While you are eating your family meal on Easter, ask each person to share two or three reasons

to praise Jesus today. Maybe you want to praise Him for the weather, your family or church. Maybe you want to praise Him for His love, friendship and forgiveness. After your meal, create a praise poster together. Grown-ups can write words of praise and kids can draw pictures of praise. Decorate your praise poster with colored markers, sequins, pom-poms, and other fun supplies. Remember to praise Jesus today and everyday!

Easter is a very special day when we celebrate Jesus and tell Him how much we love Him! We want to praise and thank Jesus every single day, but it is very important on Easter. Easter also reminds us of how much Jesus loves us. Remind your child Jesus loves him or her so much. Easter is a great day to sing, “Jesus Loves Me!” Jesus loves me, this I know For the Bible tells me so Little ones to Him belong They are weak but He is strong Yes, Jesus loves me (3x) The Bible tells me so!

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