Marriage Project: Part 3

1. We will invite 80 guests. 40 guests from the Hahn side and 40 quests from the






Stanovsek. We went down from a 100 guests to 80 to be able to have more money for our honey moon. Our wedding party will consist of a maid of honor, best man, three bridesmaids, and three groomsmen. The maid of honor will be Gabby Snyder and the bridesmaids will be Michelle LaVan, Leah Poyar, and Carrie Orlando. Best man will be Mick Stanovsek and the groomsmen will be Wesley Stanovsek, Markus Beck, and Ryan Bannan. Our wedding colors are a light blue and bright red. They are incorporated in our wedding through the bridesmaid dresses (blue) and the flowers which are red. Our wedding cake also follows the same colors and the flowers at the reception are roses. We will be married in a church. It is neither of our churches because we are marrying in Boston and we do not have our local parishes there. The name of the Church is Our Lady of Victories located in Boston. i. We will be married by Pastor Joseph McLaughlin. Our music during the ceremony will be done by Jennifer Mello, a ceremony soloist, and our ceremony organist is the American Guild of Organists, Boston Chapter. The first reading will be II Corinthians 6:14-15 which will be read my Rachel’s cousin Jennifer Longo and the second reading will be read by Jack’s sister Brinley Stanovsek. Our flowers for the wedding is called the Red Rose Package, which comes with bouquets for the bride and bridal party, boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen, petals for the flower girl, and corsage and boutonnieres for the parents and grandparents. The church is beautiful so we will not add any decorations to the church. Our photographer is 71 West Photography Studio. Our package includes 6 hours of wedding coverage, so we will start at the wedding and have the photographer for most of the reception because we plan on getting married in the late afternoon. In between the wedding and the reception we will take pictures at the church and at the pier before boarding the ship of the wedding party and families. Our wedding reception will be on a ship in Boston called the Odyssey, it is a Twilight cruise. The first course of the meal will be the Classic Caesar Salad, followed by the second course of Maple-glazed Chipotle Chicken. The cake is a three tier cake that serves 100 in our wedding colors and is made by The Icing on the Cake. Our centerpieces are flowers are orange calla table arrangements from Fifty Flowers. The rest of the decorations are provided by the cruise. The DJ for the reception is The Sound Station and we also sent them a list of songs we want played. The wedding shower will be at Noosa Bistro. Located on the corner of Mentor Avenue and 306 in Ohio because we do not want to make all the guests travel. We will register at Macy’s and Target. We are going to ask for dishware, glassware, cookware, and utensils. We want to get our family china and special glasses. We want items such as mixer, juicer, pots, pans, baking sheets,

silverware set, bowls, plates, and other cooking items. It would be nice to get some towels and sheets for our new home. 7. We ordered 100 wedding invitations even though we are only having 80 people, just in case something happens with some of them. They have a picture at the top and are made on the computer. They were $169 plus the additional $35.20 for 80 stamps. 8. The rehearsal dinner is at Carlo's Cucina Italiana in Boston. The meals on the menu range between $14-20, but the guests will get to pick their own. Gifts for the groomsmen are pocket watches. The flower girl gets an engraved jewelry box and the ring bearer gets an engraved football piggy bank. For our parents we got wine glasses engraved with information about the wedding. 9. Our wedding transportation is a 10 person limo and everyone else will need to provide their own transportation. We got it from the Boston Limo Service. The limo will take us to the ceremony, reception, and then to the our house in Boston. 10. Our honeymoon is on the Whitesunday Islands, Australia. We will go for one week. We will lodge at Arlie Summit Luxury Apartments for the week with a Whitehaven Cruise and Scenic Reef & Island Flight. The total cost of travel, lodge, and food will be $6134. We will leave for the honeymoon the next day after the wedding and return exactly one week there after (June 18 to June 25). 11. We decided to live in Boston because it is such a great city and offers opportunity to the both of us. Our home is only 490 square feet so we do not have many rooms that traditionally houses would have, those being a dining room, basement, and other bedrooms other than our own. For the kitchen, we knew the dishwasher would be left behind, so we needed to get a fridge, microwave, toaster, everyday dishes, fine dishes, glassware, cookware, and utensils. The living room was a larger area, and we had a loveseat, two arm chairs, end tables, a coffee table, a set of lamps (floor and table), a television, DVD player, and paintings. The bedroom needed a bed, a mattress for that bed, a comforter, a chest, a dresser, a bedroom mirror, lamps, nightstands, and a decor clock for a personal touch. The only dining room criteria we had was truly being placed in part of the living room, our dining set. The bathroom needed bath towels, hand towels, and shower curtain, a shower liner, and a rug for decor. The laundry room needed a washer, a dryer, and a sign for decor. The home comes with a lot storage space so we plan to fit all our stuff in the closets and cabinets. We choose the location on Beacon Street because it is very central to the city. We bought one car, a Chevy Volt because is saved about $200 a month on gas because it is fully electric. Jack will use the car and Rachel will use the great subway transportation available in Boston to get to work. Our news bills included our mortgage for our home, our car payments (car insurance included), our college loan payments, our cable and Internet bill, our home insurance bill, our life insurance bill, our grocery bills (included under our credit cards), our doctor bills, out electric bills, our gas bills, our cell phone bills, and finally our garbage bill. The total monthly cost of our bills ended up

being $4,928.12 which fits easily with our monthly salaries of $11,666.67, and leaving $80,862.60 for furnishings, of which only $4,726.91 was used, easily fitting our budget.