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Central IntelligenceAgeng


w.Jshington. D C 20505

Ms. Rachel Haynes service National Security Suite 1102 1730 Rhode Island Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20036 Reference: F95-1679


Dear Ms. Haynes: This is to acknowledge rece.ipt of your 3 October 1995 Freedom of Information Act request for a copy of the following document ~ "Japanese FO.rees to Take Part in SDI Research," dated 14 May 1988. For identification purposes we have assigned yourlrequest the number referenced above. We searched o1Jlrrecords of previously released material and located the doC!!umentidentified above consisting of five pages. Since you ~re entitled to the first 100 pages free of charge as a requester in the "news media" category, fees are not being assessedlin this particular instance. A copy of our schedule of fees is also enclosed for your information. We are please to have been able to assist you. Sincerely,


In Enclosures

Lee S.trlc ~~ Ian on and privacy Coordinator

ct" U'"



. ,'. -.

MORI Document ID:> 41660:41660 .Current Classification:> UNCLASSIFIED




(Top Play)


May 14. 1988

Japauese Forces to Take Part 1n SDI llesearch; J01u Biddiug for West PacIfic Version; Japau-US All:l.aDce. with JUtsubishi Heavy Iudustries as Ax1s It baa bean arranged thet an 'all:l.ance of JapaneBe and US enterprises. with H1tsubiahi Heavy hdu.trias aa tho COH, wUl take put in the US Defense Department's Suetelic Defense lDitiatlve (SDI) re8earch. rus is because the US Defeoae Department decided OIl the })Ol1cy of BtsrtiDg research OIl a West Pac:l.fic SDI vcr.iOll, cutering OIl Japan. oDd called UpOllthe particlpatl_ of Japanese enterprisea. The prospects are that it will be formally decided by the first part of Auauat. It i8 aspected that five compau1ea. iuelud1D& electric IIISchiDe manufacturers. V1ll toke part iu it fro~ Japan and two companies frOID the US alde, 1uelud1n& Buabea AUcraft. rb1a v1ll be the first case of particlpation by JapeDc.e enterpri ..... iuce the Japan-US Governmental Agreement pattlclpatl~ :l.n aDI research wout into effect 1u July of last e other !~ltueae euterpP.ses.

~.~.ii;;~~'; l1kely ......

'-• .' ,.....ti:'01Ee-:-aaa"!S-

to b:;"0ID8 ful1-.cal~._..

-• -

'1he US Defeuae Dep&%tlllent llowed, by the 16th. the aeneral outl1ue of a a defause concept for defeuae allaiust shol:t- and mcdiua-rauac missiles :l.n the Wallt Paclfic reslO1l. c811tedna OIl Japan, and started to accept applicatiOlls for W4:!.ua":"r _te~l'eI ul1dq part:l.c1paC1=." ·It·ft1l. take ehe fom·of· campeC1C1V1 'b14cU.q. 'but the cOSld1ti= 1. detoUed 1mowledle of 1DformatiOll ccmceniq ths uoud Japan." aDd it 11'"'fJ.HiiiU.,. proiled OIl placiDa orcS.:. nCb JaP.JlUo _terpri •• a. The Defanse Departlllat v1ll d1auibute to enterpriaoil 'iIb1ch bave applia4for 1IUdiua. • lIdttau reque.t. which will • COIltaiu buic ccm41t101l' u4 data 11OCU8U1 fo~ the fonualAti01l of plau. even by the end of Hay. .


Hitsubishi Beavy Industries' sub-contractor. Nippcm Electrlc, Fujltsu and B1tach1. Ltd. Aa for US outerpd.... the Scieuce ApplicatiODll Intenati01lBl c....!'u... (SAle). .. DIllltary . COIlSu1tant com~,. aull BUgUt:b major defense ludu.try company. are ezpected to take part. -


the eDterpriae alliance. c8Ilterlna 011 H1taublshi Heavy Industries, has already c01lloUdatd a setup for r •• pODd1q to ordus. It 11 viewed that the bidders v1ll be 11m1ted to. tlai. GIla FouP alolle, W it will pnsout to the US 8ide a vritt81l propoaal. 1Ih1cb v1ll meet the :equir8lllellCS, by the deadline.

