2 Timothy 1

March 17, 2010

2 Timothy 1 Perilous times will mark the coming apostasy (wide-spread turning away from the faith and the Bible). Paul by the Spirit gives Timothy two truths that will keep him and those who he ministers in a right relationship with God. The first essential truth that is of utmost importance is a knowledge of Christ and His work. Without knowledge and faith in the finished work of Christ there is no salvation. Ifwe don't grow in the knowledge of Christ, our faith will become weak and our love for God will grow cold. The second truth that will keep us in God's way is a commitment to knowing and keeping sound doctrine (teaching). Sound doctrine that is Bible based will renew our mind in the Spirit and preserve us from false teachings that abound. Read 2 Timothy several times and answer the following questions in preparation for our Bible discussion:

1. Read Acts 16:1-3. What do we learn about Timothy and why would Paul call Timothy a "beloved son" in 2 Timothy 1:2? 2. In the first two verse of 2 Timothy 1, what blessings do we learn of that are obtainable from God? 3. What qualities do we see in a man of God? (see verses 3-6) 4. What key ministry was present in Timothy's life that helped him along the way? (verse 5) 5. Verse 5 identifies a faith that is genuine (unfeigned or sincere). How would you describe this kind of faith in God and how is it different than nominal faith? 6. What does God give and desire to overcome in the life of a believer who is committed to Christ? See verses 7-8 7. Explain verse 7-8 in your own words. 8. Why did Paul suffer as a follower and preacher of Christ? See verses 9-10 and John 15:17-21 9. What is the gospel that abolishes death and brings life and immortality? See verses 9-10 and 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 and John 3:17-18 10. What did Paul know about Jesus Christ that made him willing to suffer for Him? (as you answer, we will focus our discussion to verse 12 and also First Timothy 1:9-17) 11. What are the "sound words" that Paul speaks of in verse 13? (see also John T17-18, Acts 2:42,1 Timothy 1:9-10, and 2 Titus 2:7-15 12. What good thing was committed to Timothy and kept by the Spirit of God? See verse 14 and First Timothy 4:14-16