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Diamond Chip

Diamond Chip

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Published by: Harsh Yadav on Apr 03, 2012
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A Seminar presentation on


Presented By: Raj Kumar Jain (EC08092)

Contents: Introduction.  Conclusion.  What is Diamond chip….  .  Diamond chip v/s Silicon Chip.?  Invention.  Carbon nano-tube (CNT).

These were used widely for manufacturing of electronic components. etc. Disadvantages when used in power electronics application. Pure Silicon and Germanium are semiconductors .INTRODUCTION    Electronics without silicon is unbelievable. Fig: Part of modern periodic table . such as: 1) bulk in size. 2) slow operating speed.

 Fig.  Using carbon as the manufacturing material.Contd… Research people found that carbon has more advantages than silicon. we can achieve smaller. faster and stronger chips. : carbon atom .

doping process is performed. Boron-.  . Nitrogen--as the n-type.  To make it conducting.  Diamond structural carbon is non conducting in nature.as the p-type.What is Diamond chip…? Diamond Chip or Carbon Chip is an Electronic Chip manufactured on a diamond structure Carbon wafer.

and is more than twice the speed of earlier devices.Invention  Developed by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT). Japan. 1991.  . A diamond semiconductor operates on a 81 GHz frequency.

 CNT’s are Nanodimensional tube made up of graphite layers.Carbon nano-tube (CNT) CNT’s are allotropes of carbon with a cylindrical nanostructure.  Nanotubes have been constructed with lengthto-diameter ratio of up to 28.000. :.  Fig.000:1.Structure of CNT .

Importance of CNT’s in diamond chip It will be the major component in the carbon chip.  .  We can realize carbon nanotube transistors and single molecular logic circuits using carbon nanotube.  It is also used for inter connecting various components.

Classification of CNT’s (SWNT) (MWNT) .

 High tensile strength.  High current density.  Twisting angle dependence.4 nm.Properties of CNT’s Average diameter of 1.  .  High density.  Highly stable.2 nm-1.  Good thermal conductivity.

Figure: Variation of band gap energy with twisting angle BAND GAP α TWISTING ANGLE .

Applications of CNT’s Interconnections inside the chip.  .  Molecular logic circuit.  Carbon nanotube transistor (CNFET) manufacturing.

:.Structure of CNFET Fig.CNFET on a Film Fig. :.Single Molecular logic circuit . :.Fig.

and vice versa. By adding an extra FET in parallel. "one" to "zero" . .e. the researchers made a NOR gate.How nanotubes are useful in digital logic?   Simple inverter device consists of a nanotube FET and a large bias resistance: which converts a high input voltage to a low one –i. or two "ones" to give a "zero”.. This device needs two "zero" inputs to give a "one" output.

Diamond chip v/s silicon chip There are several advantages of Diamond chip over Silicon chip: • • • • Smaller components are possible. It works at higher temperature. . Faster than silicon chip. Larger power handling capacity.

Limitations of Diamond chip Much more expensive than silicon.  Electricity cannot travel smoothly through diamond.  .

 . : devices located near hot-burning engines. for ex.  Thus Diamond Chip replaces the need of silicon chip in every aspect in future generations.Conclusion The chip would be most useful in critically high temperatures.


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