Ai"~'.r,, ..

The'Mitsubishi Heavy Industries group will receive the u's Defense Department's dealSuation by the first part of August. at the latest, and it will conclude a contract cl1ractly. v1tbout ,oiug throuah tbe Japanese Gove1:llmeut. HitBub1ah1 BeayJ Iudulltries haa beau shov1ua stroua lnterest in the SDl research, which ls important for our country's defeuse, as the biggest manufacturer 1D Japan'a defause iDdustry circles, and lt has declded ou participation. partl.,. with the aim of accUlllUl&t1nstechDoloay for duause against ~s8iles. The West Paciflc ver8:l._ of the SDI reaearch will check into a dcfeuse SYBtemto counter lIIod1ur and short-rl1ll8o millslle attac1r.lI. aud compariUS a plural nWl'ber of plau. will 'cOllduct teclmoloalcal rellMrch OIl the IIIDSt approprlate lIy.Cem a~d tbe llle&nsof defense. 'lba objects for the re.earch v1ll 1uclude the aualy&1ua of the threat of 1IIOd1um- aho1:t-:aqe mi•• i1ell. the utaWsbmell.t of work uceall&X'y to cope and with this threat. - tho fbiDS of the functions required of the COlIpODBDt elemeuts of the defense systlllll. the check1q ot a plural number of candidate systems. aud the checkiDa of techuologies needed for 'the concept. lor Japan's partic1pa~in SDI reB8ar~bt the Japanese ao4 us Covuumant. Ups! • Govornlllat--to-Covtn:DUnt ~t OIl July 22 of lout year, and the_W&Z f'tJ: part~c~~p.UOD.....l!l ..Japaneaeatupdses opoue4. 20 _ Japan.a. t_d84 a SnI 'ii.P14uat1'oa lIe'itina heW 1u the US 111 the· first part of Hov_ber. 'but tbeu. tho Japaneso aido took • cautious atUtu4e, &114 a fi-ad dee1si01l baa bean delayed. Q Jo.jJuroved 'erf ReJ~R

coupiiil.. .



.•. ZS4!4tI!p!;·'·~ ".


\f.~III!~:-·" .. · -.:;r. .~-Jtii/0218t ....... .:0,,_i&;.~,\ .. 4 ...:..... ~~!%l*~l" ~ ..~. .. f..!tI

MORI Document ID:> 41660:41660 ,Current Classification:> UNCLASSIFIED
"'•- \._ \. ,~.

\. t

: l'



however, tbe JaplnC!Se were reluaant 10 actively panicipate. as IIWIY were worried thai joining the projec:t would ensure U.s. control over J.pan'l tccbnolopc:al

'tum11lI Their Bacb on SDr')

[Anldc reponer by Satoslli Huepwa:

MJapan_ firms

[Tm)Ma,IorJapanesecompaDlesan:tumina1bdrbacb on PaUidcnl RoDIId Rupu.'I S1tateak: DdCaIe lailialive (SDI), popularly kDoWIIa StIr a the Reapn, era draWl to an end.


A. JtOIIp of seven or eisht Japanese and U.s, campania headed by MilSllbisbi Hesvy Indllltria an: expected 10 panicipale in SOl research on a hisb-altitucie misSile shield over the Westeru PacifIC. Other companies in the pYIU.p Include MilSUlrishi EJecrric. Hitachi. Fujitsu, NEe, McDonnell DousJu, and HusheS Aln:raft. TIic: blddilll wiU 1Iltc pi_later this month and the COIItradS will be awarded in September,

