What happened to all the bohemians? Gone, baby.

Vaporized by society, breathed in by a collective breath, gurgled, washed through the digestive system, painfully grunted out the university chute: they are 'now' ordained whiten'd shades of 'black to white', trolling times square wildness with spouse & yapping pet children before flee-flying home to (the OOO's: I0wa, Idah0, Ohi0). They are the 'Them. U can spot 'Them,' but look closely dear, in New Bank Ork by their aura: Partite. Which means divided to the base into (sameness) conservative parts: Patriotism. Honest-Hypocrisy. They risk nothing of 'real' worth, yet are monetarily comfortable to wealthy, harbor no 'true' opinions, yet brush lint off knee while speaking, contribute, 'yet' demand. 'Them' are the men & women of the 'measured.' life. Hail them, scorn them, but never dispute 'Them'; for by the grace of 'Them' goes us. Nice wording, phrasing, but not say anything new, tell me something…tell me something new, enlighten.

Sex sex sex. Ahhh!
M. S. C.

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