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Abduction Case Studies? Anatomy of the Human Grey Body: Grey Anatomy by G. N. ODell

Profound consequences await those that have had experiences with jivatmas and the memories of such have been deluded by linguistic determinants associated with Hollywood greys. Even those who have been misguided after entrusting their concerns to professionals, so-called experts that have never had such an experience, may now be ready to understand the natural phenomena that occur in the twilight moment of their lives.

During interviews at the Abduction Study Conference held at MIT, Cambridge MA, June 1317 1992, Jo Stone of Carmen, PHD Clinical Psychology mentions a small group of individuals claiming to be on a spiritual path and who did not wish to be part of the sampling group or to be publicly recognized (Pritchard). The beings they described were tall ethereal light beings with somewhat translucent bodies. They each struggled to adequately describe the unconditional love and sense of acceptance they felt during their experiences. In many cases it felt so overwhelming it became difficult to return to the reality of everyday living (Carman page 314). This back stage out of the limelight approach taken by this group claiming to see ethereal beings (etheric bodies) is a tale-tale sign of life-long relationships with jivatma type extraterrestrials or jivatma grey type aliens. However, it is a grave error to mention spiritually in the same breath when talking about jivatma or etheric body experiences. Although, many jivatma experiences are of a spiritual nature, when speaking of jivatmas to an audience that has never had such an experience, the word spiritual or spirit is understood to be unreal, abstract, or imaginative. Contemporary language determinants have redefined the term spirit as something not of reality. The same problem arises when we discuss Sanskrit text- ancient authors knew no distinction between the reality of a human and the reality of a spirit; both entities in the context of Sanskrit text are real phenomenon with tangible bodies and texture to touch. At the same conference held at MIT, Richard Hall, Chairman of the fund for UFO Research, submitted an essay titled Are UFO Abductions A Universal or Culturally- Dependent Phenomenon: Specific differences between Brazil and the U.S. in the content of abduction reports include an admixture of spirits ritual and the Chupa-Chupa phenomena (Lights that chase people in sparsely populated areas, trying to abduct them) with alien activities. During the 1980s, the alien phenomenon was sometimes considered to be parts of Spiritualism, as aliens were treated in the same way as sprits (Richard Hall pg. 191). John E. Mack M.D. concluded the MIT abduction conference, with a speech titled We cant get there from here. The following is a short excerpt from the same speech: Now, what is the world view? We in the west have perhaps extended this view to other places that once had other world views and are still tiring to hang on to them. It rest on two fundamental building blocks. First is dualism which basically says we divide ourselves from everything else. We are here: you are there. Dualism stresses our separateness from everything else. Second is materialism which presumes that all that really exists of the physical world is known to empirical science. All the rest, that which we know through music, poetry and no-ordinary states of consciousness, belongs to the spirit world which we give less ontological weight (John E. Mack Pg. 565). Ontology is the study of being or the I-ness of a being that determines its existence. Generally in the west, entities of the spirit world have less ontological weight as phantoms of a dream world with lessened or no individual awareness. Monadology a famous metaphysical essay by Gottfried Leibniz suggests that all things that exist have ontological weight as Monads, the smallest units of awareness. Idealism is a similar view considering all material existences as actual ideas (Descartes). The fact, Mack uses the phrase less ontological weight while addressing the scientific community is evidence of a widely believed presumption that things of the spirit world, do not exist as sentient beings. John E. Mack continues: Page 1 of 4

The UFO abductions phenomenon also attacks our notions of the material world itself. UFOs and aliens are present in our physical world one moment then they are not in the next. They seem to belong to the spirit world, but then they become part of physical reality. So it attacks distinction. Finally they commit the most egregious sin to the western mind, which is for something that should remain in the spirit world to penetrate and show up hard, physically, in our world. But maybe this is the only way we can learn, because the only language we know is the language of the physical world. We have lost the languages of spirituality that were known to other cultures, so we have to learn through experiences that meet us in the physical world (John E. Mack pg. 565). John E. Mack received a well-deserved standing ovation for this concluding speech. He also defended himself politely to a question from the audience by stating: I dont mean to be disrespectful about meticulous, careful empirical work. I value that enormously. What I really mean is that we expand epistemologies to value the intuitive, the transpersonal way of gaining knowledge. Epistemology is institutionally defined as the study of knowledge, or how do we know what we know. Contrary to Macks wish to expand the field, Epistemology is actually the study of thinking not knowledge or knowing. To think about something is proof in itself that the thinker does not know; therefore, the only true justified false belief is thinking, the very foundation of Epistemology (ODell). This age old epistemic dilemma is an absurd notion that reason is a process, or product of thinking. Contrary to everything scholars deem holy, reason is not the product of thought, reason or the logos is a known (Lost Key Example Appendix A). Click link for short Audio Recording of "The Lost Key Example" Macks gallant attempt to cross the mine field of linguistic determinants by using determinates such as the transpersonal way of gaining knowledge probably did get the proper attention needed, but it is not likely anyone in the audience or Mack understood the term transpersonal. Transpersonal is best defined as anything outside of yourself including yourself. Within the last fifty years the term transpersonal superseded yesterdays word of choice transcendental when describing the spiritual world. Overtime by way of anthropomorphism, the meaning of transcendental changed into a spatial definition like a trip from Texas to Alaska. Languageany languagehas a tendency to migrate over time to the complex- away from truth. Macks attempt to bridge the gap between scientist and the spiritual domain actually alienated the two universes of thought. The point is, materialist as well as immaterialist both argue for the same reality, be it call matter or mind! Most importantly when we talk about jivatma grey type aliens, we are talking about real tangible bodies that can be seen and felt by touch. Further John E. Mack responds to the audience, Many abductees in the regression will tell you they have the sense of multiple space-time dimensions, different dimensions collapsing into their consciousness. We dont have language to express that (Page 567). Macks response to the audience has a lot of weight, but it is not impossible to talk about multidimensional planes especially if you address the subject as real in the first place. After careful study of Alien Discussions Proceedings of the Abduction Study Conference held at MIT, Cambridge, Ma, it is my conclusion that the researchers were of the highest caliber; however, few if any have ever experienced an alien encounter or at the time were unable to recall such experience. The whole conference, advertised as objective scientific discovery- in reality was a mental illness case study for those that believe they have encountered or were abducted by alien(s). Page 2 of 4

The conference attracted thousands of profiles for a mass case sampling at the expense of troubled souls trying to find answers to natural phenomena that actually did take place in their lives. Yes, the small ethereal group interviewed by Jo StoneCarmen, PHD Clinical Psychology, was wise to keep their own experiences to a whisper! Profound consequences await those that have had experiences with jivatmas and the memories of such have been deluded by linguistic determinants associated with Hollywood greys. Even those who have been misguided after entrusting their concerns to professionals, so-called experts that have never had such an experience, may now be ready to understand the natural phenomena that occur in the twilight moment of their lives. Fig 1 Lost Key Example Appendix A

G. N. O'Dell G. N. ODell Copyright 2007 Rev 1 04/03/2012 Page 3 of 4


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