eq;o;Wbrhi.111" !Ot) th,ls ch~s:&l' t.hro;w will s(lfLiL y(]'11.~ (]"PiP[)n-a!tt .i!prl1iwl'ill~.

1I.1lkM· hoe

No. &-'l'lIE


II tbe ";Ifl'Ii!cSElQI' 'l).il8. to knock hi:!! man dqwYl he tli"'~s at tbe upponent'~ left fool, tha 1I1ght hand gr.aIlPG the Mel (Itt the I)utsi,de, tb t shoo lder strikes sol idly IIgll i ji[s.t th II!iid.a {II tl).e O"pponent' s bile, whi-eh i:l gmsp!!d flit thJ!! GIl'li! Umi! iJy the M~~~:SiSDt'" lef~ ha.nd. s 'I'h~ opPQ"I'Ient<~ knell i~ qu.ioldY :Ii!!xtld lind be is illrei.::d to fh1!" !,J;mrnd,

lifo. 8-THE


HOQki:og th~~Qg. IYf Ql!Iti fl"lOt behiJ'ld y!;l!.i~ 0ppOll:.ent:~ ankle, kick ; bel(>w tbe A'S. mea(!lg 1)1 dHettse it is lI.lmM~ ilJ.'Jindtlle i!l pmp(!'!'ly pi!ii"fDrmed, A h",r'd. blow 'with th~ flU of :yOU:!' lbo'll will bWQ,k yow 9PpO;nell t' B leg. If YOll nb!l'filly ""i'$:h to ~hrQW yOUl' *(lPPl,lJIernt, just, puJl his ankle forw"'l'd and pnsa a; his knee u,lltll he :ta:Us< bao kw II.rd.


Page Six



the h~a,d. 'I;l;ringin?l,t to]:,'IV'.(!.rd Q.nd OOWD.~ d:d,,~ kn~-e 'into j!\ \Y Imd fl.pJi!l'11 fuji gtl'Ang:_~ hold, iiJi'iving tJl,lJ,Dlb j'n.t,1i "A~ih r;L App]e.·.. AU~ !i6cl;l!rcing !;'b;aDgJ~ hCIJd. d"llop op[t:onent leD gJ:<l:und iDimedi&TIllf ~9 u ttl pl:ohi~jJ h.ilil.' fl1om6htahlih'g any 0r.he't lI.Clld btl. l\fotJt:-A 1;:'trll..tlgle l:tol"(l ah~raw:s me1ms·{he. p'la~ln~ (lj tine .0000elll1m :lI-t-I'qes.ih:e. firon'l uf J:'.o)IlT ~DD.e-n~t~ neGk. Tbu ;sl1puJd be stl'en"th.ened 'by U~ (I.1 title Qt>!t~ il-TI:rl, The! a.ggl'eS~ll:l' I'eQL'l;tl J~ pri~ljied a..gaiD~t 1;i1l~I1-etlC' lliI,d t:b,5 UHHni:) d:r;h,en 'in-to t:1i~.' 'Adam'Ji! ,appM!' G0mpl~:td" !;;tl', h.tlo.1fi is O"n~y ~ m~tte.l;' 01 fint-e.. It titkE)$ !l, ~trangl~ hold but 4 few :!IMOnd$ to; 1iilndll,~ fI. lIltLU ~:S :Iy Jil.ell-lUt.~~ jlf


elle6h ve resishmlle.


Thiil ;r"'l' IItf1lll.-g1ecan be '~ileured in two ways, If yQU .an rita.<! tu f-ll~~1 1'Ilsh lit your al:Jpmlliltl~. butt·ing him in the ~!lW or lB'h two 1ln,en in hit> f).yes; jUllDJl til his I:lide andieaT, at the ~.((mli!lti.n..e bringi~ thE: MID f(lTciblf a<:::\,,(U~ij t,bE'le tht(lllt., liind pl,lll b.l!n bll.l!,kwal'd, tlUlIl. tnkll &, tun !>t1'n;ligle hold, at (he i!1I/n1f1 time dri'f:e dghl 1Qut to, bock (If 0PP{)llIl1i11' right ()r ]eft knee him out 01 J)"0slti;;'1:1 aud I!I fQ-!"(1& him to tb~ gl.'ound .ai1~ stra:r;Igle.

