Is there any truth in the vision and dreams depicted in religious, philosophical and creative literature, poetry and movies and the sermons on ethics, nonviolence and obedience; given in schools, colleges and elsewhere? The present scenario of the indiscriminate, malevolent, malicious and vicious violence and crimes; creates doubt about everything noble and divine! The genocidal violence in Germany is followed by, violence in Hiroshima, Vietnam, Cambodia (Kampuchea), Iraq, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda and so on. The optimist however; can argue uphold the utopia of divinity and nobility. But the question; “Are the expressions and creations; depicting vision and dreams of justice, peace, brotherhood and so on; mere emotional outbursts of illusory or subjective nature; of some unrealistically sensitive individuals?”; keeps nagging and causing enormous stress! Actually our stress is because; we can see only a small fraction, in our life time, of the vision or dreams, of a global mega process spread over millennia involving many generations; all over the world. Naturally; it appears to keep on eluding us (producing stress) at any given time! The artistic, scientific and even prophetic visions; are harbingers; of this process!

The vision of unity of spiritualism and materialism; theism and atheism; and so on; produces stress; as we are too limited to “see and fathom” this mega process of unity. But if we reunite through NAMASMARAN; with our cosmic root (the field, in which; we, our pursuits and our blossoming; are contingent), then we can ‘see’ this, as well as other visions such as holistic renaissance; being realized; and thus conquer the stress!!

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