By Charles Green

Where is it? It is on the Yangtze river and near the town of Sandouping. .

. •It stopped the towns on the edge of the river being flooded. •It didn't need fossil fuels to keep it going.Why was the dam built? The dam was built because: • China was low on electricity. •China was polluting the environment so a hydroelectric dam should be a good idea.

•It cost £13 billion to build.2335 m long and 115 m wide.Building the dam •The Three Gorges dam took 16 years to build. •Over 20000 people took part in building the dam. •It took 463000 tonnes of steel to build and 27.2 million cubic meters of concrete. . •It is 181 m tall.

Locks .

How does it get power .

What does it store power in? .

How it affects the environment .

•The dam is raising water levels and will flood the landscape around it. • Other countries like Britain will have to turn other sources of energy when the fossil fuel start to run out. .The future In the future: •The dam should be still working. •The energy source (the water cycle) will not run out in the future. • Fossil fuel will run out and China will still get electricity.