lion eo Jlpan IUt -til.the fUlt time IiIU1C the project

But a spokesman for MIlSUbishl Heavy Industry. Japan's larpsl weapons manufaeturer, said the company's Inlerwas limited. Heca~ coolness toward the _ propOred five yean Il10. to pup: priYatHCUor amccpt of SOl as a whole, even Cboqb the company intemt. &mIOIII1CI:d jlllt three wecb qo @!at it would actively 1'bouaII the mbsion'l ecdvilica WCIe IIcpllUic:dy canfi. seek panicipation in the impend1na rcseardI. dential, JapISICIC campania hldicatcd they nacted ., rather coolly. The Impczdllll deparUzre of RcqaD, the "We dcdcIed 10 bid for tile _reb project bccalllC 0f,ts ~ .. chid' backet; SCIeIIts to have mvcII 10 do' with own merit. We think thlll)'llem may be useful (or the ~1".IIs'__' ._r:.1 ~'~.,. ;' ,_ ".' " . . .tU~. ~_ of Japan. "the offieial esplained, MMore w ..... -... me ..._.. ~-.-.. _....... '''ihPotwtdy. It Is IICICdltectly n1atcd 10 SDL~ .•.. The Oepanmcnl c!ispatdled an SD. milo
est in SOl

u.s. Defense

~I~~~ a11eRd .... poIll'




Ac:contiIl.lIO one illClUltry 1OUtCe, Japatll:se companies ~ b,. tbo~l_to ~pato IDSOl mearcb. "Wewacated~'· thoMillisb7'" 'of IaterDaticm&l Tndo u4 raduItry. think Men WIIIleIi to ease tI'Ide ftfctioaI."


OftbeS) miUioa~ lUed 10 dcve!op a "'*IY to defend Japan and the Caroline and MariAna 1IIancII'f1j lbe WCItmI Pacific from Soviet missiles. each company woukI pi jllll S300,ooo 10 S)70,QO(). For a company with anaualsaIesofYJ.7 triI1ion($11 billion), said other




Many cIectroIIIcI fbmf, project !'or 1hcmIeIves.


lee IiUle

baDaIit Ia the

ItndI EII1'OY CallI far EeoIlGlDlc CcDtrIIIadOll OWIJ07J6J188 ToIcyoASAHI SH1MBUN I,. IfIIIIlIWiW 9111188IIDlJliIl6Edllion P 6-FOR OFFICIAL vst ONL Y
[By reponer Shinshi Rokubul] (Text) Foref8,ft Miu&:I:r SoIISIIb UIIO rili:ecl IJIHI. which il eelebratlnl the oCOth annlvenary of its fouadlnlAs Uno was the lint JIII&IICSe cabinet member to visit UraeI,IIII risil bas UOUIIIIIIllltcnWiorIaIlUeGtion. "lap__ diplomacy" ItroIlIIy calli for IIraeIf withdJawai Iiom the occupied territories and !'or respoct for tile

"We hive (ound tbal there would be 110 merit III Panic> lPllllll III ~l," saua a 1P01M&m11l (or Solly CoJP, "AI a manul&cturer of consumer eIeetroftiel, ...., don"t 1dftt 10 be tied doWD" by a mDitary commitmcnL

Major cIcc:Itordca maker Toshiba Corp. also showed liure lllterest. $lid a GIIIIIPIftY official: "We are puttins IUlJ'IIIlII cm.9IU' ~ .We ~ jrymuot tooffcnd the Unltcin,ates iftifiltiit ~~'lofIctUQc _~_':':·...lIVm&D riP" oI·....l'&ladniItLRftI&ca. How.4id...._1he Con&zas tltJ'eatenal WI ApriJ to impose a tltreC-;ar hndi ~ftia·lchJjrt.1Jl~ Va'iijov ban on ales of Toshiba products in the United States • Cohen, Israeli ambaswfcr to Japan, was present at after It _ ..-Jed Ihal tile fiIm'l IUbsicIluy IIOld Miailtcr Uno', talk wilh Israeli Prime Minister milftarily sentitive mac:IUaay eo the Soviet UaIoit. Sblmir. We intervicrMxl Ambassa:dot ear-. who just retumed to Japan. aboulltis views and feelinp. SOny and TosIuDa toot put in an SOl mt.lon of 21 Japaaae companies tIJ&I vbitecl the United Slates two (ASAHI] What do you think of the Japanese (oreiBJI minister'. filii Yisit to Israel? yean ago. AlIt:IsI several firma in tIie IftIUp, lacludlns NIT Electronie Tcdmolo&Y, are said to have dropped OIlt of the IIIl1nina fOr SDI caDlraCll. [Cohen] The visit was not 10 uncapec:tcd as to bave caused so much cxciSaDeAt iD Jqan. Hil visit simply The I'aItqon SDI mialfon tbIt vllitcd Japaalast month illdieatel UI&t an wma1udI litulltlmt baI been turDecI was to look into illrcrest ill the pnIjecI aile! tbe tlldJno. ineo a natural one. or COlIne, I sPeak biJhl), of his raolution. JoajcaIlt&tuI of J&paDQe ~ FIoIn the beainD~






. ,.

