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Non Verbal Communication

Non Verbal Communication

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Published by: Rajanikanth Bharadwaj on Apr 04, 2012
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MEANING:Non-verbal communication refers to the type of communication that does not use words. It is neither oral nor written.

• It is ancient and universal.
• Relies on observation and interpretation. • Non- verbal messages may complement or contradict.

Forms Of Non Verbal Communication
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Body Language Postures and Gestures Personal Spaces Timing Behavior Smile

Types : » Facial Expressions » Eyes » Voice .BODY LANGUAGE Our body tends to react and to respond suitably to any situation. The onlooker can often read our mind by studying the way the body moves and the posture it adopts to register motion.


EYES " Eyes are Highly Expressive " " Eyes Contact is relevant for all business situations " Different Types of Eye expressions: » Twinkle in the eyes » Furtive glance » Eyes emitting fire » Worried look » Sad look » Wary look » Unsettling stare » Hurried glance » Cold stare .


uncontrolled Pace . whisper Pitch . low Quality . soft. slow Force – intensity Voice Modulation:Refers to the adjustment or variation of the tone or pitch while speaking. .controlled.harsh.high.VOICE Features of Voice : • • • • • Tone .rapid.

state. attitude of body or mind. » ATTIRE » APPEARANCE » HANDSHAKE Kinds : .POSTURES AND GESTURES   Posture refers to the carriage. Gesture refers to any significant movement of limb or body and a deliberate use of such movement as an expression of feeling.

Attire proclaims and creates the first impression." .Attire ".

Appearance "Appearance helps in making a positive Impact" .

Handshake Handshake can be     A firm handshake A limp Handshake A Clasp A vice like grip .

.Personal Space “Personal Space depends on the relationship”.

 Timing “. Proper value of time ensures Progress for Organization." Time Management hold the key to success.   Timing depends on hierarchy and protocol . .

  Actions speak louder than words . “. Behavior is governed by thoughts as well as feelings. Behavior:- “. Qualities of head and heart ." . conduct of treatment shown by a person." Refers to Manner.

    A Smile speaks all languages . All smiles are not genuine. compassion. sincerity. SMILE:- “. . courtesy. Earn GoodWill and favorable Impact. confidence and dependability." Languages of love. Emits Positive Signals.

Which of these two smiles is fake? .

Design and Layout  Office Arrangements  Space Management  Distance ad Location  Color Statements  Imagery  .Organizational Body Language  Facilitates Physical for a business organization while communicating with the customers and visitors.

.Design and Layout:  Structure of Buildings. Awe Inspiring to Elite Sections of Society in this competitions. Design of the Counter.

Office Arrangements:  Seating arrangements. Computerized conditions. .

Space Management    Under pressure optimization of the resources and cut costs. . Maintenance of the front offices and back offices. Favorable Senior citizen and parking space allotments.

Accessibility.Distance and Location    Positive message by allotting connected departments and offices. . The location of office.

peaceful RED. quiet efficiency.Strength Black.Competence Grey. . conservatism. tranquility.Passion Green. brightness Blue. sober.Dark  Color covey Boldness and aggression . loudness and soon.growth.Color Statements       WHITE.Serene.

Imagery Constant effort in Business -. logo.Good image is built up and sustained.  .. emblem etc. symbols. covey the right message.  Image is what a organization conjures up.  Signs.

changing life style. Interpretations and Judgements are constantly Changing. Competition.Conclusion "Interpretations change Constantly"    Communication is Goal Oriented. advancements in science and technology brings dynamism in non-verbal Communication .

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