WORDS: THOUGHTS THROUGH A FILTER A Poem From “The Last Book on Earth and Other Poems” by Annyash B.


––– ∞∞∞ –––
Searching for the correct words to express a feeling. No one can tell you what those words should be––they are within you, behind a veil, waiting to be uncovered, to be drawn out from their hiding place and delivered into the light. Solitude brings you closer to the words, but experience gives them life, and you must be willing to expose your deepest desires to the world in black and white, your fears and expectations patterned in times font, to produce a clear view of a world brimming with color and excitement, decay and violence, boredom, love, depression, depravity or joy. Malleable as molding clay, words and sentences are shaped and manipulated by your finger tips, formatted to reveal a truth, or a fiction in which we can indulge our preferences in the present, past or future. And so we depend on these words––thoughts through a filter, watered-down descriptions of things we have built in our minds, transferred to the page to be absorbed and recreated in the minds of others.

©2011 Annyash B. Arriffe/Annyash760