\ ...:"~*::,?,~~ ~.,,;': .{:?'-:.o:... .•. ~



._,----":.":" f


MaRl Document

lD:> 41660:41660 _


Clas~ i fi.cat ion~: ..UNCLASSIFIE~ ~ .

NIRCN ~1ZA1 (Pase 9) NovombartB,


ne Welt Paclfic U1rkIl... Defense Coucapt (WBSTPAC) research, whlch ls a patt vi ~h~ ~~ ~4!eQ4e D6pa~tmen~·. Stratoalc Dafeaae Initiative coucept, and which will al.o bvol.,. Ja'_", _t.~pd'88, i. uov finally bei!l& launched. 13 Japane.o ad US cozpaD1el, centenng 011 Hiuub1ahi Heavy IduatrIe.. v11l cODCludea fonal contract with the De!eue Departllent oll December 1. There are DOW proapects that, follorio, this, the US LTV Group, which 18 partIclpated in by Xaw.aki Heavy :lndultdes, w111 also conclude a contract. Throuah participatlon In the SDI research, Japan's defense induDtry will make a bl, chanae from 11cll1le4 prodUction, up untl1 now, to the deva1op~ent of ita own ln4epandaut tochaol08Y. the purpole of WBSTPAC 11 to conduct research on a IlOxt-gellOration ~lS81le Iy.tea .for· the: blookiq of ~dlum-; and !bort-ranae nuclear weapoos attacks ln the Wilt ~ac1f1c ro&1on,' The contract""'""tb1e tilDe ::1. fot the .UrIC-lta._ r .... ftb. 1114 tJ.I!. ,11:104 of ~1IIe 11 ono 1~ar. '!he reaearch eKpenaea are 3 milll00 dollazo8. ".~;..

... tr

From Novambazof next year and. after, zoaaeazoch o wl11 p~oce8d to tbe second .",~~.. J&"Il'~ ~rtlc1pat. _~n iit. In accozodenca with the "Kutual Defenae ~~iil.t&llc, ~ut:.· W'b1cfil'iiii.;~011Cl.II4a4 .1Ie~. Japa" a~~ US In 1963, a. &A ezeaptloll to the thZ'a. Prlnclpl.1 on WeaponsExports.' ~




!be two I~OUP. will ~acalv. f~OD the US Dalanae ~partmellt, flrat of all, ~e'e&1:cb data coa.camlna pzoelaut au4 fonaeeabla futUH tb~.. ta to tile Vut Paclfic rea1on. on thea, as,lIulatlOlli will be curied out on COIllPUters, aDd lucb mattezoa all what k1lld of minile lntercept10n aystem is needed, what are the new t8c_01011.. wh1ab vW be ldlapeuaaple fozo such a s1stelll, whether tbe development of such tecbnoloa1ea 111 poaa1ble, how 10118 1t wiU take to devalop auch techRoloa1a., wbat tha costs will be. etc., will be eQlozoe4.


