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College Canteen

Group Members
Janhavi Abhyankar Mrugesh Bagadia Neeraj Giradkar Amey Joshi Tanay Mehta M 1201 M 1202 M 1218 M 1224 M 1235

Presentation Flow
Project Need Scope, Objectives, Stakeholders and Milestones Deliverables, Dependencies, Constraints, Assumptions and Risks Project Estimates Project Controls & Authorisation

Identification of Need

Project Need
o Due to the lack of canteen in the NMITD campus and no hygienic eateries near the campus area this project aims to fill a void and succeed in attracting students who seek fast, convenient and high quality food.

Number of Students

Do you need canteen in college campus separate from Kirti college?

45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Yes No Maybe

MMS 37 0 1

MCA 41 1 1

What is amount of money you are willing to spend in Canteen?

40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0
Number of Students

Below 20 20 - 30 30 & above

MMS 0 29 9

MCA 0 37 6

Which type of food you would forward to in the canteen?


Number of Students


25 20 15 10 5 0

Fast Food Healthy Food Both Combined

MMS 14 2 22

MCA 8 1 34

Product Description
o This project is concerned with the design of the canteen for NMITD campus. o The project will be executed by acquiring a small space (approximately 200 Sq. Ft) in campus and then converting it into a canteen.

Scope, Objectives, Stakeholders and Milestones

o The scope of the project is the launch of a canteen in the college campus to cater the needs of MMS and MCA departments which includes students and faculties.

o The project should be completed in three months duration. o The project is slated to cost not more than Rs. 1,75,000 with approval cost extra. o The project should have achieved all the 5 milestone phases: research; procurement; renovation and styling; staff and grand open.

Completion Criteria
o The project will be considered complete when the canteen is open for business and serving customers. o The canteen will then be handed over from the project planning team to the canteen management.

Project Stakeholders
o Customers/End Users Students and faculties of NMITD as they will be using the Project output. o Sponsor Sponsor is the person or a Group, who generally provide financial support and act as the advocate of the project. Top Management of NMITD college is the sponsor. o Portfolio Manager Portfolio Manager might increase or decrease the priority of the project and might be involved in the selection of project by looking at ROI. Dr. Seema Purohit, Director of NMITD is portfolio manager.

o Project Manager Key person responsible for achieving Project objectives by managing key constraints. o Project Team All team members involved in the project including Project Manager, Project management team members, and Other team members. o Operational Manager Includes key Business area in the organization. After closing, Project outcome is handed over to Operational Manager. o Sellers/Vendors Provides external service or expertise to the project.

Milestones of the Project

o Research Phase o Procurement Phase o Renovation and Styling o Staff o Grand Opening

Deliverables, Dependencies, Constraints, Assumptions and Risks

Research Phase:
Market Research Vendor Acquisition Contracts Customer profitability business plan Interior Design plans Exterior Design plans Site proposal plan

Procurement Phase:
Location Acquisition

Obtain various permits

Kitchen equipments Renovation Materials

Renovation and styling:


Equipment Installation Onsite Freezer

Personnel acquisition

Employee Training Material

Employee Training Work Scheduling

Grand opening:
Handing over of canteen from project planning team to canteen management team.

Deliverables Does Not Include:

Maintenance of the canteen. Running daily affairs of the canteen.

External Dependencies
o Government officials will be critical for the completion of this project. Without the approval for the various pre construction, final construction and business permits the project will not be complete.
o Fire and Health officials will need to inspect and approve the canteen before the grand opening day.

o Vendor Acquisition: Without the appropriate vendors, we will not be able to acquire the goods and services needed to launch the canteen. o Location Acquisition: If not completed in time, we will not be able to acquire the various permits necessary.

o Obtain pre-construction, final construction, health permits: Delay in Grand Opening can occur if various permits from the city are not approved in a timely manner.

o Supplier delay in goods and services can delay renovation and opening. o Contractor resources limitations. o Delivery of equipment.

o Each employee (resource) will only work up to a maximum of 8 hours per day. o The activity durations are presumed to be correct, although extra flexibility has been built into the plan to mitigate any time problems.

o The Fixed Costs have been estimated. Any changes to these fixed costs will affect the total project cost.

Project Risk
o Cost Overruns o Late deliveries

o Technical inadequacies
o Delay in decisions o Change in process

Project Estimates

Estimated Schedule
S.No . 1 2 Project Milestones Project Start Research Phase Target Days 1 10

3 4
5 6 7

Procurement Phase Renovation and styling

Staff Grand opening Project Close

45 25
7 2 90

Estimated Cost
S.No . 1 2 3 Fridge Gas Connection Burner Cooking Range ITEM (Rs.) 15,000/5,000/12,000/-

4 5
6 7 8

Oven Grinder
Working Table Water storage containers Raw material containers


S.No . 9 10 11

ITEM Cooking utensils Idly steamer Dosa plate

(Rs.) 5,000/3,000/4,000/-

13 14 15 16

Plates, spoons, bowls, etc

Crockery, Trays, etc. Service Counter Cupboards Tables & Chairs



Exhaust chimney
Fire Extinguisher TOTAL


Project Controls & Authorisation

Project Controls
o Weekly Team Meetings o Monthly Status Reports

o Risk Management: Ensure the project risks and associated mitigation actions are monitored and controlled in accordance with the Risk Management Plan.

o Issue Management: Project-related issues will be tracked, prioritized, assigned, resolved, and communicated in accordance with the Project Management Procedures.

o Change Management: A Blog will be established by the project team to track all changes associated with the project effort. All Change Requests will be assessed to determine possible alternatives and costs.

o The Scope Statement, WBS, Project Schedule, Risk Management Plan and Project Budget will be approved by the Project Manager and the Project Owner.

o Project deliverables will be approved by the Project Owner and the key Stakeholders.
o Project performance baseline changes will be approved by the Project Manager and the Project Owner.