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International Marketing

International Marketing

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Published by: Ankur Dubey on Apr 04, 2012
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International Academy of Management & Entrepreneurship

Batch 2009-2011 International Marketing - PM ME 6
DATE Renu/Srujana 13-11-2010 Saturday Chandan Anwesha/Ankita Venkatesh Sir Shoubhik/Ashish 20-11-2010 Saturday Anjali/Shweta NAME MODULE TOPIC TIME 30 Mts MODULE-2 Marketing Barriers – Tariff & Non-Tariff – WTO Marketing Barriers– Multiplicity of potential Environment-management of political risk – Multiplicity of Legal Environment – Legal form of organization Marketing Barriers –Intellectual Property General Queries Culture and its characteristics – Influence of culture on consumption & communication


60 Mts 40 Mts 30 Mts 35 Mts

Culture and its characteristics –consumes Behavior MODULE-3 in term of motivation, Learning, Personality, Psychographics, Perception, Attitude & Social class MODULE-3 MODULE-3 MODULE-4 MODULE-4 MODULE-4 Culture and its characteristics –International marketing Research. General Queries Quality – Products and culture – analyzing product components for adoption Marketing consumer services globally Brands in international markets products and services for business demand in global business to business markets Quality and global standards- business servicestrade show’s crucial part of business to business marketing-relationship markets in business to business context General Queries Direct exports – indirect exports – licensing Joint ventures – wholly owned subsidiaries – franchising –other methods

50 Mts

Alok/Pawan 27-11-2010 Venkatesh Sir Saturday Anand/Smitha Steffy/Amit Prateek/Sumit 04-12-2010 Saturday Shrikant/Manjri Venkatesh Sir 11-12-2010 Devendra/Rohit Saturday Vijay/Priya

40 Mts 30 Mts 35 Mts 25 Mts 45 Mts


45 Mts 30 Mts 25 Mts 40 Mts

Rounit/Roshan 18-12-2010 Saturday Mithun/Prasad Venkatesh Sir Harsha/Balakrushna 8-01-2011 Saturday Ammar/Ankur

International marketing channels – distribution MODULE-5 patterns – alternative middlemen - choices – factors affecting choice of channels Surface Vs. air transportation – advantages and MODULE-5 disadvantages – marine transportation – warehousing. MODULE-5 General Queries Pricing policies and decisions – price escalations – MODULE-6 cost of exporting – marginal cost pricing – its importance – price quotation INCO terms – preparation of quotations – promotions international advertising – sales MODULE-6 promotion in international markets – international advertising Direct mailing – personal selling – exhibition – MODULE-6 generic promotions in international marketing. MODULE-6 General Queries

45 Mts

50 Mts 30 Mts 50 Mts

50 Mts

15-01-2011 Mahendra/Mitranshu Saturday Venkatesh Sir

40 Mts 30 Mts

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