OCCUPY DEMOCRACY: What We Can Do About Money in Politics

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 4, 2012 7:30 p.m. Worship Room
In “Post-Citizens United” America, our elections are being deluged by big money. What can the average citizen do to take back our democracy?
The Large Grants Advisory Group invites you to join Nick Nyhart, President of PUBLIC CAMPAIGN, and Elisabeth MacNamara, President of the LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS OF THE U.S., for an evening of stimulating conversation about what their organizations—both Large Grants recipients--are doing to advance campaign finance reform. They will be joined by Lisa Tyson, Director of LONG ISLAND PROGRESSIVE COALITION (a local affiliate of Citizen Action, a key partner organization of Public Campaign).

Nick Nyhart

Elisabeth MacNamara

Lisa Tyson

Congregation Shelter Rock

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