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U-S Navy SEAL Hand to Hand Combat Manual-Frank Cucci

U-S Navy SEAL Hand to Hand Combat Manual-Frank Cucci


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Published by: Samurai_Chef on Apr 03, 2012
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At it’s simplest, what we’re concerned with here is that you don’t look or act
like an easy target. Present an image that is formidable. Make them think twice
about hassling or attacking you before the fact. Again, most criminals are looking
for the easiest target possible.
Primary to this attitude is the belief that nobody has a right to invade your space
or harm you in any way. If they do, you must be prepared to do what is necessary





to end any threat. When you have resolved to do what’s necessary, even if it means
launching a lethal attack of your own, you can begin to model the proper attitude.
As you move through daily life, you should consider yourself “on stage”. You
must show through your body language and other cues that you’re a confident
person with purpose. This doesn’t mean that you should swagger or walk around
like some “hood”. You should give off a strong appearance, though.
Walk with your shoulders back, head up and eyes clearly open and scanning
your surroundings. Even if you’re tired, you should do your best to show that
strong, outside shell. If a criminal reads fatigue and sees you slouching and clearly
not at your best, you’ll become a much more attractive target.
If you’re uncomfortable or feeling a bit nervous don’t show it by fidgeting,
pacing or flailing your arms around. Stand strong and hold your ground. Make a
statement with your body that you have a right to be where you are. Don’t openly
challenge anyone, but let it be known that you’re aware and able bodied.
Many people are taught not to make eye contact with others but this can really
work against you. In fact, you should make it a habit to meet strangers with some
eye contact. People who don’t make eye contact are often perceived as fearful,
weak or shy. They make good targets.
By making eye contact, you may disuade some jerk from doing the wrong
thing. You don’t want to have a stare-down with them or lay out a challenge but
you do want them to know that you’re looking out for trouble and won’t back
down when necessary.
This is especially important for women, but they must be even more careful
about it. Eye contact can be seen as an invitation with macho types. By adding a
business-like “hello” or other greeting and moving on quickly but assertively, you
can put a stop to any monkey business. Show yourself as someone to be taken
seriously. Don’t try to be cute. Be direct and purposeful. Again, criminals generally
want to prey on the weakest victims possible.
To help you portray a confident body image, always be aware of your “strong”
side and keep it as clear as possible. Your “strong” side usually corresponds to
the hand you write with. If you’re carrying a briefcase, purse, books or packages
always carry them on your weak side. Children should also be taught to stay on
your weak side.

Your “strong” side is your best, strongest side to mount an attack with. You
should keep it ready for action. Keys or personal defense tools (alarms, whistles,
etc.) should be carried on the strong side so that they’re ready for use and the bad
guys can see them. Just seeing that you’re ready for trouble may be enough to
send a criminal off in search of another, more passive victim.
It is your right as well as your obligation to defend yourself against violence. If
more Americans took their personal defense seriously, crime rates would surely fall
in the country. Showing the criminal that you’re a confident and committed person
ready to act in your own defense can go a long way toward keeping you safe.

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