~ tH~I':tif :tb lU.~llblab!'_ ~~._.GzoouP •. ~t "~8"pazoticipatad in by leadlng Japa'llele and Am.dc!ei! defel18e.:.zo"itite6 lduatdo •• · .hc.lu41Da, K1tsublshl Electdc, Nlppo'll Electrlc. US Kcl>onnell DouSlu. llaytheon, etc. ~! :':""!!~~ 0.04]1\Itt e"~ri.d out vitl1 ~beae pat'tlctpatlnl .colllplln~u f(\rlDtng three or four teams accordlug to tbeme., auch .a the 1II1s111epzooper, se~80ra, 3C and 1 (co_ancl, contzool, cOllllllun1catlolUl and information) "steml, etc., baaed on tha field, of teehnology In which each cOlllpanyexcels tbe 1II0St. ,Overall dilcussiona will be held once • IIIOnth or every two lIIontha, and , Hitaublsh1 Heavy InduatZ'iea will co-ordlnate the wbole. It ls not kl101l'l1 hether the contract th1ll tillle will lead up alao to the w development of hardware ad software. Even so. however, various co~paniea on tha Japaueae 114. place expectation., lay1ng that "Ivan 1f 1t reulalnl only resoazoch on tbe concept, tte effacta will be bll." that i_ beceuee, above all elae, they wl11 be able to forlilulate an outlook on technologles which w111 be uoeded in the future and tha poa8~billty of developing them. : FzoolII this, there vill open pzoospects fozo tbe autonomous development of new technologies. PozoJapanea. enterprises, whlcb conllider that -higb technology 18 tbo ve'rY 11f.-11n. for Japan I a seeur1 ty, - lt is a heaven-sent opportunity to Induce technoloalcal renovatlon. " Ellpec1aUy. it CIl1 ba said that H1.tsublllhi Heavy' Indultdee has secured the leod. of a blg liuslual opportun1~. WBSTPAC, "hloh 11 a defeela Iys~em uelng conventlonal weaponl, baa Do~e realizabl11ty. unliko the lo-call~d "Sta~ War. pzooject,· etc. That 1. becaule the lntroduct.lon of a nut-generatlon a1r-4ef.ua. "')'Itft u'Ula lliaaU.1 Will be taken up, 'OOIlOZO latu. or by the JDA, too. all4 laecau. Kit_ubllhi Heavy I1IduatZ'1e~ wb1ch ls a"eiug tbe a.curing ·tha oml:. fo~ l.t. rill be able to _ad in a po_1t1on of aup.dority. _c~lIIpa~.4" vtth othe~ COQlp&A1eI, 111It_ bit 1nala negot1&tlOl18 with the JDA, bal.a- on lta actual 'of--p'artlclpatloll the SDI pzooject. _r








MORI Document ID:> 41660:41660 Current Classification:> UNCLASSIFIED


~..= -:O.....I:T!". t' defelUl8 industry has 80 far taken cha.rge of the production of equlpClent exaetlr a8 delliandedby .tlulJDA, in accordance with its plana. Furthenorl'. a brlte part of Japan's main defanae equipClent is baaed on licenses granted by the US. It va. centared on work followlns the blue-prints lIIetl~~10~s11. Hovav~r, occasiouad by participation in the SDI, there i8 also apv,s.1:.& tht ,;=dl:ilitj that. in the future, the anl:erprises Hj cOCle to .r reversely propose new defense concepti, substantiated with technological b~=!d:.o, t= !:h:.D~ D1~e. J '
Bnterprises to Receive WESTPAC Orders Hitsubiahi Hea!! Industries Group Japaneae aide' K1tsublahi Heavy Industries, Mltaubishi Electric Corporation, Nippon Electric, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Japan Wireless, Mltsubiehl Shoji, Mltsublshi Space Software Mad-can aldel McDonnall Douglas, P.aytheon, Lockheed, BoelnS. Science Applications Internatlonal (SAle)

os LTV Group ... -..... ~...

..•. ..


Japanese sider Kav•••ki Keavy Ind~atrie. ,~ .. , OS 81del LTV, Veatlnahou.e, Potomac Syst811! n81n8arln8 E













..... • , ... i.' r .,

......- .
.... '


..• :~


MORI Document ID: > 41660: 41660. Current Classification:> UNCLA~S~S=I~F~I~E~D~

· ~.


Jul,. 30, 1988 KitBubishi Heavy Indu;triea Group Submits Tender for Centeri!l8 on Missiles; Aleutians Alao to Be Object SDl, Deployment.

