The Sikhism is the blend of all Religions and the Faiths of India as well of the Muslim and the other ones, which are similar to the Indian Philosophy of Religion. Thus, the Sikhism is the strongest thread for the national integration. The Muslims rulers and the invaders have elaborated this fact in what the saw, experienced and wrote. Similarly, the British Empire noticed it for hundreds of the years. They won the Sikhs at the end of their ruling as some traitors made them win, while have fighting with the Sikhs, the orders came from the British Empire from England to leave India, but the traitors made it the opposite. Then came the times, when the Sikhs kept the Sovereignty of India by refusing to separate from India, while the Pakistan came into existence. However, the Sikhs faced such a torture right from the foundation as Shri Guru Nanak warned that the Indians are not learning to remain united. The division of Pakistan and India divided Punjab into two states the West and the East Punjab. However, the actual partition took place in 1966, when the Eastern Punjab in India was having smaller divisions from the PEPSU, as it came out the Harayana, some parts in Himachal and some in other states. It was the beginning of the demolishment of the Punjabi Culture. The Capitalists and the Communists have noticed it that the Sikhism marks the integrity of all of the Religions and the Faiths of India as well as the ones present outside India, they seem to try to make the Sikhs and the Punjabi’s as the puppets.

The people in the state have left with no culture, custom and the trends that we know as the Punjabi. The establishment of the Idols, the releasing of the movies, cartoons, the TV serials about the Sikhs, the Light and the Sound Drama and the other aspects has made it the joke of the Religions and the Faiths that the Sikhism represents. The Sikhs are the most liberal and honor all religions and the faiths as equal as there are the Psalms and the Hymns of almost all Religions and the Faiths in the Living Guru, Shri Guru Granth Sahib, and the Holy Book of the Sikhs. The Supreme Court of India has given it the status of the ‘Human’ deserving all human rights. The Integrated Religions and the Faiths in Sikhism does not allow one to earn by the films and the television kind of preaching, rather it says that all homes, where the humans dwell should be the practice houses of one’s religion and or the faith. It advises to set a practical example. However, the introduction of the religion as the Costume Drama has made it the mockery of the Sikhism. As a human, I seek to know that when Divide and Rule has divided the local to global civilizations, can we save our families the way everything is going on. No, our families, particularly in the west are falling apart as the human relations and the bonds have the after effects of the Divide and Rule. The Religions and the Faiths guide to unite and serve all. It keeps the warmth and commitments in the families, groups and national to international integration. The critics of the Sikhism may need to make a research on the Comparative Religious Studies and the sects with ism and even the teachings of the enlightened souls, which the Sikhism includes.

It is the treasure of wisdom for the humanity, not just for the Sikhs, Indians or group of people. It records the teachings of the centuries from around 1000 AD to 1700 AD. The seven hundreds years and the names of all enlightened souls for which the Indian Civilization have feelings of Reverence as that of the Bhakat Dhruva, the grandson of the Manu and the ones as the Bhakat Namdev, Bhakat Kabir, Bhakat Ravidas and so many others having the same status as the Sikh Gurus have. We need to pay attention that we understand the concept of world family.

The Concept of Gurbani: The Gurbani is the collection of the teachings of the metaphysically transcendental souls, the enlightened ones. It does not matter to which religion, cult, sect or ism they belong. The belief in it is that the whole of the Creation is having the governance from One God, called and known by many different names. For example, He is Omnipresent, the name in different languages may differ, however, in India and Indian languages the word Ram or Rama is having the same meaning for it. Similarly, He is Merciful and dispeller of all sorrows; the name for it is Hari. He is the owner of the Creation; name for it is Jagdish. There are so many names, but all are to praise Him. The commonly used word is praise the Lord. This word is Waheguru. The meaning of Waheguru is to praise God by all possible means, through chanting, singing, reading, praying and other ways that one follows according to one’s religion or faith. Now, there is one factor that God governs the Creation with certain natural laws and the principles. He deals with us according to these laws and principles.

He is not beyond these, simply governs, but does not violate any of these. He is Merciful, Forgiver and bestows His Grace to all. He does not violate it. In the Gurbani, there are many laws and the principles; however, we may take the main of fifty-two. These are to support us metaphysically, not just preaching what the religions say. In other words, it is the essence of the religions; the religions are having a common thread metaphysically as that present in the rosary. We may discuss it one at a time, and have our mystic reflection metaphysically. We may take it as the fruits from the wisdom tree. You see it what I feel and the opinions may always or often differ, however the self-felt feelings and experiences do not differ. Please note that it is the voice of the conscience, the opening door to the universal mystic conscience, the universal conscience at the pineal gland. It is the seed of the universe as if a civilized child within us as the voice of our conscience. I seek your good wishes, blessings and the prayers. Thanks!