TITANIC: The Artifact Exhibition realized that they had an incredibly large online audience who were passionate about the ship’s history, story and continued discoveries. They needed to capture their brand voice and turn it into a digital dialog that made them expert on all TITANIC information. They also wanted to promote and create engagement and loyalty to their other online properties; online artifact store, online websites, online portals.

We created a social solution that would not only enhance their online properties and social voice, but bring the TITANIC fans together to encourage exhibition visits and organic promotion. We took them through our social strategy session and provided the following deliverables to guarantee an understanding of their online audience, brand voice and goals to measure by. Resource Plan Interaction Type Assessment Competitive Analysis Community Type Assessment Social Marketing Roadmap Message document Campaign creative and launch plan Web Presence Plan

Based on the results of the social strategy, we created a marketing program and individual campaigns to accomplish the following: 1. Build online communities to give TITANIC enthusiasts what they crave: information 2. Established multi-channel campaigns to reach TITANIC enthusiasts internationally 3. Engaged brand enthusiasts online and grown community with quality fans 4. Implemented an online marketing strategy that aligned with business objectives 5. Promoted store and generated sales through social sites


B Culture Media

1. Generated over 60,000 quality Facebook fans 2. Created online community with over 10,000 registered users 3. Generated over 5,700 Twitter followers 4. Increased exhibition ticket sales

“Increased online store
revenue by



B Culture Media

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