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Chinese General Hospital College of Nursing and Liberal Arts Name: Name of the Drug/Classificati on Generic name: doxofylline

e Brand name: Ansimar tab Age: Dosage/Route/ Frequency D:400mg/tab R:NGT F:OD Mechanism of Action/ Indication Relaxes bronchial, uterine and vascular smooth muscle by stimulating beta2 receptor. I: treatment of bronchial asthma and pulmonary dse. with spastic bronchial component. Diagnosis: Contraindication Individuals who have shown hypersensitivit y to Ansimar Patients with acute MI and hypotension. Adverse Reaction CNS: tremor. Nervousness, headache, hyperactivity, insomnia, dizziness CV: tachycardia, palpitations, HPN, GI: nausea, vomiting, heartburn, anorexia. Metabolic: hypokalemia. Respi: bronchospasm. GI: Nausea, vomiting. CNS: dizziness, headache. Asthenia,somnolen ce. Nursing Responsibilities Maybe taken with or without meals. Store at room temp. Analysis Due to COPD, Ansimar was given to dilate the bronchioles to relieve symptoms such as shortness of breath. It is also work by relaxing and expanding the smooth muscle of the airways making it easier breathing. This drug was given to prevent ischemia in the heart.

C: Bronchodilator

Generic name: Trimetazidi ne Brand name: Vestar C:Antianginals

D:35mg/tab R:NGT F:ID

Trimetazidine is a cellular acting anti ischemic agent. It has 3 main properties by which it acts as cytoprotective agent. It

Dont take if you are allegric to any its constituents.

Monitor VS especially BP during the therapy.

inhibits the glycolysis and fatty acid metabolism, thus allowing glycolysis. I: preventive treatment for episodes of angina pectoris Generic name: Dabigatran Elixilate Brand name: Pradaxa D: 110mg/cap R: NGT F: BID Prevents the development of thrombus. Both free and clot bound thrombin, and thrombininduced platelet aggregation and inhinbited by active moieties Hypersesnsiti vity to dabigatron. Severe renal impairemenr, bleeding diathesis, organ lesion at risk for bleeding, indwelling spinal or epidural catheter, combinant treatment with ketoconazole. Bleeding Dyspepsia,n ausea, upper abdominal pain. Gastrointest inal hemorrhage and diarrhea. Instruct the patient to take pradaxa exactly as prescribed. Remind patients not to discontinue to pradaxa without talking to the health care provider. Advice the patient not to chew or break the drug. Pradaxa was given to prevent formation of thrombus and decrease the risk of recurrence of stroke

Generic name: Bethan ecol chloride Brand name: Uriflow

D:25mg /tab R:NGT F:TID

C: cholinergics

Directly stimulates muscarinic cholinergic receptors. Mimicking acthylcholine action increasing GI tract tone and peristalsis and contraction of the detrusor muscle of the rinary bladder.

Contraindicat ed for IV or IM use and when increased muscular activity of the GI and urinary tract is harmful. Contraindicat ed in patients hypersensitivit y to drug or in its constituents and in those with uncertain strength or integrity of GI, mechanical obstruction of GI, CAD, bradycardia, AV conduction defects. Contraindicat ed to those patients with atrial defibrillation or hypercalcemi a. Use

CNS: headache. Malaise. CV: bradycardia, profound hypotension with reflexive tachycardia. GI:abdominal cramps, diarrhea, excessive salivation, nausea, blenching, baborygmus. GU: urinary urgency Respi:bronchocons triction, increased bronchial excreations. Skin: diaphoresis.

Give the drug 1 hour before and 2hours after the administrati on of the drug. It may cause nausea and vomiting if taken soon after eating. Monitor vs frequently Monitor patient for ortostatic hypotension . Watch for toxicity especially with subcutaneo us site. Record amount and consistency of stools. Manage constipation with laxatives or stool

Uriflow was given to patient to increase peristalsis in GI to prevent GI distress.

Generic name: Calcium carbonate Brand name: Caltrate

D:1 tab R:NGT F:CD

Reduces toatal acid load to GI tract, elevates gastric pH to reduce pepsin activity, strengthens gastric mucosal

CNS:headache, irritation, weakness. GI:nauseas, constipation, flactulence, rebound hyperacidity.

barrier, and increases esophageal sphincter tone.

cautiously if at all, if patient takes cardiac glycosideor has sarcoidosis or renal or cardiac dse.

Generic name: Almetrine bismesylat e Brand name: Duxaril

D:30mg/10mg/t ab R:NGT F: BID

Increase in the arterial partial pressure of O2; increase in the arterial of oxygen. Decrease in the artertial desaturation during effort, a dynamic control considered as one of the basic technique. The improvement in blood gas

Avoid concurrent administration of almitrineraubasine with MAOIs Severe liver dse.

Have been occasionally reported during long-term treatment Wt loss, peripheral neuropathy should lead to treatment withdrawal. Mild GI disturbances, drowsiness, agitation, anxiety, palpitations, dizziness.

softener. Monitor calcium level especially in patients with mild renal impairment Watch for evidence of hypercalce mia (nausea, vomiting, headache, confusion, anorexia). Monitor VS.

Due to COPD, the drug was given to Increase in the arterial partial pressure of O2; increase in the arterial of oxygen. Decrease in the artertial desaturation during effort

parameters under almatrineraubasine. Generic name: Levetiracetam Brand name: Keppra C:anticonvulsant CNS: asthenia, headache, somnolence, amnesia, nanxiety, ataxia, depression, dizziness, emotional lability, hostrility, nervousness, paresthesia, vertigo. GI: anorexia. Hematologic: leucopenia, neuthropenia Musculo: pain Respi: cough, infection

D:50mg/ tab R:NGT F:BID

May act by inhibiting simultaneous neural firing that leads to seizure activity.

Contraindicati on to those patient who is allergic to drug Leucopenia and neutropenia have been reported with drug use. Use cautiously in immunocompr omised patients such as with cancer, or HIV infection. Patients with poor renal function need dosage adjustment.

Drug can be taken with or without food. Oral and IV forms are bioequivale nt. Use drug only with other anticonvulsa nt, its not recommend ed for monotherap y. Seizure can occur if dug is withhold abruptly. Monitor patients closely for such adverse effect as dizziness may lead to falls.

Due to history of seizure episode of the patient, Keppra was given to inhibit neural firing and prevents seizure