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Gobi 08E615

1. Variable speed cannot be obtained with ____. a) DC motors controller c) Soft starter controller b) AC motor controller d) AC & DC controllers

2. Energy savings potential of variable torque applications compared to constant torque application is a) Higher c) Equal b) lower d) none of the above

3. Stator voltage control for speed control of induction motors is suitable for (A) Fan and pump drives (C) Running it as generator 4. Effect of friction torque is more pronounced (A) When the drive is running on full speed (B) when the drive is being started (B) drive of a crane (D) constant load drives.

(C) When the drive is being stopped (D) when the drive at half of its normal speed. 5. When quick speed reversal is a consideration, the motor preferred is (A) Synchronous motor (C) wound rotor induction motor (B) squirrel cage induction motor (D) dc motor.