Bring the Ieft a.roJ ar~;nd fOUl;' (lp~n~fL t ' s neek, th e, t ona.m irs lIrought iOl'ei~Iy apill.ft thr:D:lt.1. now g~a$p (j1i! left Wrl~t wJ,.th thl;l l'J'tht h!i;n{1, J;l.nd -pun YQ\fT Il]yp[)i:rem j;lll.fJI!,,"ri. 'I'b mfi.k~ t:h~ h~Id ~IlU mOM poweclulJ aid your- !l.1:m. by pnsm.llg ~1i!t opptin'IDlt'~ torW!l.rd with heijd and sJi<mlders a.1 ,thll S{ml~ time Itu-nu:)g bMkwaTd.


No. 12-ARM


In oMiWning tlli!> hold. both m.Qve~1ltIt~ ar;(! ' 'fit the S!tlim.~ timB. T0 8lm.nElS th~ lag llCIJi!, sil'ike dQ)V!!l, f.Q~c;iJg ~rm thr01l~1l crotch, then Mntih\le. the arm f(tUo'l"l1l£ thllQlIgh ttl Qbt"aijn l;lo1d. 1iV:H:h th10 0t!till' hand gra.Q fu~'~I1P'Q1J)~l~t'.s t;t~a,'l' lL,l'm -""t wri~t ~o ~E'lcn're lJ'.'Vera.~:er ~O~ll' Ii!;ad pa~:in.~ updcr ~il> MUJ pd." The {Iwone!ll,tr'i,s Wien Ul.lwS,.b,pn ~(J be £1n:f1Wn aVQt' ~hQl1h'i~'r'll;y ~u;~ng b(!4~' up IlJII'6lIly, u~lng nMk IllId llll.tlk !I'll mllin 1SVilFbtgl'l poil'll'!._ The "v·i:lQ]{I mov,emelil't II1ust be eXQllilf!ffd t~J'lld1.'Y to 01;1 !!'ff'~'··'Vi e. ..

No. 1,3-A.RM UD

LEG HOLD HI' you enn lhrn\'t" him 1cTWar~] to tlu~ FMUlI!'!

with. force tllD1,l"h to IIt\ln him 01;'knr;lck lJhn unt.


)"'{Iur m1(p ~B 1:D ttll~ po_Him'!


in Ph.til

~eli'e 01~pOl~cnt'~ wrist wjtl) :poNt hands, step' in witlh bwck: W ~'~l.1ir op:polleri~ tw:lgt aw'ttmil you an1l dr"",w it O'l'el" !)ho1i!hl~~- Wijth a;!'u'l~ M. !P''\'~J:. Q!;!!l.9 ~~.Ew:;iTd (pHckly:, giViElg-l01l.~ hi:ps IH) 'Ij1,PWIl1;l'<'l 'h'(t~c~ ;!nd: -PllII forward mL thll imp:d.!;Q1'I,e.d :lrat_ Tltp.>dM!!;n~i"e mlio is plnI1ge hell.dlnak oval' 'fOWl sll-ou,lll:tl r. -

WhCi:n your 4'o~ (lb't3ill~ t,lH! waist I06k, l'()\t 11lc,k one! OJ? both 01 hiij ~r:mJ;: bEltw,e.e" e1bow m.nd shou~l'. If only one is lSee~IT.ed, r~i-~e, snQulde1'~ lI,(Rdron t~ tbM !;id~, blli11ging o~p(>nem to the gr~undJ then -othet di~iLblin~ hold!;L will fo-1l6»-, It iJ;l 'V~r;y nee:e8Sll,l:r UUlt his ,l!..I:ms.tie _gl"a~ped Jlclrove lllb~w QI" hI! can 'Wo:i:'l oo:t ,Q<f. the hold.. B~ S"r:~ ?00l' opPo!l,ent' J!' feeot are off the l:':t'Dulld tef(l~e yell atwmpt to throw ht-n:!, tbe deienll'iV'e man is ~hell tlbwwll side" a(F~h Q"Te'l' rh-e hlp of t.h;~ !Ig~r1lsscir.
P~'II Te'l)