A Jap3n-US enterprise group, ,witb Mitsub1shi Heavy Industries as the representative compan,.. aubmitted teuders by the 29th for the West Pacific B.eSion Defense Coucept (WBSTPAC) J which is one of the Strategic Defuse Initiative (SDI) concepts. which ia, a US Governmentroacarch project. The US Defeuse Depar~=eut Strat88ic Defense luit1ative Orsaulzat10u (5DIO) will close the 8ubmittiug of documents for public biddins on August 1. but as WESTPAC is a project 1u whiChJapanaBe eutorprises aro to be the main contractor •• it is definite that the Mltsubu.hi Reavy Industries Group will be siven the order. Accol:'dins to the 8DIO's .pec1ficati~n requirelllcnts for the I14id project. the research thellle of K1tsubish1 Heavy hclustries i. the depl01lllent of anti-=18s11e missiles (AKK). which will upsrade the pBrto~uce of the surface-to-air missiles which the SDP now deploy. in the whole West paCifiC relloo. and • H1taubiahi Heavy IDd\18tr1.. leacler expb1u tllat;. M:rhue .t. al.o a possibllity of ita beins introduc8et il1to Japan's air-defense system in the future." Bva chouah it 1a at the raaoarch StasI on the eutarpri8e level, U 1s likely to slve rise to arguments Within Japau on the scope of wthe right 0 self-defense" and "ercluaive adhereuce to defense.·


Accordina to a aource concerned. the enterpriaell on th4 ~II!J 8id~.. . '.:.::--:::.:~ ."iUpolSdnd to the b1dcUns. 1nc1W1e Mitaubiah1 BlecUic--CorporaUou, ' Hitachi, Ltd., Nippon Blectdc COlllpany. PujitlU, ate.. beaides Mit.ubbb1 Heavy Induatries, and on the US side. a dozen or 110 companios, lnclwl1ns HcDOJIIUIU Douala., Raytheon. etc.' fhsy include all illflueutia1 llilall!") manufacturers of Japan sud the OS. with the ercept10n of Toshiba, for whic~ there st111 remain the after-effects of the Toshiba Machinecase. Jap&%leB8 semi-conducto%' and cOIIIputer manufacturers. to take part in WESTPAC. will lllBin1y be in charge lof the developmeot of 1lli8s11e-guldauce devic •• and hiah-parfozmaoce ~84ar. and Mit.ubi.hi Heavy Indu.tries w111 taka charge of intesratins the lIIi.slle ,S),St8111s I whole. iucluding guidance a devices frolll B.aytheon. which is the developer and manufacturer of the Patriot mialile. &ad ot_.. .:" ,'.,' . Hitsubishl Heavy Industries Vice President Takaaki Y4~! £4j~ a: !ol!o~3. cOlICerDiDgt. rospODl!inato the bidding thi. timel "A loraltitude i surface-to air system. which has the p08sib1l1ty of replacing the present surface-to-air defense system. ln the future. 1s worth studying, and we believe thet ~t will be of service for Japan's defense. too." According to a source concerned. there 1s a very strong posslbility that. 1u such a calle. the field in which Japanese enterprillell will participate will Mt be the star wars in outer space but whet is called the theater missiles defeD88 studies (TMDAS). which is sa1d· to be the very last bastion even at the Uul stage. The task of TKDAS to develop =1ssi1e8 which have a speed of Mach 4 to is 5, which ia far fastar than the Patriot aurface-to-air miaailea, which the SDP will stut deplol1ns fr01ll the uel[t fiscal yoar, a radar aystem for the earl,. discovering of en01llY =18811es. etc. IThey will intercept not only missiles alone. but also any compoundthreat. including fighter planes and bOlllbers. in the atlllosphere at an altitude of leS8 than about 500 kilometers. It has also beeu clarified. through SDIO's recent explanatioua to Hit.ublah1 Heavy In4uitriea and others, that WBSrPAC plan. to cope, not: only with attacks frOIll the northern Soviet ~ 11l11on,but also with such threats as submarine-launched ballistic III1ss11es(SLBH). etc.. from the West Pacific. Its war theater is aaid to be uot only the areas around Japan but alao to include from the Aleutian leland a to the Mariana and the Caroline Islands. aDd the Weat Pacific rogion up to the intarnational datalina. Q XH(lS31t


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