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Are Demonstrations Beneficial by Abu Baraa 1st Edition

Are Demonstrations Beneficial by Abu Baraa 1st Edition


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Published by Abu Baraa
This book looks at the Islamic ruling and benefit and harm associated with participating in demonstration and protests in the Muslim countries as well as in the western world
This book looks at the Islamic ruling and benefit and harm associated with participating in demonstration and protests in the Muslim countries as well as in the western world

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Published by: Abu Baraa on Apr 04, 2012
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Another widespread harmful evil that has infected many
Muslims is the disease of nationalism, patriotism and
racism. A demonstration will be harmful and prohibited
if it involves displaying or calling for nationalism such
as flying patriotic flags of any country nowadays
(whether Muslim countries or western countries),
painting faces with the colours and symbols of national
flags, shouting nationalistic or racist chants in favour of
Arabs, Blacks, Whites, tribes, Turks, Pakistanis, British,
Americans or any other nation.

This also includes the gatherings and processions held in
celebration of so-called 'independence' or 'founding' of
the various Muslim countries and processions and
demonstrations at the results of nationalistic sporting
events such as 'World Cups' or 'Olympics'. The Prophet
(saw) said,

“All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no
superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any
superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over
black nor a black any superiority over white - except by piety
and good action. Learn that every Muslim is a brother to every
Muslim and that the Muslims constitute one brotherhood.”181

181 Saheeh al-Muslim


Are Demonstrations Beneficial?

And in another Hadith, the Messenger of Allah (saw)
referring to nationalism, racism, and patriotism said:

"Leave it, it is rotten."182

Also, the Messenger of Allah (saw) said,

"Undoubtedly Allah has removed from you the pride of
arrogance of the age of Jahiliyyah and the glorification of
ancestors. You are all the children of Adam and Adam was
made of clay. People should give up their pride in nations
because that is a coal from the coals of Hell-fire. If they do not
give this up Allah
ىلاعت will consider them lower than the
lowly worm which pushes itself through Khara (dung)."183

Abu Hurairah d narrated that the Prophet (saw) said:

“Whosoever leaves off obedience and separates from the
Jama’ah and dies, he dies a death of Jahiliyyah. Whoever fights
under the banner of the blind, becoming angry for ‘Asabiyyah
(partisanship and party spirit), or calling to ‘Asabiyyah, or
assisting ‘Asabiyyah, then dies, he dies a death of

It is narrated that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said,

182 Saheeh al-Muslim and Saheeh al-Bukhari
183 Sunan Abu Dawood and Sunan al-Tirmizi
184 Saheeh al-Muslim (6/21)

150 Are Demonstrations Beneficial?

"He is not one us who calls for `Asabiyyah,
(nationalism/tribalism) or who fights for `Asabiyyah or who
dies for `Asabiyyah."185

185 Sunan Abu Dawood


Are Demonstrations Beneficial?


Demonstrations and protests cannot be an excuse to
swear or use Haram speech even out of anger at crimes
and evil. Anas narrated that,

“The Messenger (saw) was neither a Fahish (one who had a
bad tongue) nor a Sabbaba (one who swears at others) and he
used to say while admonishing somebody, "What is wrong
with him? May dust be on his forehead!"186

The Prophet (saw) said:

“A Muslim does not swear, curse or ridicule.”187

And in one narration, Abdullah ibn Omar (ra) that the
Prophet (saw) said,

“A Mu’min does not defame (At-Ta’en), A Mu’min does not
curse (al-La’en), A Mu’min does not speak Fahishah
188 (sexual
terminologies or lewdness), A Mu’min is not bazhi (the one
who swears all the time).”189

186 Saheeh al-Bukhari
187 Saheeh al-Muslim
188 Fahishah (pl. Fawaahishah) is any form of unlawful sexual act, it includes,
fornication, adultery, prostitution, homosexuality, lesbianism, bestiality etc all
of which is legal and permitted in most countries today (particularly in the
189 Musannaf ibn Abi Shaybah

152 Are Demonstrations Beneficial?

Tactics such as this in a demonstration are harmful and
prohibited in Islam.


Are Demonstrations Beneficial?

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