No. IG~Qm~R

:f!;I.OClf E'QIe VIAlST WQlt;

rl$x B:tJlINll

If )rou QPPUJHn:rt's hate} is lew. r~!Lch bac;:kll.nd grM:p 1!Ie.liro;!~t(!lO't, pun it up, ~t~a:di;lJe a"lld m on f th~ )~g. at 1bf"! S3~<'l tlm,e u~i~ )'QuJ.' weiglrt_ 'T]l~n_ !a).l ba~wal'.d a..Dd! ~'t salIlle ·til.ll~ !fl<ot !l, ~ha:rp twIst. and t:ele3M hold, turn. IlUHlkl~' I' opponen~ fa.l:fs. 'alIlU (1JilaVi"' up \Vltll 'tiirmlot. 'al;lac!L






Reach up !lnd ~Ilt~'h ]1(1111 II.:M1:mdhis neck, d!rIlW hij! bead fOrWa;l"d, gil .1o'Wll on l1i~hfi ]ihf!(! 1\114 ]lull Opp~nen t wi tb YoilU~ qui dll~ sb.if~ to, {l ~h'l!,n~le bolli, Til i s i ~ II ~(m d de.!e:ns!l fll.r .. ~hilrt milu til u ijl!
wli&n Q!t.fn(!.kad hom the :1'eill'. •


his flWe,


A{.taek Gp,o.nelJt strike him with

h(lIJ'J ~r by ;g~!1&p,ing Q;JlP()n,~mt':;: l~H ~Ilkls ,yitJrt yiJ,wr dgliif; ha.ntl, )1t the, same :1{o:u,r :rigbt: sllimM.f:T" and l'"31iSa tile l£g' as ,high as :po:ii,~i'bi"@', t,h.r~)'w~ng,op~nt Ott

.. ,





(I'Q"e'r the 1~riso:t:led

d:eiE.mshl~ In,&n j,& or1l1(1:!rhJj to thf IF'I)1Lnd ~he 'lttt~t.(::k~ ~t!lIlI1, '~~"e1· wi;r;h bis ::r:igM lilt 'and bl'l:l ! I1n t:lt~ near 1M 111 t'fie !lellliD~H nu~,n !ibQ'.~ mtB kI:tG~, ,gi~41P~ ~l!~lQ'(lt i!D(t 1'Idses 111" attacili~l" ~ leg, This pJdm;g~~ fie l:t~a1i (If. th0 p:<2?Lenslvll m~,:n ;fol'Wal'd ocR h~s. btEl>. ThB



pas'Si &Je to

leg shoo I,d !:>e dl'lIIWII up !IS hig,h as .plY'Ss<lbleW ~icve th~ lt~ng~ll. la~~rage,i:n

bnak the ] e:~,


No. 2b~TOE



When the f~t rs"ee-d forwl\);!1 tj,j! ~b!llwn in plite Hi tire ~Hlldwr bri!1~:{ t~~ P1IJ1nit~ !l)1\i'f:h~~!linB~ tha fmpl"h:o!l~d J~g, a~ the B~mEJ,t'lfue rQlliill;l: lil,l:1;l'weigh,t focrwl!.l1!t 011 .he vi,cHill'~ tMt, Ilnf:i.blin~ tll~ &tt!l:ekel' to ho I [J hi a (lPPOIJiA3nt: wi tli his 1i mbs, n;tL&~kifil!1 hi a ~h},Qllt wHI.1 llat.ll hand!>.



WI):~11 Iil'$'!: ~Ml1l.1!g tm -H c;.Hn(!1l, i& !tllit:E'l..l!atW'~ f'QT JIll' im:oonent 'to rea,eh in tor body bold. Thill !t-fi1otd~ an e~e~UIu\~ op}),o1'"t],U:lH;y. 1'91: ),101l to .1;Mu~~ 't;he \\\iili~ LQ0k_ SHop y(J~:r aTIil (I:1I"~ an~ !Wove" "the t)llHIW Qf your ~1)"p0ll:e,jj,tJ~ ~J!twde(F arm and. JL!}rk hlID. toward ;l{Ju. keepnl~ hIS; 80xm pHtn.ed W rOlllfBidfl.



