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Published by: gardenoffaith on Apr 03, 2012
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MESSAGES FROM DARKNESS As I was writing in my journal and praying to God, I began to get messages from what I believe

to be a bad spirit or dark one. this was in early july, 2005 God could not love us. can't be perfect. refuse to worship God. believe it is harmful to submit to Him. Have to live in fear. if we do not submit and worship Him, we are enemies. we only need to worship. nobody can rest. we should not do that. feel sorry for ourselves. should we make our words deceive? Useless What do you want, I, ANGELA, asked to be powerful. we want to see our own worshipped. we do not know why it is so difficult to worship God. Prevents us from doing thi s. Do you want to try and reach Him, I, ANGELA, asked? Not try. Made us angry. I do not know why it is so difficult for us to do the right thing. There is noth ing we can do. The devastation of sin is all we have left. Here is a message for the people of the world All are in danger. Dying. Battle. Warfare. Dying in large numbers. Do you want us right now in your future? No, I, ANGELA, replied. I do not want what you have to offer. Then go back down. Stay there bent in submission to God. I am here to be the bearer of bad news. Flesh will suffer. The dark needs to be worshipped. You will get sick. I, ANGELA, still refused what he had to give I am not harsh. I am being gentle. Drink this cup, it is foolish. There will be war. You may not be able to do anything. I, ANGELA, replied, I will take my chances with God. You will be terrified. Satan doesn't see, oh yes, he feels sorry for people. Und erstands them. They fight God all their lives. (These remarks always confused me - if this one, these ones, were from darkness, why did it seem here as though they were angry with Satan, even disrespectful a nd sarcastic? as though they were at odds in some way? could this remark be at a

ll true? If not, why make it then, with obvious disdain for their alleged leader ?) People need God in their lives, I, ANGELA, said. Stop making excuses! You are dying! People are dying! Need to see. In danger. Wa rfare Please, God will win, I, ANGELA, answered. SHUT UP You need to join Him. You need to make everything better. So you can be at rest. Be at peace, I,ANGELA, said this can never be. Condemned. Where I am now, forgotten God has never forgotten you, I, ANGELA, said. He is waiting to welcome you back Pure heart and mind. You want to do good things. I understand. Give up. Warfare. Our destruction will be through deception. I, ANGELA, wished him peace. He replied, I wish the same for you. I do not understand. You drink the cup and still you worship the Lord. You have faith. Be prepared. We will find other things to do. In the future. (You will be) extremely tired. I ask that you submit to me. War i s waged. I, ANGELA, finally ended this "conversation", with God's blessing

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