5(1. '.il~roLLOW

Vl" FBO'M: .NP. 21

Nmv driv~ tihe lIal!Jl of ,y4lUl;' TigM. b"~;nli to hls- emf!, at the ~a.m(! stleppjng in witb yoU' ~ foot<, 1>ivt1ting on J';(lU1t left. N,DWbend fOrwfl!d, fOl'cil'!.g: "Sour "O~:p:onru1; ha~w"iird hl;i1d yout' l$g ;; on, th~ ground MU bend ~he Rp.per "put of bis bQ'UY Qver yC1ur lnp.1l. With YOlK ba~k. to t.he 9PlI@. hoh'lhili ~l'm tightlY' !i.J);d i;tOt3eJy tQ you, tho: h.ip~ a~ p~(I,C" well lJ.mle<ll fhe w~~ht bi f}PPW1~.i. m.ista.k~ is Qoon-moD,l:rmll>[],1!: h~~ in dropping to jh~ knMll befi)~ the oppcw.e:ut'!> f~~t It!llr.Ve thl;! trolllliL The, pl'O'po way to eJ[~eute this h.ol%i~, Id'tllr turning' the bat)!; tl)'l'vp~nent throW' ,.our hip b~ warn, iOl'tl1:qg 'the QPpQile'l~ :h·Qm ~p\l until )ti~ fe~i 11l:a.-vetb,e ~cn,ui(l.. ~n p"li dQw~ on h1~ l'i:rJl.t ~ 8iiJd act th,;>., sllme time :pu~Tt vwlElinfloy bMkW~l'd li(!rin:st hh f:hHl fotci:ng !lim to th'l;! ground.



After tJJ.wwin~ yQur Q~P'l!!ll!:D.t to iJIe ~I'llirnd 'With. .hold, a.t'the ! tune bq ttllIlg OppOlie"nt ",j t.h YUU!l' he.a.d. is lm~~b]EI for an QIJPQneni}"1obl'elllk biway.


g'O behhHI. ~M'ee ]iis heg;d lijI.(iI!: ,,,lith I!Il,'r.angl:e II:), a:pplyifig full ·Er.,ssul'~ on fotl'MiglE;l htiJ d U

N 0,. ~'::\---,BACli lIAMMER.
An'l}th~'r mp,tl1,o4 ofwail'djn~ (Iff st~~gb:t l)low OF Kn~~e ~t~Sld1.. 'If .oP:VQ~l<'1lti l~da with hLs '\\'!l.l"tl (I.lf UI~ blQW b).' lJl, hu: !I4·m ""'Un YOU.l· I11tt. at iu!); Wrlfj't, r;;:teppi.lljl: to bitt ~de ct'9.1ia tOUT l'J-!:'ht a.rni over his elbow a·nd. ~o:ur b.a>nd~ at :h~s rel1.T, ftlrce tll!'lc 1ml'l·.igolH::d !!;rm u1!W'&rd by applying 1I:re>Rt;l)'F~Ji]}~\i:a.l'{l 1Ii~ tlI~ "l'Hi&l and dm,v'Jl'1,vltl"cf on 1ihe uppeJ' :Jjll,yt af th.¢ Arm. 'the ~!I~nent ean f}g 'hflld


!;.ec~l'ell' ",iUI (ltlee:h~llId hr grca.sJling t,bj): sM~t w!~h y(1I1~right hliiul ~l'his Ieaves )'CJ1ttl'" l@fl ~'l'm. :fl'ee to 1tl,l:l'lU'r O!r~pple yo;u;t' oppc>nent.


IOl'~i~g lib. up t.h~ ba.1lli:..

Extracts From Communic·ations of Various Officers Dealing With Sandow"s System of In-fighting Taught in the U, S. Army
1'ully reaJ.iDes tba.t all 0t'gal'J.i:lla.tions are being taxed scliedule. blit that a. Inl!npo&s~smg :a. ipIo'Wledge of' mestIing" so da.n~oua. ,tn a:n eiD~ th=tb thetlme-- gi~n t;o this instru.cliOll wtI1 be ~tremely well sp~t.-.~Headqua.t1:ets 87th DivimQn N.attonal A.r:i:n!'.. DiJ;, N. J.t ;r.DJ.i 19.. 1.918, BY CO~ OF'M.A.TOR GENERAL the •tdefensive
1"b.e·Divi;:;ioll COmmander





The Sl;l!,aol af Wrestlfng' a.u'd. l'.ighting oondue~ti by JIfi'. n. o~ Sandow .tn t"his was a. deci.!1»d sUCdess.-~j 01' G8Ii.el'al StUt'gis til CQ1IIIII_a:ruplg Gene:I% Camp ~l N • .T.,. July 16~ 11'118.

laid :e.side.,......n. H. Fanall, J4a.j~ OfIicer,t ~!'(l Chou.~ MTD MGTC,.

It is my be.lieftb.a.t this eeurse is ml;lCn more V'Q<lua.b;le tman' boxing. as an asset to a .:illan in a. lIaud ta lmJid cQm."bali, in wllicb. aJt ruJ.~ of ~
Illfa.nttY~ Y. Clq..mll,

S;. A., CfmllD.anding.

to' f.lq.1mn0U,!,dj.:ng 16:, 1918.

I belJ.en; th'a!t. this work giV.en by MI:. Soa;ndcw is Qf ine.:s~a:lr1e value to '& :tEIJW. both ~ in a.:D:d a,ttM: hU ret'Jlnl to ciWl.1tft:.It impa.rts to the moo a. ~nfident:1:j in theft aibiH~y tp "P1'9~t tMmse-iveis 9"~ the netBnslv8 fi.W to put tlietr opponent ont ()f bnsiness wh~ Qn.fih~ offl!>~iv;e.-J;o}l.n D. Austin, ~t)r7 111f:a.ntQ', U. S. A.~ CmlP HancOCk, Ga, to Comm:iJ1.d.illg Q,ftiqeJ:, Nov. 2i5, 191a. '

Plittsltln wJttch has proven bf SUM ~eat va.lue, that 't~ CQllt~ mal¥ling 6enera1, GeIl..eral Stmg:iS, ~s ~onrmended tha.t tt be tau.ght in connection with the 800001 for Bayonet Fi~hting, for offi.~ at Ft. Sill.; OkJ.a... This OOU11'l!ie, bis opinw~ in is mu.ab. ~uperlor to ' o:xi-ng. Mi. Sandow is an e~ a,t, thm 1in.e and lris CQ1HSe, Q'f inStruction M given a.t thij camp, has Rl'"OVen vaJuable.-A. B.. Hatr1$l M$jot, Genet.\! SMtft Asshrtmt of Sta.if, 87th DivDU.~~. (lamp DiX. N. J." tIl Commanding OfficM, Infantry Behol)l of ~ Ft. S111, Ok:lar., July 23, HIS. the Oftleel:s of ~

The baa~r~

:Mr. R. C. Sandow,

11M j1Wt eQmpleted

a. eoitl1:se of insttaetion



I ."P."ltinkyou will ~ee wit.h me when I say tha.t too mueh a.-tt.e.n.t1on has been given to box±ng ",t the Yation& Ca.ID.1'5, tl:ris to th~ ~usiQn ,of wre:stlillg. I-wWlld S11 \illa.t.lmcli. men' ~ Mr. Sandow a.nii &ther a.uthol' on wrestl~ be U to give Qlstruet10n a.t th:e various 'Camps. Perhaps a· seleett!4 elMs of oi!Leen (1;[' @vllians coUld be tnined and thEm Bent around to teMh :lilliesyatem.1. ])r~ MaJor. The In£Ultry BeMal 01 ArIr$. F-or:t Sill) Oklao., to Major W. B. LoughimroOug,fi,. U. S." QemKaJ .stafft W~n, D. C., August 18, 1918:.

Camp ~

I believe'tht'S

N. J.


is much

mOTe vaJ:na.ble than. boxiIi,g.-General


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